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Georgia Vs. Kansas

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In a recent issue the democratie tystem f repression in the southern states wai lowu up by giving the vote for conressmen In Michigan iu comparison wlth ïat for the same officers In Soutli Carona. Now wc propose to continue the argument" by comparing the vote w(th '. :uh:ih, a new western state wlth Georia an oU southern state, anil let the eople judge for themsclves if everything s alright ia Georgia. Kansas has Beven cougressmen to elcct; Georgia ten. In Kansas it takes on an verage 38,954 votes to elect a member of ongress; in Georgia 2,754 vote accomilislies the same purpose. Is it just, rotner demócrata ? Do you really feel noud of it? Here ure the figures: KANSAS. t Distrlot-Repiibllcan 17.3Í7 Deinocrat 13,382 ProUlbilion, etc 108 30, 37 J1 Dlstrlct-Republlcan 18,0? Deinocrat 15,416 Problbltlon, etc 1,877 - - 34,820 Sd District- Kepubllcan 1,6H Deinocrat 15,875 Prohlbltion, etc 1.H7 41 Iv 1 Hstrlct-Republican 21,961 Democrot 15.70 Frohlbltlon, etc 1.417,„ 3ÍÍ.081 5th Dlulrlct- Republlcan 10.440 Democrat 12, l'rolilbltion, etc 4'!a5M,„o - - 36,226 Othnistrict-Republlcan ...1,24 Democrat 11,:V9 Prohlbltlou, etc 2,54 o 7th District- Republlcan 34.515 Democrat.... 25,07(1 Prohibí tlon, etc 1,880 1,465 Total voto 1!T'?ÏÏ Average for each district :!,.,! GEOKGIA. lst District- Republican None Democratie 2,0tl 2,061 2d District- Hepiiblican None Democrat 2411 8J District- Republlcan None Democrat 1.7 4 4tli Dtstrict-Republican 3tó Democrat 2,901 5tU District- Republican None Democrat ,9 2,99 6tU District- Republican None Democrat 1,722 - - 1,722 "tb. District- Republlcan 1,527 Democrat 5.048 6,580 8lh District- Republlcan None Deinocrat 2,332 2,J 9th District- Republ lean None Democrat 2,355 2,353 lOth Dlstr't- Republican None Democrat 1,014 1,944 Total vote 47.5 Average for ech district 4,714 In other words, ít takes 38,954 votes In Kansas to have the sanie intlueuce In natioual afftirs ttiat 2,754 votes have n Georgiala it not rotten ? la it not disgraceful ? How long would such a thlng be tolerated Ín any northeru state? Tlie northern "tloody sliirt" must not wave, bilt let the republicn8 of the south attenipt to exercise tlieir rijflits hs American citizens, and tlie southern bloody shirt waves quickly, and it is on the backs of southern repúblicans mide red by tlieir own blood. It ís of sncti ontrages, as the above figures conclusively prove that the nortli justly complains. Let the southern states have rfpre9entation according to tlie votes polled, with a tree ballot and a f:iir count, and there will be no nnrth and no south in tliia country. Until time there will be.


Ann Arbor Courier
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