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ON tl; lst a bill was Introduced in tlie Sennte Ippropriatinit lioci.000 for the prevention aad rxlirjiutlon of yellow rover In tUe United Btates. The Direct Tax blll was referred io the Fmance Committee. Senator inRalls (Kan.) spoke in reply tü the recent speech ot Si nutor Voorhees (ind.i, and bitterly assalled the lattcr's war record ...In the House debate on the Mills Tanff bill oocupled the esslon. Bii.i.i were passed in the Sctiate on the 2d for public buildings at Fort Dodge, Ia., Sterling, 111., and Duluth. Mlnn.. and 103 pension bilis, 4i being House bilis. The Railroad Land Grant Forfeiture bill and the bill tor the establishment of a bureuu of nimal industry were discussed In tho House the discussion on theTariff bill wus pnrtlclpated in by Mr. Wilson (Minn.i, Mr. I.anham (Tex.) and Mr. Caruth iKy , in favor of the bill, and by Mr. Allen (Mau.) anü Mr. Mc-( 'ornas (Md.) In opposltion. IN the Senate bilis were placed on the clendar on the :id to retire certaln disabled fllcers of the army; for promotion of army offleera aftertwenty y.ars' continuous service in one grade, a:id to restore to the public doraain part of the Utah Volley Indian Keservation in l'lah. A bill was unroduccd to eiecute the gtipulatlons of the new ( hinee treaty. The Railroad Land-QlSBi Torfeiture blll and the bill for the establishment of a bureau of animal lndustry were turther considereii Adjourned to the Tth ... In the House Mr. Watson (W. Va.) anl Mr. Mi lvnney (N. H.) spoke in favor of the TarifT bill and Mr. D.ngley (Me.) against it. Tuk Senuto was not in session on the4th... In the House tlie ilehato on the ff blll was resumed. Mr. (uenther (VI.lspoakiug against the measure, and Messrs. McDonald i Minn.i and Wheeler lAla.) in its favor. At the evonlng session twentyseven pension bilis were passed. __ DOMESTICTue public-debt statement on tho lst showed the total debt to bc $1,71)6, 8,376; caBh in trecwurjr, $110.244,06!); debt lrss cash in treasury, 11,181,653,855. Decrease durlng April, 9,986,800. Decrease since June:i, 1887, 107,7116,881. Neak AUiánce, ü., IVter Whitefeather, a ivtiivit farmer, aged sixty five .vi'ars, was killed by a horse's kick on the lst. Ltwn W. Mi lii.irn.iN-, a tieavy San Francisco rain dealer, failed on the lst for $100,000, with the Bank of Nevada as his largest creditor. Of 586 applicants for liquor licenses at Philadelphia on the lst :.l were refusod licensis A PETiTioN to Governor Oglesby for tho pardon of Anarchists Fielden, Schwab and Neebe was in circulution In Chicago on the lst. Dcrixo the forty-eight hours ended at noon on the lst nearly ten thousand iramigrants were landed at Castle Garden, New York. The general conference of the Methodist Episcopal church began in New iork on the lst, Bishop Bowman presiding. Jim Hahiiis (colored), who assaulted Mr9. Simmons at Vicksburg, Miss., was lynched on the lst. Is Pittsburgh, Pa., 502 out of 737 saloons closed tip on tlie lst, when the Brooks Liquor law went into effect. William G. DuTTENnoFER, tax-collector of Columbia borough, Pa., was on tho lst adjudged a defaulter in the sum of $6,000. At Jackson, Miss., on the lst General Wir t Adams, the postmaster, and John Martin, editor of the Kew IfiMfesipptaM, fought a duel in the street, both being killed. Twextt houses were burned on the lst at Trenton, K.v. The great strike of the engineers ana firemen of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy railroad system. which was iuaugurated February 'Jii, was on the lst said to havo been offlcially decían ,1 ïhb surface buildings of the Eclipse mine at Little Cottonwood, U. 