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Look out lor May fbwers, or May showers. Golden Rule lodge works on the 3d degree to-morrow evenin. Th ree city churches are pastorless and (he Methodists make a changa this (kil. Win. A. Cïark is building a new barn in Uw rear of liis piemises on N. Main st. The supervisors are on their annual MMMmeut roiinds. Keep the dogs out ot sijrht. Tlie ladies of St. Andrew's Society have a cliureh fair incubatin;;, and tlie same will bc reudy in about two weeks. Our friend of the Argus etui have full swing at "ilu in Bnanoe," this year. He muy liml it easier to crlticise than to do. 6ÍOW is the time for the shrewd merchani 10 sow lus spring "ad," reaping tlie haive.-t Uiirt-t iiiin all tlie year llirouli. Julni('. McOi'tliv bat hi-en appointed depnly liy Sli.-iill' at tlie T., A. A. & N. M H. U depot to keep lliings level down ibere. Chas. 'F, Par-h all, m-wly elected town¦hlpclerk, will hiivt bis offloa at his resiilence, mm inile east of ccmetery on Geddes road. It should be the pion duty of every man, roman nr chlld ownlng a foot of land, to pi uit a tree on Fiïday of next week, "Arbot I) ly." H. J. Browu bas bought the residence in whicli lie Urea Oí Andrew De Forest at tbe corner u( E. Calliaiine aud Divislon sis., tor $4,51)0. !! v I'. W. Ohm II of tbe llochester, N. Y. TtMoiOfrioaJ Semlnary, will nccii)y tlie pulpit oftlie ii.iputchur:h next Sun 1 i y moining aml even ing. J as. 1!. Bacb, the niw City Recorder look piisíessioii 01 the city archives and property Int Monday, and bas bis office up stdiis, over C aspar lünsey's store. The annual meeting of the Old Mission Heacli AMOctatiOD, ot whicli tbere are niHiiy memliers in tliis. fily, OOOUTI at Lanalng on Thorgday, April 2Gtli, at 2 o'cluck p. m. Slieiiit' Bandall, of Túsenla Co,, took Zina P. Buck, of Ypslluntl, lip to Caro, 1 it Mondiiy, wbere be is wantod lor dabbling witli Biilit'iiiiaii out notes or Ked Ime wbeat or wnMtliing of the snit. lleinzman & Lanbcngayer commeooed the building of au clevatnr on First st., between lluron and WHlbtiiftoll sts., yesterday. It will be a large and roiuiiio dious building, and a credit to tbe town. Tbe only county in the state wliose board of supervisors pay a premium on official iMlam is VVashtenaw county, and it mlght be '.veil to reinark that in this one instance it fret wliat it pay for. Prof. Buir sent Prof. Harrington's paper on " Clini ual Effect i of Forests," to Senator Palmer, who wrote hiui: "I have read tlieui witb int rest aud approval and Ihank yoQ for tlie courte.-y extended." One week froni next Fridey the little Old Folks Conceil oecurs at ibe M. E. elmrcli. It is to be one of tbe great uiut-ical and aesthetic events of the seafiii. Manv litlle old folks are making lively preparatious therefor. Ground was broken last Saturday for the new S'udenfs Christian Association bnlldlllg on State street. It will cover tlie giealer pottlon oftbe lot, aud as the earth is to be excavated seven feetthere will doubtless be qul[e a basement to it. ChaP. Spoor t( lis lis that he was mayor of this city uring 1S(:, and tbat he has never vet received hi salary. Here i another ebanoa t'r a snit agalMt the city. Tlie idea tbat this (jreat city shotild .so nejjlect its (nu ncial obligations is astouishIlig. Tbere is to be an adjourned animal mt-etiiiK held April 20tb, of tbe Wasbtennw Co. Agricultuial and Hortieul tural Society, in thelr rooms in the basement of Coiirt House, for the purpose of either selling the present fair grounds. or to relaln tbeiame. Kvery nieuiber should be present. The Woman's Cbristlan Temperance Union of the second district will meet in convention at the Baptist church April 25th, 2(kh and 87th. All persons interested in the cause of temperance are invited to altend tlie meetings. Good speakers are expected. Any person wil'big to entertain delefrates or furuish refreshinentt for the dinners at the cliurch will please send their names at once to mm Hatiliit Brovn, statest. Andrew J. Warren, Chas. Burkbardt and Conrail Jedele, representinjr a majority of the stock of the Saline Manufacturini; Co., have liled a petition in the Urcuit Cdurt aaklng for an accounting of Uie aftiiirs of that concern, and the clos'g np ui tbe baslneat of the same. Tliey "liow that the ItabfHtlM are f2,327.00, and that tbere are 1740.96 of good book accounts, $208.22 doubtful. $184 02 not collectable; of notes $.fn4.20 of wbicli IMI.17 are not good and $5.25 doubtful. The Grand Omncil of the Royal Arcanuin meeta in Kast Saginaw this week. Q.A. BeMloni representa the council in 'is cily wliicb has 52 luembers. Tbe Wal A.rcnoum is one of the most Boartahlng o( the fraternal and co-operative a-sociations in this country, havini' BjSOO m-mberg, and paying about $8,000,WW annually to widows and orphans of ''""¦'ase.i memberi. Each beneflcbiry receives $3.000. Th.Te are 75 counclU in tuis state and over 5,000 meinbers. At the town meeting of Ann Arbor 'own the vote on the question of building a nt-vv brlde across the Huron river at Ueddea, received 140 votes for, to 17 Tlie expenses of tbe town for '"e year ending March 27. '88, were frlven as followa : Poor aid, $82.00 ; con9'i!'