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Keep in mlnd the concert by the united clioruses of Ann Arbor, Satuiday, April 28th, in University Hall. "Over the Garden Wall" has no connectlon wlth "Over the Fence," as rendered by the uuiversity boyg. There U to be a Public Recital on Prlday afternoon at 4 o'clock, In Room 24, to which no admlssion will be charged. The Glee Club will glve a concert on Friday eveoing, April 2Oth, at Univprsüy Hail. The boys wlll be assisted by Clark, the whlstler, and Hawley for the comical part. The program to be rendered is something entirely new. "Over the Garden Wall" is one of the most popular entertainment given on the American stage to-day, and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. S. Knight are among the most popular actor on the stage. On Wednesday evening April 12th, at the grand opera house, our play going people will have an opportunity to see and hear them. Everywhere the Glee Club went they were received with ecstacies of delight, and the press all along their trail was one continual streatn of praiae. The boys well deserve a rausing reception at home and we believe lt will be accorded them. Remeraber their concert is to be given at University hall on the evening of April 20th- next week Friday. The date for the grand concert by the Ypsilanti and University chorases has been finally decided on. The W. C. T. U. haying intimated that their gefsion in this city would last through the 27th, the management of the societies agreed to have their concert in Ann Arbor, on Saturday, April 28lh, In order not to depnve the ladies of the association of the anticipated delighu to heur Acis and Galatea. There was hardly standing room in the Fifth Avenue Theatre las: night when the curtuin was rung up on Mr. and Mrs. Geo. S. Kuight's new edition of "Over the Garden Wall." It is one of the most amusing absurdities imaginable, and kept the audience In continuous laughter for nearly threo hours. An old theatre oer remurked at the end of the performance "it is without exception the best entertainment of the kind I ever 8aw." And he was right. There is enouh fun condensed Into the piece to satisfy the most cynical.- New York Graphic. An entertaininent by "ye little old folks," about thirty-flve In niimber, will be given under thp direction of Prof. Ren wiek, In tne lecture room of the M. E. church, Frlday eveuing, April 20th. The little ones will be costumed in "ye olden style" and will ging a very unique and intere8ting program composed of old VI ¦¦ I I l W U 1 Uil tr' ah ii il 1, ,, fc , ¦ - ¦ ¦ - I nationttl songs and liymns, which the okl and young alike cannot fail to enjny anü appreclate. This beautiful llttle entertainment is glven for the benefit of the Woinun'8 Home Missionary Society, and it is hoped that it will be liberally patronized. From the New York Herald of March 23d, we take the following : "That strlng of catchy songs, pretty dances, humorous dialogues and ludlcrous situations called 'Over the Garden Wall" was created for mirrlment only. At the Grand Opera House last nlght it amply accotnplished its purpose. The principal meinbers of tlie cotnpany that appear in it were good from start to tlniíh. Of course Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge 8. Knight ruonopolized the lion'sshitre of applauae. and very justly. Mrs. Knlght'a dancing and singing were done witli charmliijí itliamlon hik] graee. The house was crowded with n audlence that laughed till its des ached." The chorus recital at the Baptist church will occur on Friday evening next, for wliicti the following Is the program: Overture- Aurora Schlepeyrell Chorus- Sallor's Glee Eme i-hom Song-Weary Virginia Oibrlel Ouartette- SUrof Deacendlng Nlglit Kmerson Vlolln Solo-Kleine Fiintaslu ..Htrauss Feroale Cnorus-Ave Maria Mendelsohn Song- Ttie Dsy Is Done Balie Chorus- The 1'eunanl'n Wedding March, Boderman Trio- Oh! UeHtleas Sea C. A. White Cornet Solo- The Palina Fuure (wlth orchentral accompanlment) Chorus- Thou, Wbo Art Falilirul . . . Kmerson At the close of the program a social will be li 1 1 in tlie rooms bulow, atwhlch ice crcain and cake will be served. A cordial invitatlon is extended to all. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. S. Knight are very popular wherever thev go, und the foilowing from the New Orleans Picayune of Sept. 27th, but conürms the universal verdict: "Last night the Acadeniy of Music was filled to oveitlnwing. The attraction waa Mr. and Mr. Geo. 8. Knlgbt and company, in the musical farce comedy "Over tlie Garden Wall." Everybody in the piece works, and does good work. Mrs. Knight was very pleaslng and wore some handsome costumes, so iiiany in fact that she was obliged to change during the progress of an net Mr. Kuight, niiiki's a great charactur part of önitz. "Over the Garden Wall" must be lookrd u Kin as a great succesd." Mr. Joe Martin, formerly willi J. Mueblig, can now be found at the furuiture eRtablishment of Mnrtin Halier wliere be wil 1 be pleased to see all bis many friends.


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