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SOME DOCTORS honestly admit that they can't euro Kheumatism and Neuralgia. Others eay they can but-don't. i pho-ros says nothing but - cures, j That's the secret of its success. Years of trial have proved it to be a guict, taje, ture cure. Onrad, N. H.. Rept. 3. lsw In myown faimly Athlnnhom wu uhM ñn a last resort, thn UMff havioK HuftYnvl from rbeuiimtisni for yoan and Imvmtc been trv-at! fur diwjane ly dinVn-nt l'hysicijiTiM In Huw State and Munachu. HettH without oven tniiturary rallet. Uion my recnmmcndatinn Hcoreaof ieo. ple bavr nHf.l tlns PMitixly wlth the namo rusults claüneil fur it. O. II. Wildon. Oubuque, Inw. Jan. 3, 1W AthïophnroH haR coinplotely rnred me of nervniw h.ailaclm. and I feel tliauklul for all tbu KOod It h;iH done nte. Mra Locihe Ohebrt. JkSend R ronts tbr iho faeaotUtal colored picture, " Moorish Maiden." 7HEATHL0PH0R0S CO. 112 WallSt. H.Y. ThisistheToPoftheGr-NUiNE PearlTop Lamp Chimney. Allotlieis,sniili;rarciniitation. TI?v This exact Label jföjHRpg is on cacli I 'cari ]fJjJH Top Chimney. t - '' SSlSïS W A dealer may say VgHiJfjjSCj an" think lic has 7?ro FSwS' others as rood, JjffiSP' BUT UK MAS NOT. lusistuponthe F-xact I bel and Top. foa Cal: Evekywhere. Macs oniy by BEO. A. MAG8ETH & CO., Pittsburgh, Pa. All DruRiiiitK, 2.5c-, 60c. i and 11,00. Prepared onjybj Dr. Seth. Arnold, Med. Corp., Wooniockft, K. I. The Davis Swing Ghurn. -y Jg jb Maken the 1arir.t w jR Binount of butter Ug wlA boCAUse the coiicugfilon A&f VNT 's Kruatcr tbau In any ¦vT v ¦ l'l other etiurn made. Wm i f Hitet tbe belt Vl JV quall ty-It 1b ths TMHW easlest to It il f JVL V the easlest to work. m M_K. A large majorlty of MJ ¦'V the NewEngland r Tf ii ¦ 1 1 1 1 min i li ii use th f factory sizes, hang M from tbe ci'lling. One cbnm at Wholesale where we have no atront. kurkka and skinneb btttter wobxxbs, Kesihtt Buttkb Printhrb, Eto., Etc. goud for lllustrated circuhirs. V1.K.UU.M' 1AKJ1 HACniXE CO., Bellowa FaUi, Vt. Rofcoe Conkllsg tclM his frieiuls, in spitc of üll rumor to the contniry, tliat lic is f'iii'vcr out of politics. He 8 devoted to business and his penoBMl comfort, aml caiinot penUftded to even induliie in the aflcr-ilimicr gpeaciiec in wbich Mr. Bewltt and Mr Depew delitrht. His hair is errowlng tblnner, but hia dress is as imtty M ever, and his pointed beard ia wliite but canfiilly trimmed. The anltxhted ciar between liis lips is tlie one weaknegs of his business hours.


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