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The followinsr facts, biefly told, relative to the State Public School for Dependent (Jhildren at Coldwater, may be of benefit to some of our readers wantinsto adopt a brifilit cliild. There 8 no better place in the world to tind one tlian at Coldwater: 1. The State Public Shool at Coldwater 1 8 ft teroporary home for the depeodent and neglectedcbildren of the State. 2. TbeHe children are not crimináis - unfortunate clrcumstances over whlch they had nu control are the canses of their being sent U) mis lnslitutloD. 3. We deslre to place these children lnto families and are seeklng sultable homes lor thla purpose. 4. There are generally abont two hundred oblldrao In the school- of these only about twenty are gtrls. 6. There being o few glrls, the cholee amongthetn 1b not nearly so god oh among the boys. 6. We have an excellent cholee of boys from two to ten years old. 7. There are few boys over ten years of age. K. Aiiy person deslring to take these children intii tbeir homes and hearts can recelve all Informatlou necessary by addressing the Superintendent.


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