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POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thta powder never varíe. A mirre] of purlt ¦trength and wboU-Komencsg. Mom eeoiiomlcal iliau ilii' orriiniiry kinds, aml can iol -,.M In competid ii wlth ihc malMtnde 01 low t.-i hort it alnm or rb nphate powder. SoU only in tan. Boyal B kims Powdbr Co , lflö vi A F R I G H T FÜlTsK I N"DÏS EASË SnIleriiiKH II end nrarl.v run, ¦iort) nivi'rrd lli Wnrf . unit lij tiio Cu tirara BnutlM Me-srH. S i'F.i t Hi;i n r.u, Mwnw, N. ('. Prnr 9irs.- Abont two monttan au'o "" voor rrcc mnictiililtloil. I hnught a hot I ¦ of (Tihiiia Rkkolyint, one x Cuticora Balts, and mie cak.' nl' Cl) nouiM Soap. for my hou. ticd thlrteen ¦i-ar. who huí been utliicttd wltfa eceemn tor a lotii: mr. and I mii plen-rd to huv thit 1 belïeve ilu' remedies tme cared hint. Ilis MnYeiirjrj wenintense, hls head Ik-thu' nenrly row. his eftru belas gout exrept Ibe grietle, and hfi bod' was covered rkfagorec Hls Condltlon wai frlghtfnl to beh ld. The POfefl have now al! diuapM'ar d. li's kin ir lealthy. ejre Drlght. dieerfal In diipoihtnn, and is worlilng everjr day. M f Deighbon are i to this remvkable euro, and doubt h l' onei nre reqneaied to cali or wrlte ti , or any of my neiirhbore. TM.?. RTIPriBNSON. WiNiKSiKU I1. ü., UMDN l()., N. ('. TlIK PDTTKIt Dnl'i; ANTI ClIKMICAI. Co : Qtntlem,-tQl, Win. s. Sicphennnn of Ihls connly broiiKht h'i on 10 io n tn-dav to ld ns aee him, and to phow ui whvit CctioURa Iíkmi:DiaV haa done ftrbtm. ï-i (he ove rel rmi to in onr letter to vou Bom9 lixn ¦ aan. To lok nt him dow, mld sappoae Ibaf there had nerer hicn miythiii ihe niHttcr with to bn in perfect beaith. WO bav wntttMi and bercwtib Inrloee what his fiilhi" to suy about the nulter, - wrota it juet ae be ilictatud. W'i ure pelliiii: qnítr a quanttly of CWIOURA RuMKniKs and trnr nothti ' bal praUea for th. m. We ri L'iid the Cuticuba Kbvruim the t"--t In the in 11 ki-t. and -hall do all u can to pmm ttc iln-ir pale. Voiirï Tnily, STBVBNH X BRONBR. Dnijobitfl and l'haiin icits. CdticVRA. tbe LTcnt skin cure, and CtmoUBA BoaP, d trom it, extemally, and Cith ika KUOLVBMT. Mie iM-vi blOOd purinVr, inteinally. ar-.; a DOfIÜTQ cu o for every form of skin aud blood dÍHeafeí" fnm to BCrofoJa Soldi'vervwhere. Prfre: Citticcra, SOc. ; Soap, 5c; vr, ft. Prepand hy the PoTTEB Ditro & Csbiiioal 0o.( Boatun, M 3f8end for "llow to 'ure skin DUeaaea," iil p:iL'i-.-, 50 HlaatratlOBS) and lOOtestimonialn. PI !yiP''ES' 'lll"'k-l'"'''". red.roiiijh. chapped and I I IVI jily 8kiü prevuutud by Cuticuua dOAP. Sneezing Catarrh. The dUtrensinsr sneez-', nce.e, snee.f, the acrirt watery dich:irg.i9 frotn the eyes and none, the painTul Ihflamtnatïon cxtendiDi; to the throat, the swelling of the macous linin?, choking Hunsations, cough, rin;inLr DoLsefl in ihe hoad and epütting headachs -how famtltu these aymploras