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The American Disease. No people In the world are so subjee to ncrvous diseases, sucli as nerveus e.xliaustion, physicaj or mental overwork, head clie, baokaehe, neuralgia, sleepless nes?, diziiiuss, nervotis dyspepIa, im'pilatii'ii, niniHlily pain?, and insanity, aR the Anicricans. Every part of the liody is controlled by its nerves md when tliey are weakened by overwork ordisease the part is also affected. Now it is everywhere conceded that ür. Miles Kestorative Nervine, a concelitrated nerve tooi and medicine, is the best remedy in the world for these dUeaSM. Ask for a trial bottle at Eberbacli & Son. Kabul traiisit - Mud dog on the fly. ('¦ld minors - Shiveiing little boys. VVords in season - Son, sea and senae. "IUeak House"- The Stewart mansión. Shak-spear experts - The early Roman. A sharp and Doluted article - The needie. Hi;;h old time- The doek in Trinity spire. Very Sensible "Jnps." In Japan the old-school physiulans are icnnittcd to wear only wooden swords. Thi8 is a gently earcastic way of expressng the opinión that they kill enoiijth )eople without usinj; weapons. Hut the lrujrjiist who introduced Dr. Plerce's 3olden Medical Discovery into the Em)ire, cnrries line steel blade. It was band that all who tried th8 wonderfnl remedy for oonghs, colds, and ennsmnpive tendenciec, blood, skin and üvcr roubles, werc, without exceptlon, jrreatly )enelitted. Tlie Mikad IMinself ia said o hare "toncd up" his sj-stem by ita use iitl the imponer was therefore permitted he exceptional honor oí wearinjr the word of the nobility. 1 crown winter kinjr of iutimate deIghta, tireside enjoymenU, horae-borq mppineas, and all the comforts that the owly root of undisturbed and the hour f long uninterrupted eveninga know. - Cowper. ]


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