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A Good Word For The Old Maids

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" Oíd niaidii ! God Mes thcm!" This was tlie explosión ye soribe heard on tlie street the other dy by one of our respected citizen?, upon hearing smue thoughtless man speak sneeriiiftly of that class. " 1 sli. iiiia be sorry," continued he, " if I thought pcople were in earncst when they speak of tlie class of ladies who have mostly from choice, very seldom from necessity, reinaineü iu an unmirrled state. These single women are 'angelí on earth,1 with hardly an exception. The tlk about oíd maids petting cats, dogs, chickens, etc., U a popul ir fallacy, that is rankly unjust to thcm. In my circle oí' acquiiintanceá títere are at least teu ' oíd maids,' not one of hoto luis petof the sort. On the other hand 1 know of sevcral married ladies, who are too scltish to h;ivc families, lest the Illtla ones rob them of aome f the luxiiries of life, who devote a great sha re of their time to such pets in lieu of havIng a bright, sweet baby of their own flesh and blood to lavish their love upon, for women must have soinuthing to wa.ttheir affrctions on, yon know. Bnt m to these oíd mald. One of the ten the greatest, worker I ever knew, but she ecarcely has time to do a thing for herself. Slic is tip early iu the morning and works un til late at night, and : 1 1 for other people. tShe knows netirly everv poor fumily iu the city; what made them poor; and how much and wliat relief they most need. Of course she doesn't reach them all, no one person can do that, but she is as per.-evering and f aithf ui laborer iu God's vineyard as ever trod thls footstool. I know another onc of the claM who works wiih the poor also, but not in the same way. She gatlie the children together and teaches tlicin usclul thlnga. How to sew and how to work, and how to be clean and ueat, and she [eada them on to be amblUoui lo walk in tlie botter way s of life. Another supports an aged mothcr, who Is an invalid, dolDjt any DunorablO work she can lind to do, clcrking in stores, keeping books, etc, and usins; every cent she can earn for her mother's comfort and her own support. Then I know another who hal a brutlit r lett wlth a family of niolherles children, and like a true soldier of the crott she stepped loto that home and is devotlng her life to those children; loillDg as few winnen toil, economi.inji, deoying herself many luxuries that she couH renilily a Hord did she not choose to makc Othera happy rather than hertelf. Out of the entire teil maiden ladies whom 1 know, there is only one but " hal 1 know to be living a life oí ii.elli-1 , noble-hearted eftbit for olhers, and if tliu truth were known abont the tentll one I believe she woilld be fiHllld engaged n porae jrood work, for not one amon them but shrinki from haring her bu come known. They work for the good they muy Kccoinplish, not for praise togratify their vanily. Don't you believe, my rriend, that this world iê better )fl', bucaue of the 'old malde' as they are called ï I do. Don't you believe Hiere woiild be mauy wet eyes and sorrowful heaits If any one of these 'old malde' of ulioin I have spoken were taken uway ? And it woull be heui tfelt sonow, too. These heroines are right liere in our niclst, ue meet them 'laily, but we do not think, and many do not know of the hlesseil, unselfiah work they are doinj day ader day. Tbcu I suy Bgatn, God bless the old maids, they are His mlnletering angels, and every one of them has a erown of ülory awaiting them where jinstice is meted out iccordinc to deeds - not woids." Our esteemed contemporary the Argiu is unüer a misapprehension that the Couuiuu has juft awakened to the fact tliat n mistake was made by the llepublican party "n eoquetting wltli the protalbltlonlstt." Kver since the teiupeiance people began to run after political god at the ambitieus bidding of their selfapuointed leaders, the Coukikr has stood up boldly and donounced the scheme. We have been tirt, last and :ill the time tor teruperunce, but ugalnst the Prohibillon party just as nnirh as against the Democratie party, for both were siinply destructionists wlio conceived their chief mlssion to be to pull down the Republicana. The Repubücan party has always stood by the rights of the people to govern themselves by their votes, and from the Srst it has clairned that the people ought to tiave a riglit to expresa their views on hiffh lirense or prohibitiou. With that end n view the editor of the Courier and other Repulilicaus signed the cali for au election in this county. Indeed many citlzens signed it who voted for a high license. It is not a question of making or lisii:g votes, but one of principie. The majority of the people of Washtenaw believed with the Courier tliut prohibition could not be suecessfully maiutained, so they preferred to put a binden of a higher taxatiou on the saloons thitn to have free whisky. If the Democrats want to claim Monday's vote as a victory for tht'ir party they may so delude theiuselves. It is singular how Democrats can twist uround victories for themselves out of the vote, whereas it was the Itepublican party which gave to the people of each county the riglit to gay how they should deal with liquor. Now, that this whisky question is settled for three years at least they may have some trouble in catching the Germán vote on that dead issue when the question of protection to their farms and homes Is uhout to be male the issue. That will be and is one of far greater importance to tne pople of this country tlian whether a lilt'e county wants free or taxed whisky. Gen. Daniel E. Sickles is credited with sayin : '¦ The war of the rebelllon was really a whisky war. Yes, whisky c nu sed t lie rebcllion. 1 was in the congres prececding the war. H was whisky in the mornlnx - the tnurulug cocktail - eon{re.s of whisky drinkers. Then wliUky all day; whisky and giimbling all ui.'lit. Drinks before congres opener] Ut moniiiij; MttloB, drinks before it adj'nnned. Scaicely a eominittee room without its deniijohn of vhiky. and the clink of glasses could be heard in the capital corri lor.s. Tlie fights - the angry speeches - were whisky. The atmosphere was r"dolent with - nervous exeitement seeklng relief in whisky and whisky added to nervous exeitement. Yes, the rebtllion was lauuched In whisky. If the French assembly were to drink some morolng rme-talf the whisky cousumed in any one day by that congres., Franco WViU declare wur against Germany in twciity minute." Gov. Hill vetod the high liceiise bill passed by the repubücan legislature of New York, by and with the advico of New York prohibitionists, who by their actlons proved that they rather have free liquor than to have it burdeoed by tax, controlled and restralned, and now in New Jersey Gov. Green has done the ame thlng.


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