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THE Sonate on the lïth constuered the biu granling pensions to ex-soldlcrs and suilors who are incapacitatod for the performance of manual labor, and to dspMktatt relatives of deceased soldiers umi Milon. Tho bill to lnrorporate the Marítimo Canal Company of Nicaragua was passod In the House bllls were Introduce! nating amnesty for all of fenses agïunst tho internul-revenuo UbWl oommltted pr.or to Fehruary ¦, 1888. and for the admUslon of the State of Wyoming. BetOlBtiona were mtroduced extending the term of offloe of tho President untll tho 3Oth of April, Stí9, and cliauK'nií the dute of the meeting of Congress, and calllng upon the President for Information as tn wbut steps have been taken lo prevent the contlnued immigration of Chinese laborers Into the United States. A BKSini i kin was adoptod in the Sonate on the 28th uit. to continue the investigation of last sesslou into alleged election frauds in Texas. A bill was introduccd uuthorlzlng the lisuing to National banks c.rculatlng notes to the aniount of one hundred per cent. of the par value of tho bonus deposlted with the United States Troasurcr to secure the paynient of clrctilating notes. ..In tho House a pet tion of seven hundred Michigan miners was prosented protesting ugalnst roduclng tho duty on lron ore. In committco of the wholo A large number of bilis for public buildings were agreod to. The United States Senato on the -Jflth uit. passed the bill for the compulsory educatlon of Indlan children. It makes it the duty of the Secretary of the Interior to ostabl sh an industrial boardlng school on every Indinn reservation uponwhich thero may be locatcil live hundred or more adult Indiana. The lull also passod to establish a National art commisslon. A resolution was reported requesting tbo President to nepotiatc a treaty with China contalning a provisión that no Chinese lahorers shall enter the United States . In the House bllls were passod uuthori.nn the Secretary of the Treasury to purehase bnnds with the ur plus revenue. and dlvidtng tho Stato of Minnesota into two colleotion distrlcts, and mak ing St. Paul a port of entry and St. Vincent a sub-port. Eulogios on the late Seth C. Moffatt, of Michigan, were delivered. The resolution directing the President to negotiate treaties tocut off all Chinese immlgration.was passed in the Senato on the lst. A bill was introducen to revive the grade of General of the army. The creilentials of Mr. Wllson, of Iowu, mul Mr. Walthall, of Mississippf, for a new term. were proaenMd. Adjourned to the 5th ...In the House the Uil prohibiting the transmisión through the mails of newspapers containing lottery advertsements was reported artversely. A joint resolution va adopted authorizing the Praalden! to arrango a conforence to be heil in Washington in iss'.i to encouruge rectprocal eoinnieical relations between the United BtatM aml the república of Central and South America and the empire 01 Brazil. The Sonate was not in sesslon on theSil In the House a bill creating the office of ass:stant superintendent of the railway mail service, with flfty-four chief clerks, was favoraMy reported. A memorial was presented from the St. Paul Chamber of Commerce calling for stringent measures to prevent the emigration of Anarchlsts, Nlhillsts and crimináis of every kind to this country. -At the evening session twenty-flve pension bilis were passed. DOMESTICThe annnol encampment of tho O. A R, Department of Nebraska, oommenued al Lincoln on the 28th uit. Govebnor Green, of New Jersey, on the 28th uit vetoed tha Local Option HighLicense bill. At Clinton, Ky.. Sam Trice, a white man who killed tbe sheriff, and Bill Reamua (colored), wbo shot a farmer nainod Jackson, were taken out of jail on tho i.'Sth uit by about tif ty men and lynched. The motion for a new trial In the CoyBernhamer election eonspiracv cases was denled by Justice Harían on the 2Sth uit. at Indianapolis, anti the convicted men would have to go to prison. Hoeace Huiirai was convicted on the 28th uit at Kalamazoo, Mich. , of assaulting the nine-year-old