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IN the Senat on the Tth the Rallroad Land Porfelture and the Bureau of Anlral Industry billa ware further considerad. Tho Chínese treaty was ratllled. A bilí lnlroduced approprlating I], 000,000 to provide more efficiënt mail service between the United States and Central and South America and the West Indias, l'etlüons from Illinois cttizens were presented fYoriDir the rr 0em pension blll and opposlng the admlsslon o( Utah - In the House the Kiver and Harbor bill (130,000,000) was passed- yeaB. 161; nays, 69. A blll was lntroduoed to amend the Clvü-Serrtce law, making ellglble for appolntment without belng requlred to pass the civilservice examinatton all honorably discharged Federal soldier and sailors of the late war. A BILL was passed in the Senate on the Sth lncreasina; the pension oí soldier for total dlaabllltv to 172 per innnth. A memorial wa presented from the New Knglanil Methodist conisrence protesting agalntt any tresty that preclude Chinese ministers of the Ooapel or Chinese delégate to rellglou conventlons coming Into the country. The Railroad Land k'orfeiture bill wa further consldered. Mr. Voorhee apologized for lis harsh language during the recent speech made bj Mr. Ingalls - In the House the Mills Tariff blll was further discussed. The Railroad Land O runt Forfeiture blll and International Copyright bill were paued In the Senate on the 8th....In the Hou9e the Tarlff blll waa further dlscussed. Mr. Butterworth (CU speaklng agalnstthe measure. A bii.i. was passed tn the Senate on the lOth to pay 129,000 to persons whoaided in suppressïng Indmn hostilitio in Novada in I&JO. UiMs were reponed to prevent the employment of alion labor on publio works, and the PenslonApproprlatlon bllL Adjourned to the Mth.... In the House the blll approprlattng 13,500,000 to supplv the detlclency in the approprlation for the payment of army and navy pensions to Invalld Windows, minor children and dependent relatives and inrviven of the war of 1812 was passed. The Tarlff b:ll waa further discussed. The Senate was not In session on the llth. In the House Mr. Scott (Pa.) made a long speech In favor of the Mills Tariff bill. and Mr. Clear (Ia.) spoke againat the measure. DOMESTIC A strike was begun on tho 8th at the Pratt mines, at Birmingham, Ala. One thousand men were out. William Showers, aged sevonty years, who was under sentenceof death in the jail at Lebanon, Pa., for the murder of hts two grandchildren, made his escape on the 8th. Mrs. William Wkbb and her babe were burned to death on the 8th by the explosión of a lamp at their residence at Fort Edward, N. Y. Miss Nora. Hatworth, of Logansport, Ind., was fatally burned on the Sth by her clothes catching fire at a stove. The cut worm was appearing in great numbers in the Ohio valley on the 8th, causing farmers serious apprehensions. At Gresham, Pa., on the 8th three burglars entered the house of Mrs. Mary Reynolds, who was alone, but she defended hi-rsolf vvilli ii hatchot so effectually that she killed one of the trio and put the others to ligbt The powder-house of the Colby mine at Bessemcr Mich., blew up on the 8th, killing two men and fatally wounding five. Robert (}. Hall and David Vincent were hanged in Philadelphia on the 8th for murder. Thk High-I,icense bill passed by the New York Legislatura was vetoed by Governor Hill on the (tth. Portions of Northern Ohio were swept by a cyclone on the 9th, farm buildings being wrecked and fenees, shade trees and orchards leveled. No loss of Ufe was report ed. The memorial services in respect of tho late Roscoe Conkling arranged for by the New York Legislature took place in Albany on the 9th, and a eulogy of the distinguishod statesman was dclivered by Robert G. Ingersoll. A pire on the 9th on Catoctin mountain, near Middletown, Md., destroyeU much valuable timber. The Mississippi river was still rising on the 9th, causing serious damage and great alarm at Dubuquo, Ia., and other points. The Galena river had flooded part of (ia lena. 111. The Illinois Supreme Court on the 9th denied a hearing in the cases of the Chicago "boodlers," Messrs. Van Pelt, Ochs, Leyden and Wasserman, and they would have to serve out their sentences of two years each in the penitentiary. Thk old employas of the Reading (Pa.) railroad who struck and were discharged issued a circular on the 9th askingfor help, saying that they were in extreme want. The National Assooiation of Lumber Dealers asaembled in annual session on tho 9th at Davenport, Ia., eleited J. P. Smith, of Fowler, Ind., as president. Philadelphia aüvices of the 9th say that the operation of transplanting a rabbit's eye to a human being had been successfully performed in that city by Dr. Fox, and the patiënt, Mrs. Shick, could