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The regular tena of the Circuit Court oH-ned last reek Tuesday; with Judge K uuc piesuliiij;. 'i'iie followlng oases have been dlspomd ut ii to tliis i. n.: People vs. .1. (J. and .Jacob I'aul, charged wüli keeplng aalooD open oo Sunday aentenoed to pay a Une ol ?& and costs wlnch wei pald. John U. Wllsnn vb. Loster Nlckerson. Itepleviu. Judütneut for döfendani without comLh to oiLher Jturty, Morrell Goodrich ve. (1'o.i.amb, Judmnent tor pluiuiltl' #13.00. ilniiiiuli K. WUber VS. Cima. (1. Kaerclier. Ciouiiiued. Louis c. Alliüi vs. Wlllle P. Ijirapkln aud BeuJ. W. Ijiiiiijikln. Coulinuc.l. AndrewJ. Welob v. Artlmr J. VanHIckleA Bobemlao at noto cuüb. Verdict, no mus, . "Unce agaln the Jury says that no Bohemlan oat noteHhall be pald la this circuit" ju dny Kranlud to move for a new trial, and prepare bilí of exceptlons. Joaepb kiki' mili and frederlok Uauss admi n -d tocltlzeushlp. Julin Ulnook vs. Probate Court, contloued. Si iiion simons vs. The Yp-Ulantl Papur Co. Continuad. Bernard Parker vs. Ira Ulover. A caae growinic out of a Bohoinlau oat note. Jury dlsagi't-fd . ciias. Uowell n. John Saddyetal. Conti n ue;l. Josi:ili K. Sanders vs. Martin Hreinl,,g. Appeal. Olscoutinued without oost. Ella Burleliih vs. Stephen A . Dt-Nlke. Attaehineut. Judgincul lor pluintill Jlil.;.i8, witli cusís to üe tazed. Ueo Perry vs Jaoob Kmerick. Judgment for the plalntill" for tlie unouiit uixiu uote. Tba Corawell Uanataoturlog Co. vs. John .M. sulft et ui. A water power controversy. Uu trial. The People vs. Jacob Weidlich. Assault wilh liiti'iit lo munler. Verdict orjury " nol BUilly." "Unce agaln the Jury 8uyn tlmt our proecoutlng attorney cauoot win a case." The swallows have come, and as swallowi liever imike a mislukt', wurm weather uiay be considerad a sure Iblng. It is feaietl Mint the prevuleuce of' scarlet lever and measeis at Ypsilantl will caute tiic premature elosing of their tcboolt, Inclading die Normal. Best! in the gallery tor the mock convention have heen placed on sale to-day, one-half at Waür'i :ind Olie-half at Calkin's on State M. Tlie atl.iir will be one well wortli iittemliiifi, as .the boys have been inaklng Htnple prepafutlons and will bave ii big time. The city olHcers elected at Ypsilautl last April did not take their positions until May lt, whlch Is quite rifíht. In electlng city officera the oouncll has Struck a deadlock upon city clerk and city marshal. Frank Jbilyn has been city clerk tbere lur many yeart, and a good one, too. The catalogue of the AmiAibor liijrh scliool, wblcb bas just been Issued trom the Codbibb prestes, contalai the nameï of 686 itudenta atrendant apon the variou8 courses. It also contains what will be veiy lutereattitX to many of the foruier rtudentr, ¦ completo lit of the gradiwtM tiuce 1800. We have received from the Detroit Muslc Co. an iustiuineiital piece entitled "Oen. Aljror's ni.ircli," havin on the titlc pir'c an excellent portrait of the General. It II arranged lor the piano or tor tlie use of bands, eithcr one, and will become popular as the heio marches on to the white house. Oie of the events of the week was the marringe last creaina of Capt. Slflney Illllard of Co. A, to Aüsh Supina Wal., daujiliter of Lndwig W.ilz, of tlie JJ wanl. Tlie ceremony took place at the resldence of the briile's parents, Rev. 11. 1''. BelMT ofSolatlaff. CapL Millard has niiny friends in tlie ciiy v!io will wish liim an ) bit bride a long, happy and u-rhi! lile. I. M. Loog A Co., loctited in the poitofflne block, dotas portrait work in India Ink and Frenob crayon, pastei and water colois, now have tlieir reeeption room in icMilines, and cordially invite visitom. Mr. LoÓg hiill-ielf Ims had seven yexrs of experience in potrait work. 11e bus witli him A. H. Thomas wbo sppnt eigbt years In tlie studio of bis father, A. P. Thomas, of Syracuse, New York, one of tlie most prominent artists of the eaut; be abo spent two yean nnder O. H. Crousthton, a noted ¦ii Hst of London, Eng. Mr. Thomas bas worked in several of the eastern studio-', and mucb of bis work is in the homes of prominent families of New York city. The firm does exelusively portrait work. Their prlcei are from lifteon to twentyfive per cent lower tliau those of other tlrms that do work whicb in any way comparea ulth thelrs in quality. The work ltself provea lö supeftorlty.


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