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Never let ten boil. Hold a hot shovel over fiiruiture to remore white spots. To extract nk trom wood, scour with sand wet with water and nmnionia. Then rinae with strong saleratus wuter. To give h good onlt color to pine floor wagh with a solutioii of ooe pound nf copperas dissolved in one gallon of stroop lye. To whiten the h.imU melt half an ounoe of oaiii(ihor gum, half an ounce of glyceiine and oue pound ot' muttou tullow, and apply every night. A liornets' liegt which has bein deserted by the hornet-, bound on the throat with a piece of tlanncl, will cure the most malignant sore throat. Snit and water will prevent the hair froni falling out and cause new half to grow. Do not use so strong as to loave white particles upon the hair when dry. Milde' is easily ïemoved by rubblnir common yellow soap on the articie, and then a titile fait and stxreh on that. Hub all well on Mie artlcle and put in the sunshine. To restore gilding to picture frames, remove all dust with a soft brnsh, and wagh the gilding in warm water In which an onlon bas been boiled; dry quickly with soft raga. Mahogany furniture shouKl be washed with warm water and soap; an applieaof beeswax and sweet oil upon a soft elnth. and polislied with cliainDis {jives a rich linihli. Blackheads may be removed by w.tshing the face at night witb bot water, then drying briskly with a crash towel and applylng a mixture of one ounce of liquor of potassa and two ouuces of cologne. When the face Is constantly pale, bathe It In cold or tepid water, rut) brikly with a soft towel, and apply daily thi preparation: One ounce of dilute lio,uid ammonia.twoouuceiof glycerine and four ounces of w:itcr. Hul) well into the skin for about tliree minutes, then carefully wipe with a soft towel. If niiy irritation is telt, iucrease thr glycerine. A free applicatWui of soft so.ip to n burn nlmost uistanilv remores the Kre froin the flVgh. If the injury Is very severe, as soon as the pain ceases, apply linseed oil, and then dut over with line flour. When this covering dries lurd, repeat the oil and flour dressing un til a good coatinsr is obtained. When the latter dries, allow it to utand untll it trucks and fallí off, a t will do in a day of two, and a new skin will be found to have formed where the skin was burned.


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