are to thoawndi wti Miirr )eriodical from hcail collie or iullnciizi, aud wlio live in i;norance of But thls treatment In caea of himple Ca'arrh givec bnt a faint dv-i of tbfi reraedj will do ratbecbmnlc tormn, when the hreathinc iw oh-tiuctc-d hy chobing putrid mucou accumiil.iiioii-, the hearinj: (iftVcted, smei) and taite l'oi c, tbroal'ii umi hm'kiri}' '"HiL'h gHKlaullrfMaenlnjE iirtiif apon the debiiltated system. Then ir ip ÜiaMhe mnrvt'lloiiH nirntivt power of SAKTORD'h Kadicai, Cuiïk nnnffets itelf in instan'Huruiiand t;raielul re lef. ('urt; beirinn lr(m thdfiret applic üiini. It iê r.ipld, radical, permanent, cconoinicil. and sHt-. SANDKoKr'x ÜAíirí'Ai, C(TRE coiiíÍBtt of one bottle of ihe Radical t'uMK, oiic box of i'ataiiuiiai, Soi.vknt, iirui one Impkovkh, wrnpju'ii in one parkjiLT1. wlth Ireatle md dlrcctions, and nohJ hy all drUL'tM lor il 00 POTTÜH ÜRUO AND CHKMIOAL UO., BOSTON . PAINS and WËiKVESSES OF FEBALE8 Inlantlv relleved hy the i'iilloura l'iiin Flter, a nr. most airraable, tDBbintaneona and infalliblo paln-kllling platter, especlally adaptcd to relieve remale Paloi und Weaknwaaa. Warranted rwtly superior to all other planters, and the mo!-t perfect Antidote to Paiti.lnilainmation and Veakneaa vet c tmponnded. At all drug'.'ist. iTi ijents ; 5 for $1 01) ; r, DOKtage free, of Potikk IJKUh and CbBMICAL Co., Hmton. Maia. a?üE ANN ASBOR SAVINGS BANK, ANN ARBÜK, MICHIGAN, Transacts General Banking Business. CAPITAL, $60,000. Oreanlzcd nnder the (Jeneral Banking Law ol tbls State, tbe stockholdore are indlvldually liable for an addltional amount eqnal to the stock beid hy them. tberoby creatina a Uuarantee Fund for the benefit of Depositors of $100,000.00. Three per cent. Interest Ib allowed on all Savinge DeponltB of one dollar and upward, according to therulc" of the Bank and IntereKt compoimdcd aeml-ancually. Kouey to Loan on nnincumbercd real estáte and other (?ood securlty. DIKECTOKS: CHKI8TIAN MACK, ffa. D. IIAKHIMAN, ff. W. WINKS, DANIEL HISCOCK, WILLtAM DKDUKL, WILLARÜ B. SMITH. DAVID KIN8EY. OFFÍCKR8: C. MACK, Pres. W. W. WINKS, Vlce-Pre C. iC. BTSCOCK.OiBhler. iuhiuimu iias revolutlonlied the worid IN ÏÏPWTiniy iiirinu ih.' last bBlf ceotary. 1 il ÏÜllllUJÏ Nol liast KinonR tbe wiii(ii-rH "'"'""ol inventivo pi-oirreBS 18 a mfllhod nd lystem t work tlmt can be perforiiird all over the oonntry wltboal iepratIng workiTs frora thelr borne. I'a.v liberal ;any one oando ibe work; Itbertei, voiiiiK (ir uiil ; do - lal abtllty reqaired, i':iiii;.i not aaedad ; vou ar.' itarLed ir ¦¦. Col Mus om and return to ik and wewllleend y on free, HiimPlIiiiiK "f Kreat viilui' and 1 m - portanoe to yon, thatwlll tart yon in builiii'ss wbloh wlll hrlntr yiu In more money rlghtawuy thmi ftnythlng else In tbe world. (mud oulfll frê. Addrei Truo & Uo., Augusta. Malnr. fervWPMííattlieConrier.


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