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Rheumatism is caused by an acid in tlieblood; therefore, external treatmeut affords no permanent relief. To elimínate the poison mul tuke a thorough cure of tlie disease, notking else is so efficiënt 19 Ayer's Sursaparilln. (íive it n trial. Price f 1. Wortu $5 a bottle. It is better to keep ckildren to their duly by a senseof honor and by kindness than by fear. He content to traTi'l as you are able. The oak springs from the acorn, and does not become a tree at once. The musliroon priugs up in n tiight. But what is a mueliroon ? liemember, there must be time to grow. Tlie woman who "calc'Utes" s Ia9t. - Holmes. It was ever Oihs (Adam lifter jretting ncquainted wlth Eve.) "Will vou go with me to see the animáis? " Kve - " I liave nothinjf to wear." JuKt Marrii-il. How loving they are; thia is alwaya a sure sign. After the lirst vear sometimes it don't liold good. When Cliarles comes home to you grouty and cross, snapping and snarllng, unable to relisli the nicc dinner you liave cooked, and feels ua if there was a ton of pig iron In bis storaach, lie Is troubled with dyspepsin. and Sulphiir Bitters is the only uiedielne that will cure hlm.


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