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The Shoemaker

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I'lie shoemaker sat udmisl w.iz and leallier, Wlth lapxloneover hm knee, Where. snug In hlsshop. hedefledall weather, RrawliiK hlsquurtersanil a letogether, A happy olu ma was he! I'hls liappy oíd rúan wa so wlse and knowThe worth of hl ttmc he knew; lio biistled hls end8, and kept thlngs golng, And feit to each moment a tleh waa owlng, l'ntll he gol round the shoe. Of every deed that hls wax wai seallng, The closlng wa-s flrra and íusí, Thp priek of hls awl never caused a feellng of pul n to the toe: and hlssklll In ueallnit V:i perfect and tiue to ihe last. Wlienever yon gave hlm a foot to measure, Wlth genllt; and sklllful hund IIeiiik hls prop irtlons wltli looks ofpleasnre, A Ifyoo were glvlngthe costllest treasure, Or dtibblnx hlm lord of the laúd. Antl many a one dld he save from gettlng A ft-ver, or cold, or cough ; Kor inuny a loot dlil he mivp from wettlng, When, wlielher Ín water or nnow 'twan setllDK, Hls shoelng would keep thetn off. When he had done wlth hls making and i iiling, W'iili hope and a peacoful hreat, Hcslgiilm; hls awl. as hls thread mu endlng. Mi' pussed Irom hls bunch to the grave deseendlng, As higli iíh the klng to hls rent.


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