dang'nter of his unele, and was sentenced to lifty years in the Jackson penitentiary. A keobo cabin at Spanish Camp, Tex. , was set on fire on the i!Hth uit by whites and the occupanta were deliberatuly Rhot down as they ran out of the burning house. Five were killed and one severely wounded, while two were burned to death in the cabin. Another negro was caught and bang-ed to a tree. The butchery was the outcome of a Huit for tho posseusion of land recent ly decided in favor of the negroes. John Prtnce, an old bachelor who lived alone on a farm five miles from Washington, Ind, feil in the fire in a lit ou the 28th uit and was burned to death. Zeph Da vis, a younjj mulatto who brutally murdered Majreie Gaiifrlian, a white (firl, aged fifteen years, in Chicago a few days ago, was captured on the 28th nlt and confessed his guilt He killed the girl because she repelled his crimiii;il advaii' The Union Bqunre '1 ht-ator at New York wastotally demroyeU by tire on the 2Xih uit, and the Morton IIousu atljoinini; wan bndly damaffed. Six ireinen were severely lnjnreil. Total loss, 750,000. The first death at ttie lowa Soldlers' Home at Marslialltown ocourred on the 2Hth uit, John l'eck, aged fif ty-six years, passing quietly n a.v. The law enacted by the last Lglslatnre of Wisconsin, permitting drunkards to be sentenced to the inebríate asylum, was on the 28th uit declared invalid by the Htale Supreme Couit Thb month'y statöment of the Readinf railroad. issucd on tlie 2Sth uit, shows a decrease in the net eurnins for Jannary of fM'l.',000over the same month in 1887, caused by the strike. Msa Heaton Mavice, aped thirty-five years, a guest at the Leiumi Hotel in Chicago, committed suïcide on the 29th uit by shooting. No cause was known for the deed. As a result of recent flres ot Buffalo, N. ï. . the local board of underwrlters on tha 2!Hh uit raised thu rates tweuty per cent, taking effect at onca The suike of engineers on the Chicago, Burlington V Quincy road still prevailed on the 29th uit, and only few passenger trains were running. Thebe was a big breach in the strike in theLehigh (ra.) región on the2!)thnlt, and many assemblies K of L had notiiied tli! etrikers to returu to work. The Lehigh & Wilkesbarre Coal Comjiany had ordered the mules bark tn the company's mines, and in a short time twenty thousaud strikcr would be at work. Henht 1). UiEPi'ü, proprietor of the National Hotel at Ruthortord, N. J. , was notifled by lawyers in Berlin on the 20ch uit that he had fallen heir to an estáte valued at $1,000, 000. Wilijam Keli.t and James Wynn lost their lives on the 2!)th uit by twlng buried in a sewer excavation at Kansas City. Both leave familiea 1"he safe of Mogle & Gilbrath, jewelers, at Greensburg, Kan., was biown open on tbe 2!)th uit. andiobbed of $7,700 in watchos, jewelry and money. Thbee robbers stopped a train on tha 2'Jth uit on the St Louis, Arkansas A Texas railway near Fine bluffs. Ark., and forced the express messeneer to opon his safe, secuiing between $ 0,000 and $10,000. At Kansas City on the 2ith uit. the roof of the nearly-eompleted Midland Hotel collapsed. buryinif a scoro of men in the rulns. Krank E linón wan killed and a dozen oth(1 w ei -¦ l .dl v wunndcd í an liiiMiMii and to mis In Northern i:ii.ii ma meza uakeu by un eartliquako in the 'Jüth uit, the lnhabltiuiU ut' some places mshlng frotn thelr huuses In alarm. Thomah Forhythk, who confessed that he had murdered County TreaBurer HUI by oatdng utT hls head, and thnt he had robbed htm oí $6,000, w taken frora Jall ,n OvUuge, Tex., on the 29lh uit and Ivnolird. ïhe Fusión City Councvl at Salt Lake City was sworn In on the 2'Jth uit The (uur (entile cotincilmen who took their seats were the lirst Gentile ineuiuerii who ever sat in the couuull ciiamber. At Salamanca, N Y, a lire on th 2!th uit. destrovcd the opera-house, the postDtlici- and ot In-r business huild ngs, oautiing a heavy loss. John A. Beai.. a boy thlrteen yeors old, begnn n lifo senten oe at Columhu, O, oo the 39th uit for the brutal mulder of hls mother eight montliB Bgo. The will ot' Mis. Jason Downer, of