sec quite well again. Cassius Dickersos, a young farmer near Seymour, lud., while ridiug through a timber lot during a thunder-storm on the 9th was struck by a falling tree, which killed both himself and his horse. - The seventy-second annual meeting of the American Bible Society was held on the lOth in New York. The cash receipts for general purposes during the year amounted to $357,40 and disbursements 1506,453. Knoch McMahox, a wealthy farmer of Madison County, Ind., and his hircd man, Mr. Treat, were burned to death in their beds early on the morning of the lOth. Fire cuught from the stove. Ar the session of the Supreme Lodge Knights of Honor at Cleveland, O., on the l ut li L. A. ( at Tennessee, was elected Supreme Dictator. Eo Barhett was burned to death on the lOth at Henry Grove, Tex., in a lire that destroyed twelve dwellings. Tuk dam at Hamlin, Mich., went out with the üood on the lOth, and two million feet of logs in Hamlin lake went into Lake Michigan, carrying with them soventeeu homes along the stream. Thk house in which General Grant was born at Point Pleasant, O., will be taken to the Cincinnati Centennial Exposition for one hundred days. Cashier H. F. Rotce, of the Willimantic (Conn. ) Savings Institute, was arrestedon the luth on the charge of embezzling $35,(XX). As explosión of natural gas in St. Paul'3 Episcopal Cathedral at Buffalo, N. Y., ou the lOth caused a fire which speedily destroyed the building. The loss was about $150,000. Several other explosión also oo currcil, crciit ing a panto. Officials in Chicago of the Burlington & Quincy railway stated on the lOth that the recent strike of engineers on their road cost tho company about $2,000,000. In a fit of jealousy on the lOth Charles Turner, a Pittsburgh (Pa.) inerohant, shot his wifo dead and then killed himsclf. In a quarrel on tho JOth at CldweU, Tex., Ben B. Hunt, a prominent saloon-keeper, shot and killed Deputy-Hheriff Jack Fanand a negro named Sandy Davis. Henhy Moroan and his teu ycar-old son wore killed at Bradner, O., on tho lOth by a tree falling on them. The Department of Agriculture at Washington in it erop report on the lüth says that the winter wheat erop has decreased in condltion greatly. Pennylvania show a declino of 4 points, ew York 16, Oaiol2, Michigan 13, Irliana , Illinol 7, Missouri 2, Kansas 3. Tho general average is reduced 9 points, f rom 82 to 73. On the Nickel-Plate railroad at Winslow Siding, Ind., sixtoen cars were blown off their wheels during a tornado on the llth, and at Wanatah, Ind., roofs, ehimneys, fences and trees suffered severely. Unknowx persons on the llth stole from a hotel at Lexington, Ky., the cash-box owned by William Kiley, the Chicago bookmaker, which contained about $8,000. Mns. Asn Tïkk, of Wabash, Ind., over one hundred years old, feil down cellar on the llth, reeeiving probably fatal injuries. Thiktt stores and dweiling and the gas work at Hot Springs, Ark., were dostroy cd by fire on the llth, cansing a loss of $150,000. lx u train colusión ou the llth on the Lehlgh Valley road near Ithaca, N. Y., several passengers were badly hurt. Memorial Daï was genorally observed in thoSouth on the llth. Bintui.Aïis entcred tho Pratt National Bank at Pratt, Kan., on the llth, while the oftioors were at diuner, aud tole $4,01(5. Hiuh water at Rock Island and Moline, 111., had on the Uthcaused damageamount ing to about $100,000 and at Galena nearly all the streets wero navigable by boats. Woobward's cofün factory at Owosso, Mich., was destroyed by flre on tho llth. Loss, $100,000. Over seven thousand caskets were burned. Dunixu the seven days ended on the llth thcro were 19B businesR failure in the United States, against 150 the prevlous seven da.ys. It was announced on the llth that Dr. Arthur Spahn would establish a hospital at San Antonio, Ter., for the treatment of hydrophobia by the Pasteur method. A passed south of Freeport, 111., on the llth, demolishing the brewery buildings of Haegele & Koth, causing a loss of $10,000, and ruining the brick resideuce and barns of William Brockhausen, a few rods distant, causing an equal los. Rev. Oeokoe MoDurpiE (colored), a married man, who murdered another negro who was courting a woman of whoin McDuffle was enamored, was hanged on the llth at Greensboro, (la. The Mississippi river at Quine.?, 111., was ten miles wide on the llth. The farms across in Missouri were inundated to the bluffs and au immense amount of damage had been done to the crops. Ten persons were seriously injured on the llth in a smash up at the entrance of Bergen Hill tunnel, near Jersey City, N. J.. and two of them were expected to die. James T. Hixman, who was assistant postmaster of Grand Rapids, Mich., and was indictod in 1876 for stealing $1,34$, was arrestad in Donaphin County, Kan., on the llth, after having been a fugitive thirteen years. Miss Eli. en B. Minkr, an insane patiënt of the Harrisou County (O.) Asylum, committe.d suicide on the llth by jumping frora the roof to the ground, a distance of sixty foet. The Southern Baptist convention met in annual session in Richmond on the lltb. In Washington on the llth the Henate Committeo on Privileges and Elections deBided that Senator Turpie, of Indiana, was entitled tohis seat. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. Conokessman Outhwaite was renoniinated on the 8th by the Demoerats of the Thirteenth Ohio district at Lancaster. The Colorado Prohibition couvention met at Denver on the Sth and elected delegates to the National conventiou. TitE Michigan Greenbackers met on the Sth at Lansing and elected delegates atlargo to the Cincinnati convention. The New Hampshire Republicans met in Concord on the Sth and soloctcd National delegates who go to Chicago uninstructed. The platform denounces the Adminstration at Washington for its tariff policy, lts pension policy, and its "pretense" of civil service reform, and denounces the Demo .ratio party for identifying itself with the interests ofthe liquor doalors throughout the country. The Republicana of Michigan held their State convention at Grand Rapids on the 8th and elected Robert E. Fraser, J. K. Bois, W. Q. Atwood (colored) and F. B. Dunston as delegates-aHarge to the National gathering in Chicago. The resolutions declare for the protectiou of Ainerican industries, arraign the present Administration for its selfish and sectional tariff policy, and urge the delegates to use honorable means to secure the nomlnation of ex-Governor Alger for President. Dei-awabe Demoerats convened at Dover on the Sth and elected delegates to the National convention. The platform fayors Cleveland's renomination and indorses the Mills Tariff bill. Thomas Ryan was renominated for Congress on the 8th by the Republicans of the Fourth district of Kansas, in session at Emporia. The Republicans of the Fourteenth district of Illinois on the 8th renominated J. H. Rowell for CongresB. General Ueurue Dibbrei.l, who served many terms in Congress, died on the 9th at Sparta, Tenn. The Eighth Ohio district Demoerats on the 9th nominated A. R. Rolins, of Cincinnati, for Congress, and in the Sixteenth district they nominated J. B. Owens. Tuk Republican State convention of Wisconsin was held at Madlson on the 9th. GoTernor Rusk was urged for President, and a platform demandlng a protectlve tariff was adopted. Senator J. C. Spooner, H. C. Payne, H. O. Fairchild and H. C. Adams were chosen National delegates, and Henry C. Payne, of Milwaukee, was elected chairman of the new State Com mlttoe. Georgia Demoerats convened at Atlanta on the 9th and chose as delegate-at-large to the National convention Pope Barrow, F. G. Dubignon. Albert Cox and Washington Dessau. The platform indorses the administration of President Cleveland, and the delegates were instructed for him. Jonv R. Gordon, chairman of the State Democratie Central Committee of Indiana, died on the 9th at Greencastle, of pneumonía. Rev. Dr. Ltman Abbott, of New York, was on the 9th called to the pastorate of Plymouth Church, in Brooklyn. The President on the 9th nominated Robert B. Roosevelt, of New York, to be Minister resident to the Netherlands, and Lawson V. Moore, of Texas, to be Consul at Lyons, France. The Republicans of New Jersey met at Trenton on the 9th and selected Senator Sewell, ex-Congressman Brewer, G. A. Halsey and Senator Griggs as delegatesat-largo to the National convention. A strong protectire platform was adopted, and the delegates were instructed to support William Walter Phelps for President. TnE Democratie State convention of Alabama, held on the 9th at Montgomery, renominated Governor Seay by acclamation. Kansas Republicana held their Stat convenüon on the 9th at Wichita, and I I - 1 . .1" ¦¦¦ - ¦ - ¦ - Messr. stionfr, Osbornc, Hallowell aml Uriflin were selectedM delegatos-nt-large to Chicago. The sentiment of the conven, tion was decidedly in íavor of Blaiiie. The Michigan Union Labor party met at Lansing on the !th and chose delégate to the National convention who fuvor General Weaver for President. The State Tempcrance con vont ion in ession at Atlanta on the 9th decided to nomínate Prohibition candidatos in every coun ty in Georgia pledged to vote for statutory prohibition. bc Vermont on the lOth the Democrat nominated Meacham for Congres in the Kirst district and George W. Smith in the Second iistrlct. On the lüth the Tennessee Democrats met at Nashville and selected delegates-atlarge to the St . Louis convention as follow : A. 11. Looney, John R. God win, H. H. lngersoll and John Oi Brown. The platform indorse President