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OFFEREXTRA ! ! To all New Subscribers, and to all Old ones, who pay up a year in advavci'. an article of household use will be given irliich can not be purrliased anywhere in the Vnilcil States at retail for On e Dollar. It is a wonderfully handy thing to have in every home and you get both that and The Courier simply for the vrice of the latter. Corne in and' get a bargain. This is a cavvpaign year, when you want a county paper to keep you posted and you can not do better than to subscribe for the best paper in the county. This article icill be distnb'uted to all who subscribe and pay a year in advance upon the rf,rst of Februari, 1889. Tn the meantime guesses are in order as to what it is. Subscribe and see. The Board of Review meets on Tuesday of next week. The plans for heiiting tlie new school building arrived yesterday. Merchant H. O ïodrich of this city lias beeo drawn a U. S. juror. Jack Loney luis moved into the Detroit l{ me fjuarters, on Detroit st. Juilge L.ine has made a very favorable impression upon the Washteuaw county lar, so far. Pelos CuniMiings, ofChel-ea, has heen fidjuilgrd IiiBiie, and was laken to Pouliac yesterday. For past three months the Ann Arlior Asrrii ultural Co. liaa pa ld to iU ein- 18,222.28. Good ninsir at tho trawberry and Ice i-remi festival ut the M. E. church Tliurse, May 24. The Sabhatlt Scliools of the various churehes will particípate In the ceremonies of Memorial I);ty. Hmi. Chas Ö Qrejfory, of Dexter, has lifcn eiioeen h member of the democratie Mc central coniinittee. Dr. Haiusey's subject at the Methodist Bpitcopnl church next Subbath tvening, will he Religión in Business. Attorney ('his. Swift, son of Jtidge Swit'. In the city yesterday prosecutiuir a Bohemtan oat note tase. Up to this noon the County Treasurer had received $'20.300 liquor tax money, one-half of wlilcll goes to the county. The ChxQtnaqiM eircle of this city expects to meet witli the Dexter circle on Friday evening of next week, if nothing lAppens. Siiurvi-or Gardner reports 34 deaths, "0 birtlis, 464 people linble to militaiy duty, aiiil 28 old soldiers in the l9t and ¦2.Ú WMÖe. 'l'lie naines of Lewis T. Hessler of this city, mil Joel W. Frenen of Ypsllantl, ure iimoni; the lust lUt of original invalid pénslonere. The agent who has just completed the riiiivass for tlie new city directory informa il tbat t ihxwa a population of over 10,000, in Ann Arbok Bishop Perry, of Iowa, will preach a special sermón at Ilobiirt Olllld in St. Antlrew's church next Friday evening, at 7:30o'clock. All invited. Frank Desmond and John Younsr were (iit to the lonia house of correction by Justice Pond, for 90 days each, last Friday, for stealing a watch at Ypsilanti. The Chetitmegnns are on the boards for a concert at Saline, on Saturday eveninjf, May 26tl(, to he aasifted by the inimitable and only Jas. E. Harking of tlils city. Rev. W. C. Allen, formnrly pastor of the Webster Conjrregational church, now of En-t Tau'i-, occnpled his old pulpit lst 3abhath nioruinii, and ut Dexter in the evening. The body of Solomon Jeffords, fatlier of Col. H'. H. Jeftbrds who was killed (hiring the war, was hrought to Dexter for burial Tuesday. He had lived there many years. Oeo. Miller been chosen s a delegute to the State convention of Germán Workinïinen'3 Aid Societies. which is to meet t Saginaw, June 12th, hy the Ann Arbor society. Judge Victor H. Lane, of the Adrián rircnlt, bolding curt in place of Judge Kinne this week. Judge Lane is problly the youngest Jndffe in the State. He Is the guest of Prof. J. C. Knowlton. T"hn Carrol 1, who claims to he a Detro'ter, and Dennis Doyle, who is a reeiilent of Albany, N. Y., were sent to jail % Justice Pond Monday, for 20 and 10 ¦flays repcctively, for beinj; found drunk on the streets. Canls are out nnnoiincin? the marriajfe n Wednesday, May 30th, of Dr. Arthur ¦Boyerof Oregon, t(' Miss Kate Francés CteUe, of this city. The ceremonies will be performed at St. Andrew's church wlth a reception following at Prol. Morris'. I-ist Saturday the mili pond at Cornweimdam was perceptlbiy lowered. J. tt Knowlton pulled out a 31,' Ib. fisb. A black bass at that ! And Knowlton is Sawyer's partner! You need not expect to see Siwyer any more until he catches 4 pnmider. Washtenaw Clónty was represented at tne State Conventión by the following s'aiinch Republicana: J. T. Jacobs, R. Kenipf, Wm. Judton, A. W. Wllkin-on, H. M. Iliilmes, John Ferdon, J. E. Beal, M. G. LBeaa, H. 8. Boutelle, C. Spener. J. B. Wortley, AV. M. Osband, Wm. Gmphell, J. Cook, Myron Cady, J. v: Beemis. On tlie 83d day of May, next week Wudnesdny, the Ann Arbor Art Club is i Kive it annual exhibition at the Laaie s Library buildinsr. There will bo at 'at 100 pktnree In the exbibit consisting Jf several' 'studies" of mucb merit. To (letray expenses a snuill admiesion fee of 15 cents will be charged. It will be well r the people to encourage these workers. ' iey ,ave sonie excellent plctures to exninit, and deserve your good will and VJod word-. Drop In und look over the display. 'i'he di moeratl of Chelea are sailing long very tranquilly now. There are iwo members of the party up there who nt h c.unty olllce, 'viz: Michael J. L A" 'iro9esutin}f attorney, and Timtny McKone, sheriff. It would kill off o"th to come t0 the county convention, "otliey agreed that tbey should hold a "mcicratic camuH ofail the electora of "' township ol that faith and have them "'CKle which they should support in the nry conventi.m. In this scheme Lelijn&n came out ahead, and he then and n t.anied his delegation. And now ?0.'l f war has boweii hls head, hnng P lus arms and accoutrementa, and is ventí'c8 "'e onfliot ttl the county