MUwankee, was probated on the 2)h uit Amoug oiher things it provides for a home for superannuaied Presbyterlan ministers. Her total estáte w.ia about $200,000. John W. DawíON, a farmer living near Indianapolis, Ind. , afed seventy-slx years, married hls se vent h wiie on the lst OvEit tbrec hundrcil Milwaukee shtp oarpenterH struok on the Int becnuse the emplorera would not concede ton hours' pay lor nine honrs' work. A train on the Southern Pacific road went througu a triduo on the lst at Hondo, Tex., and llire" men were killed. Advicks of the lst say that four neeroes were drownod near Aberdeen, Misa, by the upsettlng of a canoa The Mimistce (Mich. ) Balt ft Lumber Company failed on the lst for $1,000,000. The aasets were Raid to bc over that amount Pottier .V Stymeb's immens furnituro factory in New York City wasdestroyed by tire on the lst Loss, i}!Í,(K)O,O(H). A National conventlou of veterans oí the war was oommenced in Washington on th6 lst, it object being to secure the passage of a bilí by Congress giving to every volunteer sol.lier of the war a pension at the rate of one vnt LSI inonth for each day of his service. A fike on the lst deatioyod the entlre litisiiii ss portion ot' Nuttor's Creek, CaL The building at Hartford, Conn., oocupled by the Swnlng 'ost and the Connecticut Cnifntttt, m Imrni'd on the Ist For the third time in three years the wlfe of James McElmore. living at Texarkana, Tex., (fave birth on the lst to tripleta AU were alive and doin? woll. Osc.vii F BicKwm. tted sevnty-eiKht ye.irs, who murdered Simon Vandercook in 1882, and who had been six times sentenoed to death, was hanged in Hudsmi, N. Y., on the lst Judgk (KKsiiAM on the lst refuaed a wrlt of error in the Indianapolis (Ind.) tallyBheet frauds, for whicli Sim Coy was sentenced to be impriaoned for elghteen mouths and pay aöneof $100 and W. F. lii nihainer for one year and to pay a fine ot 91,000. The worst pnow-storm of the season was raffiiiif on the lst in Minnesota, and all the railwjiya were blocked. t ll the railways in the npper peninsular of Michigan wero blockaded on the 2d by ono of the severest snow-storms ever known there. At Goldsmith's mine, Wolkerville, M. T., three minera were killed on the 2d by falling down a siiaft a diatauce of two hundred fect Advices of the 2d say that hundreds of Hunarlans rere leiivinifConnellaville, Pa., and adjoining coke re-nons for rheir native land. iScarcity of work was the c luae. De. HoQuxr waa on the 2d (franted a permanent injimctlon at New York restralnlag Henry George and his followers from incorporatiunthe anti-Poverty Nooie y. A fire in Hampton, Va., on the 2d destroyed the house of Thomas Jones (colored), and two small children per shed in the flamea At Clinton, Ia , Mrs. Frank Brown and her babo were fatallv luirned on the 2d by their clothing takint' tiru iro:n an explodcd kerosone lamp Newton, Kan., w:is swept by a cyclone on the 2d, maoy buildlnga )nin; d 'stroyed or partij wreoked. A man waa killed and two women severely wounded. The financial loss was placed at .f ."), 000. Great dumnge was alwo done in the surrouudinp: country. Emma Lanüe, a sixteen-year-otd Chicago ffirl, oomin.tted suicide with poiaon on the 2d becanse her mother punished her. At prayer-meetinfr in tho First Preabyterian Chiuch in Detroit on the evening of the 2d Ilev. Dr. C. M. Waldron, a venerable and retlred pastor, droppelt douil whllo nutUng a prayer. Durino the peven days ended on the 2d tliere wi re 2(12 business failurcs In the United Ktates, aguinst 18U the previous seven dayft The paper stock of B irnes Brothers, at Detroit, Mich., wjr destroyod by fire on the 2d, and also the two h've-story brlck buildinps they occupied. lotal loss, $150,000. A statement ou the 2d Bhows that the reduction of the public debt dnrlng Febïuarv amounted to 7.7B6,386, and aince June 30, or the flrst seven ïnonthB of the ciirrent fiscal year, agffregated $7Ö,74,022. The net cash in the l'reasury was 992,987.798, or $7,. r.00, 000 more than the previous month. Skvehai, barges and canal-boata loaded witli hay were burned at their wharf in Brooklyn on