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Farmers never know liow much goml stock there is in a county until some fair draws it out unless there is a motive outside of premiums. These seldoni pay for time and trouble. Little difterences of opiniĆ³n ahould not abate the interest, and ever}' person should ga In to win and not allow themselves to become sorehends, if tlie judges bappen to pass by their stock and give a premium to aomething they know to be Inforior. Set not your lieart on premiums, but on having a fine display nnd a srood time. Breeders of fino Kloek shouM take occaeion at the fairs to let their neighbors see what they have and enongh of it to form a reliable judgmi-iit. It is the very best and cheapest advertisement they can have. Bring tlicm in fresh from the pastures and let the people see what blood does under farm conditions and without pampering. The farmer will buy good stock when he knows what It is and what it wili do, just as be will buy a mower or binder when be has seen it tested. The breeder does not get half the scood out of the county fair that he niiprlit ; neither does the farmer. The way to keep the horse jockeys in their place, and to banish the ('akers and the garablers is to make the fair so interesting in other respects that the management can afibrd to correct these abuses and stil 1 make it pay iu own wav.


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