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Pricss TumUing ad Goods Setilng Qnfckly m D. SCSAIESR'S lïiiraiiiii trom the Kunkrupl MOCk l Koot, Mrniiï &. Co., Detroit. We Invite spe :il HtteiltlOll lo 1IIÍN ¦ale. READ.THESS PRICE8 5,OOO yard ;ood l'rliil at :ï 1-2c per yard. 3,000 yards Cholee lr- Print at 5e per yard. 2,OOO yards Dren SatcciiN at Se per jard. 25 pleeei Ctood BIltrttBgl at e perjard. HO pieet- Goud Bed Tikliijfat 10e, 12 l-'icand 15c. 1OO piceei 4 lioic DreM t.imii at 12 1-Sc per yard. 6O piceos Wew Spring Dreu OoodN at 10e. =15 picceit Vidc Slyli!! Mew Dress Oood at 25e per yard. 20 piceex 52 inch l.:nlu s C'loths at 50e per yard. 10 picee all Wool Blaek lirosK WLmmiËÊ at :tO, 4O and 5Oe per yard. 5 picee Widc Blaek CasluncrcM at 5Oe per yard. IO pieecH IN ineli Blaek Ilenrictta at 75e, (I and 1.25. Big; Drive in 52 inch Klik and Wool Drc Ooodw al 00e per yard, wcre $1 (Sec vvlndow). 100 plccesChoiee JV'evv lr. Lawai at 5e per yard. 25 dozen Ladies Blaek and ('olored C.lovcxat I5e and 25c per pair. :IOO pairw i-:nií Bcrlin .ion at IOcupair. 2O doz. puro Slik lovcat Mc a pair. Big Bar(fa in i.:idi- Mik nin at isc a pair. 25 io. 75c Corceti nw ni lo 50e. Big Rargain in our 1 kiil GYN Tor t9e a pair 200 oud IEii-i l at 15c cacli. 10 pteMI iirlain Scrim at 6c per yard. 5 pieces Lace Strlpe Ciirtain riin at Sc per yard Wc show tlic Bet Valiic in C'ur taln Lucen at 15, 20 and 25c per yard . 100 pain Lace ui tain at 1 $1.25 and - I.5O a pair. 1O. do. laiïr White at 25c eacli 50 doz. l'anij Border Hand kerchief at 3 for 10c. 15 dozen l.adio .lrrr} Vest!) at 25c cacli 200 largc Silk Parasols at andijil.25. LadleM Itluslin Draw ers at 25, 39 and 50c a pair HunIIii ChemlMM at 25, 39 an 50c cacll. l.:nli iy In I i- - ¦ at 25, 39, 50 and 75c. 4 liildrcn hitr and ( Dlonil Iliroo a 300 Boy Mi in Waiitl a 25 and " Ki Bargains il Black Silkx at 50, 75c and $1 Tlirce Mu drive In Jerseys a 75c, $2 and $1.25. Wc show the hCNt Itüi - ains in Ilo.vfcry at lOc 15c and 25c. Yon can ie Jloiicy Trading at D. F. SCHAIRER'S. We are itlwnyn tlie ctaeapeal This ís the Top of the Gr.xuiXH PearlTop Lamp Chimney. All others, similar nre imit at ion. -3XJThis exact Label 6ffi 0V 's on cac ' ear' OB tj TopChimney. raP K? SJ A dealer raay say Xji SHhrSiPv anc' t'1'n'c 'ie ns 73 uK others as good, jr buï HE HAS NOT. Insist upon the Exact Label and Top. Fon Sale Everywhere. Made oklï by SEO. A. MACBETH&CO., Pittsburgh, Pa. KOTIOE. The. Ann Arbor Preserve and PkUing Factorij heg to draw the attentïon of the Ladies in Ann Arbor and vkinity to the advantages to be gained this coming season by bringing up or sending an order for their empty cans to the above Co., who are prepared to fül them ivith Canned and Preserved fruits at a uniform rate, thus saving them all the heat, trouble, discomfort and expense of putting it up themselves in their own homes. All orders should be sent in as early as possible. Perfect satisfaction ffuaranteed. Canned small fruits - 10c per Ib. Preserved small fruits . . 12c per Ib. Canned peaches $ pcars 12c per Ib. Preserved 14c per Ib. Jdlies 19c per jelly glass. Mixed picMes 12c per bot t Ie. PI ain pickles Wc " Insurance 1UAL ESTÁTE and LOAX AGENCY OF A.W. HAMILTON Ofllce, No. 2, First Floor, Hamllton Block. Partle deslrlng to buy or Bell Real Estáte wlll flnd lt to their odvantage to cali on me. F represant lSflrstdags Flre IiiHiirmnv Companle8, havlng an aggregate capital over 80,JOO.OOO. Rate Low. Lossen llberally adjusted and promptly pald. I also Issue Life and lovestraent Pollcle In :he New York Mutual Life Insurance Company, AssetU, $75,000.00. Pereons deslrlng Ac:ldenl Insurance, can have yearly pollcles wrltten for them orTraveler's Coapon Insurince Tickets Issned at Low rate. Money to Loan at Ourrent Uuten. DlUce bours from 8 a n. to 12 m. and 2 to 5 p. m. ALEX. W. HAMILTON, Hamilton Rlock.


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