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More Pensions and Bounty. A gentleman representin the Wa Claim Atloriu -ys, Milo B. Stevens & Co. II In' :it the (Jook House, Ann Arbor Wisliiiniw county, Saturday, April 21 1 888, lo reoeive cl.iims tor pension, bount; etc , hicli loteretted parties niay desire to have presecoted by said attorueys. Re{Met is a serious thingr in liiin who feels ii, nntl tl) hcint of honor for iiin who Inspires the {teling.- Moe. Swotcli inc. J. T. Jofcobg wlll sell on May lst lii entire lienl of Importad nnd thorough brcd Holstcin catttle, also a number of ex culliiit. fíi'ule animáis. Mr. Jacobs ha cnnclmled to o out of that line entirely lii linie bciiig too inuch occupied witl other hiifiness. Weli-arnnged time is the surest mark of a wtll-urranged niind. - Pitman. "Glve hiin a, And Let Him Guesg." We ouce hcard a man complain of feel inf b .uily, and wondered what ailed him A humomut fi end raid, "Oive a docto $2, ani] let Lira auess." Ie was h outtiiii. saiiie nu -ome doctora, whodon't alwiyi gaosê rljílit. Yon need not fjuess whai uil ou when voor tood don't digesi wheu yoiu boweh und stomach are inac tive, and when youi heud aches everj d.iy, and you ai e laugltk) and easily fa tiLrueil. You are biliotis, and Dr. Pieice's Pleasant Purjiative Pellets wlll bring you out ill rijrht. Sinall, sugar-coated en-v tn take. Of drhfffUta. A. L. Noble has lilled hia show window with ii (üise of Spring Derby's whlch he i not quite ;ívüíí away, but is selling at the reiliculously low price of $1.29. The dttys of sale are Friday and Saturday Have Importad from Germany the Bisni n rek Slrawberry, Champagne ant Weiler'g eelebraled Uratbirne, Winter Bergiini' tta. Bhall import larjrely of the different white and red tabla grape?, nlso H large lol of pear trees. K. Iïai-r, West Hu ron St. ? . There is probahly no truth in the rumor that eltlwr President Cleveland or Qov. Luce had written letters declinlng nomiinitions for a second term. Sa N.4LJ Be Sure to Cet Hood's Sarsaparilla, mf child. Seethat they do not glve you anythlng else. You remember it is the medicine which did mama so irnich goud rearago- my favorito Spring Medicine Nl'ui ly cverybody needs a good spring medicino Uke Ilood'sSarsaparilla to expellmpurllios whieli accumulate In the blood during the winter, keep up strength as warm weather comes on, cre;ito an appetlle and promote liealtliy digestión. Try Hood's Sareaparllla and you will be convlnced ot lts peculiar merits. It Is the deal spring medicine - reliable, beneflclal, picasant to take, and glvea full valu" tor ÜM money. Be sure toget Hood's Sarsaparilla Soldbyalldrugglsta. fl;slxfor(5. Preparodonly i'S C. I. HOOD i 00., Apothecarle, Lowell, Mui. IOO Doses One Dollar


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