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'l'liere is still a demand for more wet. York has a yoimg man wlio pieces beil quilts. Henry Haywood, óf Salem, is now a U. S. soldier. Uro. H. Jones has left Dextet for Fort Jone?, California. From everywhere comes the cry for Algerand victory. The Bfanc5ester Enterprise buDgeri aftera circus "ad." The MftDcbatter base l;i]]ils are gettingon tlie turf again. Tlie chtirch at Lapham'a eomrs, Salem, is to be fixed up. Tbe Ilie8 and moequltoes ure fii'din a big Wt back tliis spring. Chelsea folks complaio of rank viola tions of tlie game law up there. Camp Heebee, Sons of Veterans has been mustered in at Stockbridge. O. M. Osborn of Saline, has sold a Milanite a span of horses for $300. A donatlon party to Rev. J. II. Mclntnh Pltplapn i-et i i cil 9t1OO loct -,...l The Milán Presbyterians held services in their newly repaired churcli last Sunday. The dog nuisance is quite geilerully complained of. 'l'oo many worthless curs. On account of scarcity of whent tlio Chelsea milla are not running on full time. Wïll StOokittX of Limi, bad a ow killed receutly by slipping throogh il tr"P door. Miss Cora Hanson, of Mibin, hu froue to Mnnistique, in the l. I'. to teach school. Mrs. Hfirry Btever, tjred 20 yeare, formerly of York, died at Ipswicb, Dakota, April 17. C. P. Sykes took 37 out of 30 swarms of bees through the winter nlright ut Pinckney. Drive wells are bein; sunk rapidly by farmers these days. Xo patent o scnre anyone wlth now. Lima has a lot of new books in her library. Good for Lima. Other towns ouht to do likewlse. I Gen. Alsrer hasiiyen to the poor '¦ Inff tlie year past upwards of f 15,000 Where is his equal f I The South Lyon Picket thinks that ' Congreasman Urevver should be 1 nated and re-elected. Wra. Minzey has returned to Stony Creek to reside, havlng tired of the ] tem part of the state. , Miss Nellie Wolcott, of Milan, died on i the 30th uit., ajred IS years, of diptheria. 1 She was a great favorite. l The Chelsea M. E. churcli auditorium I is beii)(r repaired, and service3 are held ' in the basement for the present. Joel Powers who died at Iiis home at . Whitaker Corners, April 28th, was one ¦! of the eurly ])ioneers of Augusta. Pinckney starts out with a " Holstein , creamery " soon, a "Jersey creauiery ' woukl rtquire less colorín matter. Fred .laefrer, of Dexter, has sold out l his business in Dexter to John Bohnet, and will move on to his farm in Lima. xue Aliian ijeauer cave rama sympioms of a iish story in its la=t, bnt it proved to be a trille too eurly. The iisti dirin't bite. Accordlnj; to the Chelsea Herald " nearlyall the demócrata In town" atiout 200, have unitetl with a democratie club orjtanized tliere. The llrighton Citizen is do more. The publishers will go to Grayliiiff, Mlcb., and establisb a democratie weekly paper. - Pinckney Dispatch. Rev. Win. Georgo, formerly of thls county, has boen itppointed to the Allendale church in the Newark, N. J., conference for the 3d year. Barney Hitchingham, of Whltaker, who drowned himself in a small pond ol water last week, while temporarily insane, leavts a wife and live children. Mr. Tute Watson, who died at Lyndoii on the 25th uit , was a nutive of Enghnd, and came to this country In 1846, and had lived on his farm where died over since. The Milan boys rotten-egged two wonien ot doubtful morality who came over to tliat place trom Dundee the other evening, nccoiiipaniud by a couplr oí men. Vanderbilt and party came here on the Jaekson brancb on Monday nfternoon, stoppcd about 15 minutes, and then went to Hillsdale over the Ypsilanti branch. - Manchester Knterprise. Mrs. Chas. Woodrulï, of Ypsilanti, was hit by a base ball while croHlnu a street recenlly and quite badly luirt. Boys should be careful in theirplny, especially when people are passin-;. The Pinckney Dispatch starts the iirst llsh story of the season with a 18J Ib. pickerel, and a V.í Ib. bass. These will be but min nm h when the Dispatch's turn comes aiound a]fain. According to the Heruld the marshal of Chelsea is made out of the rifrlit kiml of stuff: " üur marshal snys that liereafter no boy will be allowed to curry or use a Miiifisho! in this villagr." It is stated upon good authority that the prettiest woman in Detroit, :in amuteur actress, was a resident of Saline when a girl. Thus doe the Tlllagt on the hills sustain its reputation. - ()bserver. A scientific papar layi that if ¦ piece of charcoal be laid on a luim Ihe pain will subsule immediately. liy Icarlng the charcoal on the wound for ;in liour it will be cured. We don't believe It just the saroe. The Dexter G. A. R. post has been vited tojoin the Ann Arbor post and tho Cheuea post for Decoration Day services but will reinain at home if the people' will contribute a suffident amount to observe the day. Tlie street loafer wlio stares ofTensively at ladies as tliey pass l,y and make spittoons of the street corners, has come out of hls hole and !s dolng btwlnew at the okl stdtid.- South Lyon Picket. Ves, flmi jroo would be MtoDislied to know rlmt in thls connty an official Igaometimes taken from that couteruptible class