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At Last

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Wliat Uiough upon a wlntry sea our llfu bark satis, What tliuugh we trerable 'Beath lis cruel ales, lis ley blasl; We Ree a happy pon llefar before; Wc ee iis .shilling waves, iu suuny shore, Wheiv we Sha.ll wander, and forget the troubled past, At lakt. Nu storina approoch lliat qulet shore no 1 1 1 - 1 . i Palla in iissllverstreanis, and valleys brlght, Aod u irih'iis vast; Wlthln iliKt pieHHant liind of perfect peace Our toil-worn feet shall stay, our wauderlnss Ceusr ; There shull we. resting, all forget the past At lust. ' The soirows we have hld In sllent wearlness Aa blnls above a wouiuled. blpedlug breast, Thelr brigln pluines oast, iheK lefs like mourners In a ilark nrray, rlmt haunt our fooisteps here, will flee way, And leave us lo forget the sorrowful past At last. Volees we loved sound from those far-off lando, A tul tlirlll onr hearta; llfe's golden sands Are dropping fust; Soon shall we meet by the rlver ot peace and Hiiy. As the nicht flees hefore tho eyeof ilay So radea fnun our eyes the mournful past At laat.


Ann Arbor Courier
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