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The followlng cases have been disposed Of lip tO this iKKi!) : Chas. H. Kempf va. Oeo. Oestnrlo et al. Foreclosure. Decree and order ofsalegranted, the sale to take place alter Feb. lst, 1889. In the matter of the petltlon of Horace Boolh for dlsc├╝arging a mortgage, peiilion granted. Uhas. M. Duvln va. lohu P. Wagner. Dlscontlnued on paymeut of defenilant. Costa to be taxed. Chas. Kalmbach vu. John Warner. Plalnl.llt n'vi'ii Ove days In whlch to flle and serve a declaration, and 20 davH to tile pl'a. Costa to be taxed, lncludlng $15 altorney's fee. JohnW. Cowau va. Jeremluh W. Daley. Foreclodure. ├╝ecree and order of aale granted. Abrara Gorlln vs. DeWltt Backlin. Trled, argued and submltted. Deolnion not glven. Henry Lleaemer vs. Oeo. uud Kred Alber. Hcd line wheat noto. Chas. E. Davls vs. John Wagner. BoheraIftn oat note. Jndfcment of non sult (or de1. Miliint wllh coNlH to be taxed Including ruil nttorney trial fee. Plalntlft to have nntll Frlday mornlng to raakc notlce to set the same aslde. Chas. M. Webb vu. Chas, and Fred. Alber1 Red line wheat note. On trial. Detemlmit deny the slgnatnre to thls note.


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