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frites Tunlig d Goods SelIlBg lult'kl) al SCHAIKER'S Bargains f'roiii tlie Bankriipl sio U of Koot, Slrong Sí Vo., Detroit. Wc Invite speClal attention to lilis sale. R.EAD THESE PRICE8 5,000 yards Ooo4 Print at 3 l-3e per yard. 3,000 yard Cholee Dress Prints at 5c per yard. 2,OOO yard Drens Sateens al per yard. 25 pleces . .iii.l Shirtings at S per yard. 30 piet-et .o. I ISi-il 'I i-Uiii al 10e, 12 l-2eand 13o. IOO plecett Clioiee Dresx ood at 12 l-2e per yard. O pleces Xcw Spring Irc! (ioodN at 10c. 35 piecen Wlde (oiylith Xew Bres ood at Mc per yard. 20 pleces 52 Inch I.adics Elotlis at 5Oc per yard. 10 pieces all Wool Black Bivm (ood at 3O, 40 and 50c per yard. 5 piece Wide Black C'asliincrcK at 50c per yard. 10 pieces 1 indi Black Ileiirlctta at 75c, ti and 1.25. Blg Wrive i ii 52 indi Silk and Wool Dren Goods at 00c per yard, were 1 (Sccwlndow). lOOpleccsClioicc Kew Drcss Luwn at 5c per yard. 25 dozen Ladics Black and Colored IJsle .i at 15c and 25c per pair. 300 pairs leadles Berlín Oloves at 10c a pair. 20 dwz. pure Silk ;iovesat 35c a pair. Big Bargaln in Ladics Silk Mltts at lee a pair. 25 do.. 75c Oorsets now cut to 50c. Big Kargain in our i Kid OlOTea loi 79c a palr. 200 t.üiiii Bustles at 15c caen. 10 pieces uriaiii Scriin at ¦ per yard. 5 pieces Laec Stripe ( iiriaiii Scrim at Sc per yard. We show the Best Valué In fiirtaln Laces at 15, 20 und 25c per yard. yarn. loo pairs Lace Curial ni at #1, tl.M and SI.50 a pair. 10, do, largo Wliilc iprons at 25e eaeli. 50 doz. Fancy Border Ilandkercliicftat 3 lor lOc. 15 dozen Liidles Jerse}' Vest at 25e each. 200 largo Silk Parasol at 1 and $1.25. I.;mIh M ul in Drnwerg at 25, 3 and a pair. ïlu.liii 4 IiciiiImon at 25, 39 and 50 eaeli. l.alís Nilii Dresseg at 25, 3!, 50 and 75e. C'liildren Wlilte and ('olored li--.t- at 300 Boys Shirt Walst at 25 and 50e. Big Bargains In Blaek HHu at 50, 75e and $1. Tlirce Iiík drive tn Jcrweys at 75c, s-j and $1 25. We liov tlic Imi BaraiiiN in lloiery at lOc, 15e and 25e. Yon ean ave Moiiey Trading at D. F. SCHAIRER'S. We are alivay tlie elieapetl.


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