'f., wero burncd on the 'Jd. Loss, $100,000. The total log-cut of tho Duluth (Minn.) district during the past season was i!7ü,000,000 feet. A FlUE on the 2d destroyed Conrad Ziegler's slauchter-house and flfty head of cattle at Alleghcny City, Pa. The address of tho Methodist Bishops, read at the general conference in New York on the 3d, sliowcd that in four years 450,000 souls had been brouglit into the church and the membership inoreased from 1,769,5:!4 to 2,093,985. The Bishops are opposed to high license aud in favor of total prohibition of the liquor trame. General Bi:i:m, a prominent Chicago lawyer, committd suicide by shooting himself on the 'M at Stanton, Neb., where ho was visiting. Family troubles wero the cause. At Helena, 31. T., on tho 3d John T. Rand killed liis wlfe and child and himself. Two i im.Di'.KN of Farmer Henry Kincho, near Cantón, O., were burned to death on the 2d. Geohhe Martix, a miner, who shot and killed Deputy Marshal Kelly at Warrior, Ala., was lynched by a mob on the 2d. BlZ consecutivo days of i-ain were reported on the 2d from Mason City and other Iowa points. The little hamlet of Mclntyre, Pa., was wiped out by lire on the 3d. It was reported on the 2d that a mail pouch on the Northern Central road had been robbed near Baltimore of $10,000 in registered letters. A storm of wind on the 3d demolished a twostory store building at Lacoma, Ia., burying in the debris and killing farmer Leonard Wilson. Several houses were unroofed. Allax O. Meters was convicted on the Sd at Columbus, O., of contempt of court in publishing objectionable articles during the tally-sheet forgery cases, and was lined $200 and sentenced to three months' imprisonment. Theodore F. Dwioht, Librarían of the State Department at Washington, tendered his resignatiou on the 3d, and it was accepted. TnE first convention of the National Pure Food Association was held in New York on the 3d. The strike of the Edgar Thomson steel works at Braddock, Pa., was declared off by the Knights of Labor on the 3d, the men resuming work at the old rates. General John M. Scofiei.d was on the 8d elected Commander of the New York State Commandry of the Loyal Legión. The Second National Bank at Xenia, O., closed its doors on the 3d, owing to the failure of Hoovor & Allison, merchants. The Chamber of Commerce of New York on the 3d held its one hundred and twentieth annual meeting. A fire on the 3d in the yards of the Chippewa Lumber Company at Chippewa Lake, Mich., destroyed ten million feet of lumber. Loss, $120,000; insurance, $100,000. At Columbus, O., on the lid George Terwilliger and Georgè Whittaker were instantly killed and Simeón Coleman fatally hurt by the falling of the wall of a new brick building' The Iowa State Pharmaceutical Aseociation in session on the Hd at Des Moines resolved that as soou as the present permits expire the memben would refuse to sell liquor for any purpose. The city of Winona, Minn., was partly under water on the 3d, owing to a rise ia the riviT. The residente of the Pond Lily uddttion WON wdl out to ) and reawhed their housea by boat. Sevekal building in the town of Berrlng, Mu., were bluwn down na storm on the 4th, and Jumes Myers was killed. The market building at San Diego, Cal., was burnod on the 4th. Loss, l2r.,0UO. A n.EET of stoam-vessels loaded with gruin for Huffalo made the firet passaga through HacUnac ttraits on the 4th. Fike on Uu 4th at Milton, O., damaged the town hall, Presbyterian church and roany business huuses. Loss, $1'20,000. A iieavv tornado and hail storm pagged north of Texarkana, Ark, on the 4th, unrooilng houses, uprooting tree, kllling Btock and greatly damaging the crops. A cïildnk struik Pekin, 111., on the 4th, unrooflng buildings, uprooting trees and blowing down chlmneys and fences in its path. No perton was killed. A. mts destaoyed a bara on the farm of Widow Kroeze, near Arliugton,Keb., on the 4tli, and the estire l'amily, consisting of four ailults and three ihihiren. perished in the fiamos, probably in the attempt to rescuethecattle from the burning building. Twenty-flve houd of stock also perished. A ( ïi'i.onk swept over Camden, Ark., on 4th, destroying several houses and leveling trees. At Blake and other neighboring places dan&ge was also done. No liyes were lost. Di'kixii the soven diiys ended on the 4th there were 150 business fuüures in the United States, against 193 the previous seven