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The U. of M. base huil club will be one of the bi-st ever put n the field from here, 8O Matrd There is to be another inter-frat. hop Frid iy eveninjf, at NU-kel's hall. Chequauxgons fiiruisli mu9ii;. Miss Nettie C. Daniel?, 1 ir, '86. is suc- - 1 1 1 1 1 y filling a linr iio.-itioii in the State Normal at Indiana, Penn. Jas. Chaliuers has been appointed by the superintendent of Public Instruction to coniluet Teacher's IiiBtitUtes. Tlie Argonaut states that Dr. Winchell will Hpi-nd next .uiniiu'i in Euplantl, pursuitiff roolo-jicil researchi-s and studies. Prof. Knowlton Iim comineuced a series of instructivo lectures on Practice, iu the lw departineut. Soiuething uew .uní popular. There is to be n special meeting of the University República Club on Saturday, April 14, at 10 oYlock a. ra., iu Koom A. A full attendauce desired. The Oiacli is protnised sliortly. It will, aniong otlier thinx. contain a ketch of Clianeellor W. H Payne, ot the Nushville Uuiversity, accompanied by au etchinji. Prof Morris is the authi-r of "The Hlstory of Logic,'' which is the flrst volume of the 2d serien In the new library of philoxophy to be publUhed iu this country and Euiope. E. C. Hegeler, of Lh Salie, III., has presentid to the cheiiiical library uf the Uuiversity one-half the oost of a most valuuble gitt, belng " Liebig't Annalen der Chemie xtnd Pltarmacie," a perioillcal in Germán language from 1832 to date, 248 vols. In all, valued at $500. It Is nuw on lts way acrosa the oceitu.


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