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Ladies' Charitable Union

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The animal meeting of the Ladies 'li.uituble Union was held oa Tliuwday, March lst, at Hobart Hall. After the usual opening exerclses, the annual reorts of the secretary and treasurer were ead and approved. The society Uien roceeded to the election of offlcers whicb esulted as follows : For President, Mrs. C. M. Jaycox; Vice-President, Mrs. Phoebe Steele; öecetarj', Mrs. J. N. Martin ; Tret.surer Mrs. Elisha Jones. The wurd committees re as follows: First Ward- Mrs. Jaycox, Mrs. Gllbert. Second Ward - Mre. Baoh, Mrs. Clarkson. Thlrd Ward- Mrs. Kathbone, Mr. Hurd, lis. Hhoades. Kmirth Ward- Mrs. Beal, Miss Hennlng, Mrs. Parker. KlftU Ward - Miss Brown, Mrs. Jerome Knowllon. .Slxth Ward- Mrs. Butts. Mr. Steele. SECRETARY'S REPORT. We come to the twentieth anniversary f the organization ot the Ladies' Cbartable Union with grateful henrts to the jfiver of all good, for increased prosperty and unbroken nurnbers. The past 'ear has been one of inuch severe illness or many of the beneficaries of the socity, and four deaths have occurred. The number of families assisted is 45, value of second-hand clothlng distributed is 109.60, number of visits made and reeived is 263. The average attendance at he monthly meetings lias been 14. For lic benefit of those not acquainted with he work done by the society, we would ay Unit our object is to clothe so far as we are able, the wortliy and destitute oor of our city, to furnish suitable food or the sick, and to assist in the support of those who have no one to caro for hem, and who are unable to care for hemselves, by reason of age or infirmity. yfany of our friends have rcmembered our needs in valuable packages of second land clothing, and we acknowledge with tlianks, donations of money and goode mm the followlng persons : Wines & Worden, their usual annual donation of f 20 worth of dry goods to be called for as it is needed by ward committees, B. F. Stolllet, Mrs. C. Smlth, Blitz & Langsdorf, D. F. Schairer, Mrs. Ellicott Evans, Mrs. Jas. B. Angelí, Mrs. It. A. Beal, Mrs. Hoyer, St. Andrews' Church, Concert by Ainphions and Univ. Glee Club under the direction o( Prof. Orin B. Cady, Fourth Infantry Banquet Fund, Trus'.ees of Ceinetery for free use of vault and Thanksgiving offering of churches. Mrs. J. R. Miner, öecretary. TREASUREU'3 REI'OKT. KKCKIPTS. Bul. from last year I 34 15 Mrmbershlp dues 600 ThankBKlvlUK colleotlou 59.7a Special contrlbutluns lttt.ttf Total I3JS.49 DISBCBSKMKNT8. Klrst wardcommlttee t 692 Secouil ward " Thlrd ward " 5S.W Kourtb ward ' j Klftliward " ... V030 Slxth ward U-f Aiiproprlatlon for sewlng school lO.'iu Fur work done by sewlng school " PrlntlnK blanks 1- Hpeclal ctiarliles 8 M Balauce la treasury.... W-1 ToUl


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