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Iliit;!] ho. babyliood! Teil me where yoa llnger; Lel'a toddie home agala, for we have Kone astray- l'aki' tliis eiigcr iimiri of mine and lead me by the flnver Back lo the lotus himls of the far away. Turn back the leaves of ltfe- don't read the story - Let's iltnt the picture and fancy all the res! ; We can flll the pages w'th a hrlghter glory Than old time, the story-teller, at hls very best. Turn to the hrook where the boneysackle tlpplng O'er lts vase of perfume, spllls lt on the breeze. And the bees and humming blrds In ecstacy are sipplng Krom ihe falry flagons of the blooming I orusi trees. Turn to the lane where we used to "teetertotter,' Printlug nul foot palm lu the mellow mould - IĆ­hiikIiIiiu at the lazy cattle wading In the water, Where the rlpples dlmple round the buttxrcupa of gold. Where the dusky turtle lies basklug on the ravel Of tbe Min ii.v sand-bar In the mlddle tlde, And the ghostly drugou-fly pauses In hls travel To r-st llkea blossom where the water-llly dltd. }Ieigh ho, babyliood ! Teil me where you linker; Let's toddie bonie agaln. for we have gone astray - Take thls eager hand of mine and lead me by i lic flnger Back to the lotus land of the fir away.


Ann Arbor Courier
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