da.vs. The total of faltares in the United States from January 1 to date is 3,8!fc!, against 8,988 In 1887. I)i niN( the month of April the total flro loss in the United States was 11,330,350, against $11, 7")0,000 for the same month last year. THotBi.K was brcwing on tho 4th in Lowndes County, Ala., between the whites and negroos, and tho Governor had ordered out troops to preserve the peaoe. At Boston on the 4th Luther W. Holman, a real estáte dealer, was arrested for entering into a conspiracy to procure the morder of his sister for the purpose of securing her property. SivKN THOUSASD immigrants arrived at Cautie Garden, New York. on the 4th. The record for the year up to date is 131,776, an increasc of 11,286 over the same period last year. An east-bound freight train on the Pennsylvanin railroad was partly destroyed by flre on the 4th at Wayne Station, Pa., causingalossof 100,000. Hatwood IViuii and lus wife were fatally injured on the 4th in the streets of Wilson, N. C, by the explosión of a dynamite cartridgo. One tiioisaxd men employed in the Iron minos near Duluth, Mimi., struck on the 4th for higlier wuges. m By a collision on the 4th on the Jacksonville & Southern railroad near Sorento, Mo., two men were killed and several wounded. Two litti.e girls aged about seven years, daughters of John Blake and Taut Clayton, were fatally burned on the 4th near Shawneetown, 111. They were pouring coal oil on the flre, when the eau exploded. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. Nkak iShelb.vvillo, 111., Mrs. Margaret Dutton, aged lfti, and for fifty years a resident of Illinois, died on the lst after only a few days' illness. She was an invetérate sinoker until her lOOth birthday, when she stop)cd for fear of in j uring her health. Mus. Pjiei.ena Johnson, of Aurora, l]}., celebrated her l(Wd birthday anniversary on the lst. She was in possession of her full faeulties. At the California Republican eonvention in Sacramento on the lst delegates wore chosen to the National convention and a resolution was passed expressing regret for the refusal of James ( . Blaine to be a candidato and roitcrating confidence in his integrity and abilit.v. New Hamtsiiihe Demoiratg convened at Concord on the lst and elected delegates to the St. Louis convention. The resolutions adopted indorse the Administraron of President Cleveland, and recommend liim for lenomination. The Democrats of Wisconsin met in Madjson on tho lst and chose delegates to the National convention who indorso President Cleveland. TnE Republicans made tho following ronominations for Congress in Kansas on the lst. Fifth district, J. R. Anderson; Seventh. E. R. Peters. TnE South Carolina Republicans met at Columbia on the lst and elected delegates to the Chicago convention. The platform denounces the disenfranchisement of the K.mtliwM Repubücau vote, and invokes the Government to relieve the people from unjust election Iaw9. Illinois Republicans met in State con vention on the 2d at Springfleld and nominated the followiug ticket: For Governor, Joseph W. Fifer; Lieutenant-Governor, L. B. Ray; Socretary of State, I. N. Pearson; Auditor, General Charles PaTey; Treasurer, Charles Becker; Attorney -General, George Hunt. The delegates selected toattend the National convention were instructed for Walter Q. Gresham for Presidenl. The platform reafnrms the principies laid down in the National platform oí 1684; says the Democratie party has become merely an orgauization of official spoils, and has uublushingly violated its reformatory promises and is not entitled to the contidonce of the people; and demanda protection for American industries. The Penns.ylvania Prohibitionists met at Harrisburg on the 2d and elected delegates to the National convention at Indianapolis. The platform pledges the party to the policy of total prohibition by constitutionul amendment; opposes all forms of license; favors the election of Presideat, Vice-President and United States Senatore by direct vote of the people; demands fullprotection to