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Hon. D. Cramer weara au Alger hat. Judge Klnne Is holding court at AdrUn. Geo. J. Johnson, of Albion, s visiting at I). C. Fall's. D. C. Fall, wlio has been on the sick list for a few days is about again. W. H. Allison, of Detroit, was out Sui - day witli liis wife, seeing lus father. Mrs. W. W. Watts is in Grand Rapids visiting his sister, Mrs. Ella Powers. Geo. C. Mahon expects to remove to Detroit with his family next montli. Miss Mary Winner of New Jersey, is visitiuir her sister, Mrs. H. W. Hogere. A. W. Haniilton and family visitei Mr. H's hirtuplace ia Salem yesterday. Fred McOmber, oí the P. O. force, was under the weather the flrst of the weck O. li.Taylor paid one of his frequent vlsits to Howell Ust Saturday and Suuday. Mrs. W. H. Freaae, of Kansas, is visitin her brother, J. J. Goodyear and family. Jas Nelson of tuis city, has been visiting old friends at Dundee during the past week. The pleasant face of J. E. Wyman beamed in upon us lust Friday. He looks prosperous. Drs. Frothinghini and Vaughan retnriu'd from the Cinciuuuti medical meeting Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Webster, of 3wos8o, spent Suuday with Eugene Mutnchfl and wife. Henry Freas and wife, of Nickerson, Kansas, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Good,ear on tbeir way east. Mis. T. E. Chapin, of Toledo, is in the city visiting her mother and grand parents, at W. W. Wincs. Charles L, Carter and wife nee Mary Scott, carne up from Toledo to spend Sunday with her father. Mrs. F. D. Bennett and little son Frank, f Jackson are visiting the former's sister, Mrs. liev. Dr. Ryder for a few days. John N. Bailey, of the Midland Sun, las been visiting his family during the week. He reports prosperity up north. II. M. Taber and family left yesterday Of Vork state to remaiu during tho sumner at Mr. Taber's old home on Long sland. Mrs. Horace Coy, of Northfleld, celebrated her 84th birthday Monday by isiting her sous, Chas. H. and Elam B. Worden, ofthiscity. Mrs Henry Waldron visited friends in Anti Arbor last week. Her health is lmiroving, and she intends going to Sr. 'aul snon, to passsome time with a sister. E. B. Stillman, editor of "The Bee" at efferson, Iowa, called last Friday moinpg. He stopped off on his way east to ee his son in the University, and Is acompanied by his wife. Fred. Cutler, at one time the popular lerk of the St. James hotel, U in the ily for a lew weeks, accompanied by li is wite, the gnests of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. L. Stone. Fred will have tbe management of a big ëuminer resort hotel at Harbor 'oint during Wie summer months. Win G. Doty, Grand Captain (eneral f Uit; grnnd commandry of the state ; 1!. Watts, G. H. P. of the grand chapter; nd Chas. E. Ifiscock, Eminent Comnander of Ann Arbor Commandery, ure epiesentiog the latter body at the sesión of tbe grand eommaudery now in rogreë8 at Grand Hapids. Garden sas continue sassy n price )ecaii!ie the. weather continúes so sassy. A dramatizaron of Ilaggard's "Slie" will be seeu at the grand opera botlM Muy list. We learn that Mr. Stt fflut has sold out lis huzaar lo Mr. Adanis fuinn-r parter in the business. Wheat Is on the up grade the market rlce now betag 88 (t 90c. Oats are 11ng at 3(3 @ 'Sc; Com 60 @ 65c. W alter Toop is to occupy A. R. Halls' ld bakery on X. Main st. Residente liereubouts will be glad to learn of the act. Rev. J.D. Schultz, of Augusta, and John Schumacher of this city, have (tone to Grand Rapids to attend the Prohibitiou onvenlion. J. P. Wood of Chelsea, has received etters patent upon a creain testing churn, nd bas assigned one-half thereof to Geo. P. Glazier of the sanie place. Young ladies dressed to represent the easons will be one of the Httractions of he strawberry and ice creain festival i ven at the M. E. chiirch Thursday eve, May 24. Washtenaw Chapter, R. A. M. has reeived au invitation froun Mt. Vernon Jhapter, at Dundee, and exeuiplify the ioya! Aren work, ou the evening of the 24th. The invitation will be aceepted. The services of the Chequamegons has een secured for the grand minstrel show o be given June lat for the benefit of he gymnasium. Tliey will also play for he Saline Hiah School commenceinent. June 28 and 29. That colt, with a blrth mark on its ip, which ür. Dell exhibited to 80 many wondering sclentiflc and unscientltic people, turned out to be llke unto the ;ardiff giant. It was one of Dell's sells, nd it worked well. A large audience enjoyed the exercises ftheCocker League at the Methodist hurch Monday evening. Prof. Denimon las no sympathy with the Bsconian Asumption. Prof. Trueblood's readings were simply first-class. The manner in which Mrs. E. Royer as improved her premises al the corner f División and Annsts. is wortliy of much praige. It has not only Increased he valué of her own property but of the ntlre block on Ann st as well. Henry Wright, a colored man 48 years ld, living in the last house on Fuller st., vas founU dead Tuesday utorning on the oad side aboutone mileeastof bis home. Ie had been working on a farm and had tarted to come home on the evening revious. Ad inquest was held, and a 'erdict rendered thatdeath resulted from onviilsioiis caused by brights disease. The etiange of time on the M. C. R-, which took effect last Sunday is quite leaslugto Ann Arbor people on one ac:ount There is a train in the iiiorning at 8:08 golng east, iving people who want to go into Detroit an opiortunlty to do go without having to lose their breakfast or the train. Our mail frora the east, howerer, in a little later. A corrected time care will be found in the proper place. Monday eveiiing nt the Cocker League entertainment a large audience filled the lecture room and listened to an interesting discuesion of the Bacon controversy by Prof. I. N. Demmon who showed by quotations from conteraporaries and frlends of the jrreat dranntist that Shakespeare in all probability wrote the plays which have been ascrlbed to him or nearly three centuries. Prof. Trueblood gave soine readings from Macbeth and Twain which were hiifhiy appreclated. There will be an adjourned meeting held on Monday, May 21st, at 2 o'clock p. m., In the agricultuml room of the Washtenaw Co. Agricultural and Horticultural Society. All are cordially lnvlted, and the board of managers and department guperintendents are especial ly urged to be present as one of the duties to be performed at this meeting is the selection of judges for all those classes that require any degree of skill or especial knowledge to award the premiums properly. There are always men to be found in every community that are fltted by nature and education in a greater or less dejiree to award premiums in this class or in that class, and it is the part of wisdom that they be sought out early and absolutely engaged to act in tlie awards of guch classes as they are tltted for. No systein of judjting depends for success upon the number, bul almo.ft eutirely upon the quality of iti judges Coiiilaints that have been gounded so loud within the pastyear will hardly be repeated if proper care is exercied this Manon in the ielectlon and ecuring of competent Judges


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