the 2d. Loss, $100,000. The Secretary of tho Treaaury at Washington was advised on the 2d of an organIzed movement for the emigratton of German convicta t this country, and iiuinediate'y took steps to guard against the landing of nll Buch paaaengera Postmasteii Mei EOD, of Palmyra, Ma, found $700 short In hls accounts recently, committed suicide on the 2d. Dubino February there was a net decrease of $ll,oi:i,783 in the circulatlon nnd a net increnae of $9,033,743 in the inoney and bullion in the United States Tre;i6ury. The Ohlo Ilouee on the 2d passed a measnre to cloae saloons on Sunday throughout the State by a votu of 70 to 20. At Terre Haute, Ind., on the 2d ex-County Treasurer Edwin lt Stropes, of Green e County, waa arrested on the charge of embexzUng $13,000 of the ountv's funda Intense excltement prevaüed on the 2d in S oalH, Ind. , over the arrest of John O. Jones, county commissioner, M. Stanfleld and James Archer on the charge of murdering Jack Ballard twenty-four years ago. Alice I'eabce and Laura Lanel, aged reBpectively about efghtcen years, were arrested on the 2d for forgery at Marión, Ind. PERSONAL AND POLITICA!.. The Demócrata of Hbode Island will hold their State conven tion at Providence on the 19th of Murcji to elect delégales to the National convention. The New Jersey State Prohlbitlon convention met at Trenton on the 28th uit and appointed four delegatcs at large to the National Prohibltion convention at Indiarapolis. General Clinton B. Fiske was the choice for President Thk dnte for the Illinois State Prohlbitlon convention, which is to meet In Springfield, has been changed trom May 9 and 10 to May 23 and 24. tu Mlonemjt Dmjorti wlll nut In Htate convent, on at Ht. 00 May 17 to elect lirinyitM to the N .tionnl oonvention. At Wa3bingtou on the 29th uit. the wil of the late W. W. Corcoran was offered for probate. The estáte U Talued at $3,000,040, and Ihe greater port'ou is bequeathed to bis three grandchildrwn. Ueorge P. Loiiihi' M. and William C. Eustls. Thb anuomicmnent. ot the death o ('oionel Cash in (inoróla was on the 29th uit aaid to le premature. Altliongh feeble tw wns Btill allv!. Ik the New Jersev tsseinhlv on the lat the local Optton Hj -Lconso bill was pasned over the Uoveruoi's veu. Thb nhairman of the Way-t and Means Commtttee of the National House on the lst Bubmltted to the fu 1 coniinlttee the Tariff bill upon which th Democratie memben have been at Work for s iveral months. The free-list seclion ia to take effect July 1 1HHH. The mei.sure makes a total reduction (n revenuea of over $.3.000,000. Samuel Hokbihon. ui Indian Biirveyor and pioneer, died at Inilianapoüs on the lat It was hls ninetieth birthdav. Commodore W. Pickerino United StatefiNavy, on theretired list, diec on the lst at SL Augustine, Fla, In ths eighty-seventh year of hls age. Thb Ohlo Legislature on the lst passec and made a law a township local-option bill, and a bill for sclentiflc temperance in utructiou in the schools paesed the lower branch. On the lst Bunker Valentino Winters, o! Dayton, O., at a family dinner dlvlded hall a mlllion dollars among hia slx childrea Both houaea of the Utah Leglslature on the lst adopted a memorial protesting agatnst Colorado Utea being transferred to Utah. Govebnor Ooi.esbt, of IlUnoiB, in an In terview on Ihe lst asserted that he was no a candidate for Governor, for President, for Vtce-President, for United Btates Senator or for any office, Iowa Democrat wlll hold the r State con vention at Dubuque on the 2d of May to elect delegates to the National convention Peter Hebdic, agad sixty-four years, a millioualre mmberman of Willlamsport, Pa, and the inventor of tlie Herdic cab dled in New York on the 2d FOREICN. Gbeek's cotton mili ut Blackburn, Eng. containing twenty-t o thousand spindlea, wasburnedon the 28. h uit. Loss, $100, 000. A tremendous nvalanche desoendad lnto the valley of Morrobia, 8wit7,erland, on the 28th uit, killing ten persons and a large number of horses and cattle. Ma Pïxe, M. P., waa convicted on the 29th uit at Clonmel, Ireland, under the Crimes act, ond sentenced to aix weeks