!leiV,".'1l(i' :":; highway commissmner $i,2 04; for two sheep killed, ; ¦'r 5 woodchuck scalps, $50 25; for chool tax, 18,937.34. In the town, f 130 og tax wus collected, way „head of the The new city fatliers are siniling and Jovial. The Senior Hts will be capped bv J. T. Jacobs & Co. Remember Arbor Day anü observe tt by planting a tree. Navigation and fishing have opened up on the Huron in line suape. There will be a church social at Mr. Rush 's in Geddes, Friday evenlng. M Staebier has becorne agent for the Sprlngfleld Roadster, a new American bicycle. The remalns of Sam'l Morse, of Detroit, were brouwt here Monday for interment. The deceased was formerly a barber in tuis city. The collection at the M. E. churoh Sunday School on Easter Sunday amnunted to $UU. The last few days have made the roads impassable, luit the dampness has startvd vegetation nlcely. On April 5th occurred the tirst thunder storm of '88, and it did not clear off cold afterward, either. Mrs. McCollum and Mrs. V. B. Conley, of Detroit, are visiting at John D. Koylan's, 15 N. 5th street. Alvle Baxter got tired of living alone and was conerquently marrled to Miss Mary Wanger last Saturday evening. B. C. Whitaker, of Dexter, has been engaged by Michael Stabler, of thls city for tlie coming year, in the agricultural business. Talk about mortgages! When it takes froni 40 to 150 Unes to enumérate the mortgages held by some of our poor lownship friends! There were a number of supervisors in the ciiy Salurday to get their asscssment roll to commence business at once ; among tliem was Supervisor Ullbert, who says that Sylvan will be lowered again this year. The Evangelical Conference of Michigan, ut its recent sesslon at Howell, appointcd S. Copley of Detroit presidlng eider tor this district, ami stationed F. Koehlcr at Ypsilanti, anl H. Voelker In Manchester. A gentleman who has not visited our city for a period of twelve years, thlnks that no city in the State hus improved more in appearance than thls. On the strength of this assertion Mr. Gilbert will probally dcsire to ralse the valuatiou a;ain, probably. There was a singular confLtgration at tlie home of Samuel Krause, on Liberty st., Monday. Tlie baby cab being pushed against the stove burst into llames before being notioed and was practically destroyed. Luckily the baby was not in the cab at the time. Two egjis, oneconsiderably larger than the otlier, connected by a ligament like unto the one that joined the Siamese twlns, was fouiid In a hen"s nest at Mrs. Dr. Sager's place last Thursday, and are attraeting considerable attention at John lluiit'3 store They have soft shells. The ProblbitlonUtf held a county convention at the rlnk last Friday, and appointeii delegklM to the State Con vwition. Tlie affair was nut niitiieroiiály atteniled, lint Oouslderable entliuslasiu was displayed to st-e who should subscrilie the niobt(?) iiKiney to carry ou the campal n. The president of the Agricultural Society says: "Mr. Hall inay have tnaile a llboral offer on the exchaiige of the fair groumfs and it probably would bc for the interest of the city, yet wliile I should like to sec the trade made, I caniiot pee on the whole ny bcnetlt tor the loetoty, MlaM there is enough money p.iiil to cle;ir the society of debt wUen lo cated on the Hl grouiuls, wbtcü will oost $7,000.. C. I! Henion, fumiliarly known as "Keel," who has been wilh Wiiie & Worden for the past 'even ycirs, has iicoxpted a situation wilh Win. H. B'-nnett i Sonc, Jnckson, tn takn charge oi thpir earpet departinent, uud expecu to leave theiefor next Mondny. He will not move liis fiunily unttl af ter the schools close. Last Monday his son Fred piei'iiti-il li i in wit h a watch and cbain, as a token of sffectlon, We shnll all miss "Keels" faniilar face, and many good wishes will accompiiiiy him to his new positiou. For the three years that ye local has lieeii City Itecorder he lias not inissed a recular meeting of the coiUiCil.and otily onc special meeting, wliich was of little or no importance. lie has trrltteo 531 pages on the city record?, nearly lillingoneof the larife bookn made for that purpose; lias drawn 4,937 warrants, varying in amounts from 25 cents to $5,000, and aggregatina $127,535.51, (includiim transfers). He turns the bouks and records over to his successor in good condition, and bespeaksforhim the good will of the large clags ot people with whom It has been found a pleasure to do business. The office of City Recorder is oue that has cmstantly grown in importauce as the city has improved and grown, until now a change sliould be made both in manner of doing business and in OOIII pentatlón (bf the same. There is sufficient business to keep oiic man his entile time. He should be given an offloe with a vault in connection for the tiling away of valuable city documents and papers, and be required to n-ni lin iu his office during business hour8. The methods, etc, of the Uecorder"s office to-day reminds one of a young miin 25 years old endeavorlng to wear clothes bought for him in his eurly teens. The city has eMtirely outgrown i;s villnge days, hut asks its ofticers to keep right on the same as tlien. A change is so urgently needed that we believe the council, together with some of our best citizens will see that it is accoinpüshed this winter.