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No Physic With Our Food

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That is rather a riangerous proposltion put forth by the manufacturera of sorae of the patented or proprletary articlea of food, that tlit'ir producU po9sess a superior wliolesomeness because they contaln i drug of some particular medicinal propírty. Phosphates, alum, lime, nrsenic, ;aKniel, etc, have thelr places as spccities lor varlous dUeases, and are lnvaluililf medical remedies, each in its place. But they are not cure-alU. The physi:Inn who should prescribe either calomel ir strychnlne, or rhubarb three times a jay to man, woman and child, sick or well, because either of such drugs is a svell known remedy for some certain dis ;ase, would receive but little honor from :he fraternity, and less practice from the 3ommunity. No one wlll controvert tuis statement ; yet we find manufacturers of bakin; powders claiming superior hygienic viitue for th Ir productiois and urging their 2ontinui)us use because they are allegcd tocarrytlie phosphate used in making them (i chea ) subítitute tor cream of tartnr, procured from the bones of dead animáis) into tlie food, although well awar-, 13 they must be of the fact that with the constant use of such article thls drug must pass into our syptcms daily, no matter what our pliysical coiiditions or re(iiircimntsi, or whether or not we maybe infferlng from sonie ailment wherein the useof guch drug would be positively detrimental. Bnth alum aml pliosp'iates iré useful médicamente in certain diseases; but they should no inore be taken ndiscnuilnatdy day after day and without the prescription of a physlcian, than arseuic, acón I te. or calomel: indeed, thern are conditions of the aystem, particularly wilh women, when the prudent physicitin would be loath to permit t lie use of lime phosphates even as a medicine. The fallacy of this claim of the manufacturera of pbospliatic baking powders wlll be apparent to all when the fact, well known to physicianp, is stated, that In irerajte healih and with ordinary food the body gets more phosphates than are requlrea or can be assitnilated, as is evidenced by the fact that they are conItaatljr befng cxpelled in the excretions both soüil and liquid; likewise the statement l lint it is necessary to add phosphates to the bakini; powder to restore to the tlour those whlch have been loet In the milliug, for it is true that fine llour as at present made actually contains a larger percentage of phosphatcs than the íraiti of wlieat itself. The object of baking powders is not to provide the body with a medicine, but siniply to vesticulate or make light the mixture of flotir, so as to render it when btked, easy of masticulation and perfectly digestible. The most celebrated experts in the business have worked for the perfection of an article that should do this incclKiiiic.illy, adding to or takiug from the llour nothing, nor la any way eftecting a chaiiííe in its properties or constituents. When this has been done, the perfect leavening agent bas been discovered. The mauufacturers of the Royal Baking Powder have succeeded In this so far as to make a leavening agent that vestlculates and raises the loaf most perfectly, and without CbaDging the properties of the Hour, while the residuum from it has been reduced to a minimum. The acid employed, ho wever, to produce thig result is not phosphatic, but the acid of higbly rclined cream of tartar, whlch, the health antboritle agree, renders that powiler pertcctly pure and more reliahlf and heattbfal than any other. The recent official tests show, on the other hand, that the best the phosphatic baking powiler makers can do is to produce an aitlclc that is one thlid or more residuum or lmpmity. We want our food pure: cspecially do we not wish to take alum, linie and phosphates wi tli it at the (lietuni of manufacturers who may fiud it cheuper to claim a vlrtue for the impurities than to remove them.


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