American industries, and declares íor woman suffrage. The Democratie State con Tention of Iowa was held at Dubuque on the 2d, and delegates were chosen to the National convention who favor the renomination ef President Cleveland. The platform indorses the President's tariff message, favors CiyllService reform only as applied to minor offices, and reamrms the oppositlon of the party to all forms of prohibitory liquor legislation. Tu e Democratie State convention of Nebraska was held at Omaha on the 3d, and delegates were chosen to St. Louis who favor Cleveland'9 renomination. I n in Republicans met on the 2d at Boise City and elected delegates to the National convention who were uninstructed. The Democrats of Connecticut met in Hartford on the 'id and chose delegates to the National convention. TnE second annual convention of Anti Saloon Republicans was called to order at Cooper Institute in New York on the2d with delegates from all the States in attendance. In the opening address of tb chairman it was stated that seventy-flve per cent. of Republicans were opposed to saloons, fifteen per cent. cared more for political success than for the saloon question, while ten per cent. favored saloons. A State organization of Republican clubs was effected at Des Moineg, Ia., on the 2d, with Becretary of State Jackson as presi dent. A platform indorsing Senaton Allison for President adopted. I TnK Union Labor party of Xrbrnska mei at Lincoln on Uu 'M aml elected delegates tatbc Niitioniü conventiou ut ( 'inciimatl. The Republtoans of the Sixtu Kansas Congressional district on the 'M renorainated Congressman Turner, and the Prohibitionists of tho Fourteenth New York district nominated Rev. V. W. Benedict. The Kontnck.v Republicana met ut Louisville on the 2d and chose deiegates to the Chicago convention. TnE Indiana Republicans met in State convention at Indianapoli on the 3d and eelected Albert G. Porter, R. W. Thompson, Clem Ktudebaker and J. N Huston as delegates-at-large to the National convention. Resolutions wore adopted indifrslng General Benjamin Harrison as a Presldential candidate, and sending " greeting to Senator Ingalls. of Kansas, for his scathing exposé of tho treasonuble record of Daniel W. Voorhees, a man who at theoutbreakof the rebelliun was in close accord and cor respóndeme with the Southern conpir tor, and who ditoottrtged enllstments in ths Union nrin.y by loading the volunteer Union soldier with opprobious epithels." RnoDE Republicans met in Providenoe on the 3d and elocted delégate to the Chicago couvention. No instructions. The platform declares for liberal pensions, a free ballot and faif count and protection. The Union Labor party of West Virginia met at Charleston on the 3d and nomluated a íull State ticket, with S. H. Pierson for Governor. COXORRSSMAX Wll.ï.lAM S. HOI.MAX, Of thfi Fourth Indiana district, was renominated by acdamatiou by the Democrats on the 3d. At the session of the Anti-Saloon Repubhcan National conference in New York on the 3d a platform was adopted which denounces the saloon, declaring tnat as a public eneiny it ought to be abolishod, that it i doomed and must go, and asks the Republican Matianal convention to insort a plank in the party platform that shall be clearly hostile tothe saloon. The New Jersey Democratie convention at Trenton on the lid elected delégate instructed to support the reuomination ol President Cleveland. The Republicana of the Third North Carolina district on the 3d nominated O. B. Robinson, of Goldsboro, for Congress. The Republicans of the Second Kansas district on the Sd renominated Congressmau Kiinst.on by aculumation. Thomas B. Reki was renominated for Congress on the Sd by the Republicans of the First District of Maine. CnARi.Es Ltmax, for twentyseven years at the head of the doad-letter office of the Post-ofnce Pepartment, died at his residence in Washington on the 4th in the eightieth year of his age. Tuk Progressive Labor party, formed in opposition to the Henry George party, was declared dissolved by its