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Dexter Charter Election

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At the charter election held in Dexter last Monday, two tickets were run, one lieaded "Citizens," the other "Law and Order." The "Citizens" were the most numeroiis. The following was the vote, tlie flrst inentloned cindldate in eacli lnstance being the "Citizen'e : " Preaident- John Coatello ...121- 44 Russen C. Keeve 77 Rtcordtr- Jay Kelth, (on both tickets) 15 Treasurer Herbert A. Williams 1SS- 87 Thomas J. Rltter 6a TruiUeiEmanuel Jednle 114 33 Daniel Qulsh 1S3- 41 John BruHS 8 John L. Smlth 81 I.ester C. Palmer 76 Jay Peatt 81 Aitenort- John Croarkln, 102- 7 Byron C. Whllaker J24- 29 Oeorge C. Page 9S George H. Lyon 67 The stockholders of J. T. Jacobs & Co firin held tlieir animal meetinu March 5th and elected tlie followlng directora : J. T. Jacobs, D. C. Fftll, Warren V. WadIihius, Jerry D. Ryan and John II. Cutting. At a ubseqiieuc meeting J. T. Jacobs was elected president and trensurer, D. C. Fall, y'tce-presldent; W. W. Wadhams, secretitry. The capital stock was increased to $20,000 all paid up. Mr. Ryan who la with one of the largest wholesale clot'jine houses in Rochester, N. Y., and Mr. Cuttlng who represente one of the largest houses in Boston have taken stock in the company wliich will aid materially in getting still nearer to bottom piicrs. and besides liaving the assistance of Mr. Ryan and Mr. Cutting during the dul! senson in the wholesale business, they will both inake thelr headquarters here. Mr. Cutting will move hls family here as soon as he can get a house. Mr. Ryan is an old Washtenaw Co. boy, havinif been rateed in the town of Augusta. This is no doubt a good business idea for this company and will act greatly to the benefit of thelr many patrons. This company are making eztensive changes on the interior of their inammoth store, and contémplate an en:ire change of the front of the stores late n the nummer.


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