impriaonment. Nobthkbn Italy was sutïerlngon the 29th uit from a great fall of snow. At Turin theaters, schools aml markets had been olosed. A number of villages in the Alpi had been destroyed by avalanches an( many livea lost At Sterpone thirty people were killed. A mother killed her four chililren at Baracoa, Cuba, on the lst She sald, when arreated, that the devil temptod her to the crime. Unemploted men engnged in a riot in Rome, Ituly, on the lst Bake-sbops were broken lnto and pUUtged, and the pólice who attempted to arrest the riotera were driven nw.iy with atonta Finally the mol w:is dispersed bv troopa. M. WrtflON, the son-ln-law of Presiden Grevy, of France, waa convicted in Paris on the lst of complicity in the Legión o Honor decoración scandals and sentencec to two years' imprisonment, to puy a iine of :i,00Ö francs ana to be deprived of his civil r ghts for lire yeara. The French schooner Fleur de Ia Mer foundered on the 2d off the iBland of ('ay enne, nnd sixty passengers were drowned. Mr Disolk, a Dublin newsde:iler, was on the 2d sentenced to three niouths' imprisonment under the Crimes act The Government estimates were submittod to the Dominion Parliament on the -l The total Bum asked is ,fj:i,250,000. The Government of Brazil proposes to introduce in the Legislatura next May a bil loabolish slavery In that country. LATER NEWS. ihe ar. ke of engineera on the Chicago Durilngton A Quíncy road was practicalli unchanged on the 4th. The tralns were moving with ome regularity, and severa freights were put In motlon. The idea was raming (Tround that the strike would extend to many other roads, on the Krounc that they had been extending aid to the Burlington. The bodiea of over two hundred v.ctims of the recent avalanches in the Italian Alps had been recovered on the 4tn. A fiiiE on the 3d at Milwaukee, whlch started in the caiidy factory of Fernecke HrotherH, destroyed property to the valuu iif .f2CM),000. Ml Powdesli on the 3i issued an appea to the Knighte of Labor aukinfr for aid for the Btriklng Ijeh gh (Pa) minera. Db. 0'Ueillt, treusnrer of the Irlsh League in America, on the 3d aeut $5,000 to London to help the cause of home rula The Marguerita winery and distillery near Fresno, Cal, owned by Kogors Malter, was bnrned on the :til Loss, $150, 000. A ut' HiinwNE on the Jd devastated Tama tave, and leven veasel were wrecked ant twenty persons killed. Amos Bkonson Alcott, founiier of the famous Concurd School of transcendental phllosophy and anthor of phitosophical an critlcal works, dled in Boston on the 4th at the age of eighty-eight yeara He wa bom In Wolcott, Conn. Thb two fieece-mllls t Keighley, Eng. were destroyed by flre on the 3d Loas, $32.'..OO0. ISuakim was attacked by a large forcé o rebels on the 4th, and after tour hours flghtlng the rebels retlred, Ieaving severa hundred killed and wounded on the liuld. On the British side Colonel Tap and five EgyptlaiiH were killed and fourteen woundeil Joseph and Kellar Thompson (brothers), of Macbiasport, Me., were drowned on the 3d by the upsetting of a boat. Fob the first time in the history of Kansa City, Ka, not a saloon was open on the 4th. The Law and Order League broughü abou this rcMill. The exchanges at twenty-six leadinc clearing-houses in the United Btates durin the week ended on the 'M agsrregatec 1)870,183,880, ugainst $740,7iG,372 thf prevlous wees. As compared with the corresponding week of 1887 the decrease amounted to 17.4 per cent Mahtin Duran, a Mexioan, was hanged or the 3d at Prescott, A. T., for the murder of ft woman at Flaeaiaft Tueiii was no Hession of the United State Senate on the 3d. In the House numerou petltions, memorials and resolutions were presented praying for the passage of th pending bill to protect the manufactur and sale of pure lard. Henry C. Seyinour of Michigan, successor to the late Seth G Moftatt, appeared and took the oath of of fice. In the contested electlon case from theTenth Illinois district the Committee on KlectionB decided in favor of Geneoa Post (Hep.), the aitting memLer.


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