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Republican County Convention

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A Ropubticun County C'onvcntion to pleet 1S ,1,-] itea u i ho Bepubll sn etate conrentlon tn be held it Grand EUpIdion Tae'diT. M.-iy 8, 1898, rr thepurpoíeof elecüng four (I) Jilegatei at Ii'u"1 . alturuites lo the National liepub'u-an (,onvunti.u; aleo to cle 18) delegítei to tlio C'onvcniion of thc 2d CjDreasional untrin to be called horuafte-: aluo. in accordance witli tlie ni 'inlation of the Repnblican State Central l i inrit'-1, to appoint a county ivmTiittee amia iiTinnd -.¦(Tetaryof the same, and lo trau, iher bnstneti m mtr oropwly ture it, willbe hAtl at theCu.irt H toisliithi Aun Arbor on Tuesiluy, Aprll 24, l"s. :it 1 1 o'c'ock . m. The citie-, ward and townehips, wlllbe cmitlcd to deliiriü'a In the couuty eonventloD as lilow; : K. II. M X'l'll, J . W. 11. Obínd, Chair n Iinn lchk'ly afier the adjoarnmnt ni the O i - ,n the wubtantw Coantj Kepoblican i'luh II mel 10 traiifact ImporUnt bu?iae -, ana a lulittitendLnre te reqnented.


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