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A useful and hnr.k jut lsai"(l bears llie titlp of " Children's Sclio l gong,1 hihI N 11 collrctlnn of I be Ik'-i songs that ennM be gathered f rom II SOIirCC I lid olt't'IC'l ill tlll' Mt-('!lt cilllvenient fhipc It is intemlwl for the prinmrv tí i mies, ti mi will be h Jclíglit to llttle cliildren n t Ulier Wlionl or lmme. Much Core ha bCAO taken in the pre [ju ntion of i lic hook. co th;it il tendí to elTHte the tn.-te of ynnnjr sinjicr-, not only In musi', but ali-o in tho words or jerse-, and in tlie topics ciioíen to be Illuftruted iu soiijis. There are tliree diviaions in ibebook, viz: tlie First pnit, r f imple iiistrni'tiiins; tlie Secoml part, or ruelodiou excrcises and somj:; and the 'I'hird part, a splendid colleclion of ol.ildren's yiins, of a cliaractt-r tliat makes the book a lionie pleaaurr ; fof the pretty songs bnv beer will ehown from ibe best that foreign ini'l Anicricai iiuthois have pMidoced. The book contnin nem'ly l'r0 sonjr, Is of oonvenicnt size iind simpe, nlcely bound in board covers, and --!¦! l :;."p ils per cupy liy mail. A liberal dis cuunt to schoiil-'. Send for a discriptivc of tliis and otlier books published hv O. Ditson Al Co., Boston, Masa.


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