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He Would Like Bob Lincoln

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A writer n the New York Tribune give the following as the answer he received from i colored m:in In Florida on the Piesiclential nomination: " Well, we dem down here would llke ole Mars Llnkun's son foh to be President. Ebery black rnan in de Souf would stan' by de Kepubücan principie loh hiin. Üle Mars Oeneral Grant's son would be mlghty popular. Weden would all vote for Mars Linkun's or Grant's son. Dar wouldn't be no black man In de whole Souf would dar vote agln younjj Mar Llnkun. We doan' know niuch about Shernian, or Slieridan, or any ob dem fellows wat yoh name. Hlaineam knowu a liule. Bnt we know Linkun and we know Grant. Dese Southern people am just as bittah ngin yoh Northern people as dey eber wuz, ony dey doan' let on. Dey want yoh to come down heah an' spend yoli money so dey can lib on It. Data de why dey am so polite an' easy. But dey hate yoh just as much as eber. Dey would stick de knife in yer back if dey could. Florida am no good 'cept foh de Norf. Why, dey even git dere poak an' dere buttah from de Norf. De razer-back am no good foh poak 'cept foh poah people wat hab to lib on it. Yoh gt on de porch wid some o' dese heah Southern peopls in de ebening when dey donn' know yoh am a northern man and jea' let 'em talk, an' t makes yoli hair rise on end. Den in de mawnin' dey meet yoh wid a sinlle au' want to tote yoh 'bout de city an' se 11 yoh a town lot an' ara all sweetness. Doan yoh be'iob it. Dey am jes' as sour as eber. Dey got Mars Clebeland to come down heah an' make us t'ink he was migtuy Rood mo foh d Souf, Dey itaowed us Missy Clebelund an' say to us, ain't she sweet. Dey can't fooi us dat way. In de ole days de wiminen on de plantation wuz mighty sweet, but de men men wuzdebils unliuug. Iey had hoofs an' horna, foh suali. If we kin hab Mars Liokun's son foh Preáident e will makt ebery vote count.


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