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The Brighton Citizen comes to ua with ie names of Pattlaon & Savory flyinjr t lts masthead, and a much tmproved aeet in every way. "Soft drinks" is wliat they teim it now-days over in Lenawee and tip in Livngston. I5y the way, what do they have o drink over in Jackson now? Dan V oorhees has taken tlie contract o prove tuut Senator liifrull was, dnrït: the war, like himself atraitorand opperhead. Pretty big contract Dannie. If Gov. Swineford and his Alaskan teritory are responaible for these northwest rinda and ice-laden zephyrg et's bounce lie governor and Bell the territory. Yhut do you say ? The gnmbler and saloonist Jerry Falvey, of Detroit, carne out abead in the emocratic convention at Grand Kapids, and elected hls men as delégales to Mr. Jleveland'a convention at St. Louis. The unión labor party held a wcll atended state convention at Lanaing last veek and eltcted a complete set of deleTiilisto attcned the national convention ot' he party to bc held at C'incinnati soon. Gov. Hill, ot New York, bas again )laced himself In an unenviable poaition )y vetoing the hisrh license bill paased by the legidature. The republicans are willing to go to the people on that record. Tbia is the way the Bancroft Advertiser mts t: The local optlnn days have come. Beer sIkiib are yaoked asunder, But eider hard ha left the hum Une chance to go to thunder. Tlio northern heart Is toocold tobe 'flred" iy sui'h gtny-at-home flghters as IngatlH. If flred" at all, It must be done by ome one who battles willi somethlne bealdes hls ManlsiiM' Demoorat. Yes. Take a man like Voorhees, for instance. There will be a large number of coloree men from the northern states in the Chicago convention, but no state will send there a more capable one than does Michigan in the person ot Win. Q. Atwood, of East Saginaw. The Albany (N. Y.) Express says: "I a atrong, clean man, who is sound on al vital principies of the party. U what is needed to carry the State of New York the Ohicago convention will not need to look farther than Gen'I Alger." The Fenton Independent has a new head. It is curiously and singularly con structed. It is decidedly modern in ar cliitecture, being unlike anything In th peninsular state In that line. It is qult a striking head however, and we admir it. The democratie students have a larg Cleveland club and the Prohibitionist al.-o have a large organizaron atnong th students. 80 aa far as political parties g donors are about even, except that th republican club appears to have the mos enthusiastic and live membership. A democrat, maquerading under th name of " A Hepublicu,1' writea to th Detroit Free Prees scolding about Gen Alger's candidacy. Had the writer bee a republican he woutd have found som other source of publiclv expressing lii sentimeuts than in the Free Press. The Hillsdale Leader lma got the righ end of the argument, aure: "The Ta Sycamore of the Wabash, has apolo pized tor his indecency In the U. S Senate the other day. Now let bil apologlze to the loyal people of the coun try for his diity copperheadisin und dis loyalty during the war." There is one thinsr the republican m tlonal coiivention at Chicago will do we to adopt in its platform, and that is strong plank in opposition to the crusli ing monopolies known as " trusts." A the advocate of the best interests of tli people, ttie repabllOAD pirty can no allbrd to overlook this subject. Perhaps Capt. (ieo. W. McBride. o Grand Haven, inight be induced to uv a chapter from the life of that muc abnsed(y) " loylist" Dan Voorhees. It i uiulerstood tliut he cotnmanded a con pany tbat helped save Yoorheea from th righteous wrath of indignant people once, al a fair down in Indiana. The Repubücan National Convention will be composed of 822 delégate?, as fo lows: DelegUe-at-large - ... ir District delegates 650 Territorial delegates 1! DUtrict ofColumbla delegates I ! will requlrc 415 votes to uoiiiinat the candidate. Tlils being leap year a woman is lirs in the lii-M for the presidential nomina tion. At the national convention of th Equal Kifjhts party, held at Des Moines Iowa, yesterday, Belva Lockwood wa nominated for president, and Alfred E Love, of Philadelphia, for vice-presldent Does Belva love Alfred Tuat's tli qu est on. There is a man who could be nominatec and elected President of the Unitec State by nierely saying lie would accept but having a brother who aspires to i nominatiou, lic is loyal to that brothe and will not listen a moment to the proposition. Who is it? Wm, Tecuinpseh Slierman, the grand old leader who marched from Atlanta to the sea. In last Thursday's Detroit Tribune wa the folio wing dlspatch: Lan.sinu, May ü.-It Is a fact that all tb saloons uow running In Lanslng, about 15 I nuinber, are fielllDg llquors of all kinds a openly as before the local optlon law took etreet. Home of the saloons dlspensed sellia for one successlve day. whlle others sold o thesly for a llke perlod, but to-day as muc llquor Is bel ng openly soM In Lanslng as eve before In the hlstory of the city, and aelttier the city ofrlclals nor any one else Is dolng aught to enforce the law. Saloon-keepers are not defendlng thelr course, because appar - ii t ly they don't have to. And all this wlthln the Nliudow of tbe Capítol dome. That resul t wa? predicted, it will be remerabered. There ts no tax being paid ; no revenne to the county or city, and the business is continued just the same.


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