general oommittee in New York on the 4th. Mr. PownERr.T in a letter on the 4th stated that he was not a candidate for any political ofticc, and advised the Knights of Labor against going into politics as a party organization. FOREIGN. Bürolaus broke into a jewelry store in Munich, Germany, on the 8üth uit. and carried away goods valued at f 125,000. The authoritie9 of Melbourne, Australia, on the lst refused to allow 268 Chinese immigrants to land there, declining to recognize their naturalization papers. HroiiEs Bros., wholesale dry goods dealers at Toronto, ünt., falled on the 3d for $370,000. At Quebec tho jury in the case of th Salvation Army, indicted as a public nuisance, found a verdict of guilty on the 8d. Editor Wii.i.iam O'Bkiex, on trial at Loughrea, Ireland, for violating the Crimes act, was convicted on the 8d and sentenced to three months' iinprisonment. As explosión of gas on the 4th in a tunnel nearMesslna. Italy, killed six workmen, and a large number were injured. Owixo to the great rush of inimigration into Canada the regular weekly steamship service was on the 4th supplcmouted by au additional service. A DisPATcn of the 4th f rom Buenos Ayres ays tlie reports of the suspension of banking houses in that city are without foundation. LATER NEWS. A (ah load of dynamite and one of giant powder blew up at Locust Gap, Pa., on the 6th, causing the loss of 9even lives, the wouniiinii of twenty-flve iersons, the demolition of twi-nty houses and the shatteriug of glass for miles around. A fikk on the "th destroyed the business portion of iiii'triMvilli' (:.t The record of the baseball clubs in the National League for the week ended on the 5th was as follows: Boston (games won), 11; Chicago, 11; New York, 8; Detroit, 7; Pittsburgh, 5: Thiladelphia, ;"; Washington, 2; Indiaiii'poliH. 3, At Paris, 111., on the 5th Prof. J. W. Sisk ascended one mile in a balloon and thon dropped to the eurth by the aid of a parachute, landing in safet.v. Advices of the 5th from India say that Delhi and Moradahao had been visited by disastrous hail-storms, about one hundred and flfty persons having been killed. At Racebati, in Bengal, tweuty persons were killed, two hundred severely injured and two thousand houses were destroyed by hail-stones. In a boat race on the !"th at Sidney, N. S. W., for the world's championship, Peter Kemp, of Australia, defeated Edward Hanlan, of Canada, by five lengths. The exchanges at twenty-six leading clearing-houses in the United States during the week ended on the 5th aggregated Í1,1O6,SÍ8,:S9O, against 9tt,S80,.Itó the previous week. As compared with the corresponding week of 1S87 the decrease amounted to 1.4 per cent. MKR. AlMEF. Kl.SF.NBAKTH, OÍ St. LUÍS, feil dead in her residence on the 6th, and her sister, who lived near, upon being summoned, went to the room where the dead, woman lay and feil dead beside her. A' express package containing 141,000 in currency, shipped by the American Exchange Bank of New York on the 5th to the Treasury in Washington, was found on reaching its destination to contain only brown paper. A gano of counterfeiters were arrested on the 5th at Lloydville, Pa., and among them was John Myers, recently appointed postmaster at that place. Thomas Egglestos, aged one hundred and eleven yeara ten months and twenty day8, died at his home near Grifflthsville, W. Va., on the üth. He was supposed to havo been the oldest white man in thia country. Ccstom officer at Montreal on tho 5th made a seizure of about $750,000 worth of Chinese goods for undorvaluation. A diseahe similar in type to cholera had becomo epidemie in Madrid on the 5th. It wa said to have been caused b.r extreme heat and the drinking of impuro milk. At St. Helena, Cal., on tho 5th John Wright, in jail on the charge of killing Budd Vann, was taken out and lynched by a mob of citizens. TiiKiiK was no session of the United Btatos Scnate on she 5th. In the House the time was oocupied in discussing the Tariff Wil


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