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A Few Free Trade Facts

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Here are some statistici for our f ree trade friends who are nlways crying out against the " iniquitous tariff," to ponder over. From 1880 to 1884 the value of farms in Michigan increased in the sum of $81,000,000, and the value of personal farm property $17,000,000, making a total of increase in wecltli to our farmert in tliis state, within the short pcriod of fouryears of $98,000.000! Kight under tlie "blighting" tariff. During tlie same fouryears tlie nuiuber t pi-rsons employed in manufacturinff increased from 77,535 to 128.98G; thelr trage increased from $86,818,683 to$44,304,789, a difference in their favor of $19,000,057 or an increase of 80 per cent; and Ihe imount of capital invested in nmniiiacturinjj increased $44,000,000! Uunder this tariff! That is wliy laboring men f.ivor a tariff, uecause it t'avois them. Then asain tlie the wealth of thls state of Michigan during the fonr years mentloncd iiicreased from $1,800.000,000 to $2,000,000,000, or nearly $1,000,000 a weck ! These are facts, taken from the state department reports of the census of 1884. Wlll some of our free trade friends be kind enough to cxplain how it is possible that racb prosperity can come to a community if tlie laws ander whieli tliateomiiiuiiity live are " iniquitoui," " unjust," " bligiitiUK," etc, as claimed by the democratie party ? The following st:n.ible Item ws clip from the Cbelsea Herald: "Ifyouhave an ax to grind you shouldcheeifully take your turn at the crank of the grindstone. If you are deeply interested in church work don't expect those outside your society to rush to tlie support of your pastor uniese you sometimos mauifest an interest iu thelr various enterprises. On the othcr hand if you happen to be ral her lukewarm in Christianity or even an atheïst, opposed entirely to the churcli, you sliould bear in mind the reciprocity necessary to the exlstence of society and give as freely to the church for which you don't care a cent as you do for base ball or the band to which you may be devoted Every person should give encouragment and money, according to his mean8, to every honorable enterprlse, regardless of whether or not it happens to snit his individual tastes naturally and properly giving most to wbat is best liked but never withholdiug becuuse you have no Interest In it."


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