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In t lic May number of Scribnor's Monthly i= tlie wcoad of a series of artilles tivaling ot the tivc. j;re:it 8tates of Oliio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsiii uniler litml " 'J Ik; Center of the Rupablio." 1 1 1 i x mirle is devoled to the educatiunn] and litcrarv ppculiaritios uikI ailvaiitiis of these States, and from it tbc idlln inir extract) relerring especially lo our nwn PtuitDMllur Sl-ite, are taken : " Anionj the French in Michigan the Catholics haii ninmt.iined parochial schools trom w very early period. In 1S04 Father Richard, a zealons missionary and afterwards Territorial Delégate to Congress, establisheil at Detroit a 9chol fi r girls, and also n l.itin Kkool for joang men. Four years later tliere were 8ix schools in Michiiran under liis dlrectli n and patronage, scliools indu.strial training was made an important feature; for the girls were instructed in Mwlng, knlttingi spinning and weavlog - :i knowledge of such thinis beiiiff regfsrded as of more value tlian meie book learniiif;. Father Richard thouht thxt lita svlioola ought to reoelre public a8Sistance, aml he applied to the Letrislature for the grant of a lottery (huicblse; bnt tlioujili tiie evils of lotteries were not so wel] iindcr.-tooil then as now, hu applieatlon fulled of effect, and hls schools oontlnned feble and of low grade." '#'.'?_## " In Michigan, as early as 1810 - twenty years before the adniission olthat State into the Union- the plan of a ;ríMt Uulvéralty was formuUted. This plan was the nsult of the joint lubors of Father Richards, the Oathollc priest al ready mentioned, and the Kev. John Montieth, a zealous bnt liberal l'resbyterian clcrfryman. It resulted in the adoption by the Territorial Legislature of ' An act to establish the Catholepisteniaid or University of Michigan.' This act was revised in 1821, and Che name of the nstitution was chiinged to the University of Michigan. The State Universities are. as l rule, liberally patronized and supported, and take rank amonj; UlH best educational institutiona in America. For example, the Uuiversity of Michigan has at the present time an enrollnieni of more 1,500 student, and offers advantafjes for study and instruction scarcely equalled, nml eertilaly not excelled by any of the older nniversities of the Eastern States.'' "The high school at Ann Arbor, annually for the ten years preceediiiL 1SS4, graduated an average number of papila, with full preparatlon to enter upon a regular university ooane, reater, it is believed, than is titted for college in any other public school in the country." Workingtnen who want durability, comfort and cheapnes ouht to come io A. L. Noble's and sec nis pantaloons.


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