Cleveland' Aminiitration and fovon his renominution. Vkrmont Democrats met at Montpeller on the lOth hiu! nomiuated O. C. Schutleff for Governor. The following delegates-atlarge to the National convention were chosen: W. H. H. Bingham, J. D. Hanrahan, J. H. Senter and Martin Goddard. The platform indorses President Cleveland's Administration and urges his reelection. Tbk Democrats of Maryland convened at Baltimore on the lüth and elected A. P. Gorman, Garmou H. Hunt, L. V. Baughman and John B. Brown as delegates-atlarge to the St. Louis convention. The platform indores the President' Administratiou and instruct the delegat to cast their votes solidly for his renomination. The Democrats of the Fiftn Ohlo district on the lOth renominated Ueorge E. Seney for Congres. Commodore W. Kittson, one of the woalthiest men In the Nerthwest, died guddenly on a rallway train noar Roberts, Wis., on the lOth while returning from Philadelphia to his home in Minneapolis. He was seventy-flve years of age. In the First district of Tennessee the Republicans on the lOth nominated Aifred A. Taylor for Congres. Tuk Michigan Democrats met at Grand Rapids on the lOth and chose J. M. Weston, Oe,orgo L. Yaple, M. H. Chamberlain and Peter Whita as delegates-at-large to the National convention. The resolution adopted indorse the administration of President Cleveland and his tariff policy, and favor his renomination. Wilmam Spencer, aged seventy-six years, and Mm. Mary Sliuw, aged seventytwoyoar, were married at Shelbyville, 111., on the llth. The groom has been married íour times and the bride five times. The New York Legislature adjourned iiK die on the llth. FORKIGN. At a Nationalist meeting in Sligo, Ireland, on the 8th resolutions wero pased condemning the Fope's ]olitical interfer om-e and pledging allegianoe to Parnell' leaderBhip. Crickets were devastating Algeria on the 8th, entirely destroying vegetation. Their dead bodie were creating a pestilence and interfering with the running of trains between Constantine and Batna. Advices of the lOth from British Columbia say that a flre at Ononac destroyed 1,005 houses and thirty lives wei-e lost. Archbishop Ltnch died at Toronto, Ont., on the llth, of congestión of the lungs. He was the first Archbishop of the archdiocese of Toronto, being consecratcd November 20, 1859. John Dim.on, the Irish member of Purliamcnt who was among the most active in carrying out the plan of campaign and in advising tonauts against the payment of rent, was convioted in Dublin on the llth, of iolating the Crimes act and sentenced to six inonths' imprisonment. Bt a fall of a rock on the llth in a mine near Stassfurt, in Prussian Saxony, eighteen persons were killed and many injured. Advices from Paris say a steamer wa sunk in the Seine on the llth and fourteen lives wero lost. Advices of the llth from Rio Janeiro state that the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies has passed a bilí for the immediate abolition of slavery. LATER NEWS. Tiir. record "t t.e bnse-bull -luls in tho National League for the woek ended on the 12th was as follows: Chicago (games won), 18; Boston, 18; New York, 11; Detroit, 10; Philadelphia, 8; Pittsburgh, 7; Indianupolis. 5; Washington, 8. Dirtos's steel works at Tacouy, Pa., weve destroyod by tire on tho i:tth. Loss, 1300,000. Heavy frosts were reported on the 13th in portions of the Northwest, and in several Illinois towns a May snow-storm was witnessed. LiTTi.Kwoon. the Englishman, on the 12th won the six-day go-as-you-please pedestrian match at New York, covering 611 miles; Guerrero second, twenty miles behind. The exchanges at twenty-six leading clearing-houses in the United States during the week ended on the 13th aggregated t975,W0,8.S4, against $1,100,868,390 the previous week. As compared with the correBponding week of 1887 the decrease amounted to 1.9 per cent. Eleven business houses in Blunt, D. T., were destroyed by flre on the 12th. Uk ,ii water in the Mississippi and other ri vers was doing great damage on the 13th. At Alexaudria, Mo., the town and adjacent country was submerged, and in Davenport, Dubuque, Clinton and Muscatine, Ia., and in Quincy and Rock Island, 111., floods were causing much distress and loss of property. Zephtk Davis, the young negro who murdered Maggie Gaughan, a working girl, was hanged in the county jail in Chicago on the 12th. A thain on the Southern Pacific road was wrecked on the 12th near Gila, A. T., and throe persous were killed and fourteen others Beriously injured. Br tho collapse of a building on the 12th. at Wilkesbarre, Pa., on the roof of which two hundred persons wer gathered to witness a ball game, a number of persons were badly iujured. four of them fatally. Thk Emperor of Brazil and King of Wurtemburg were both dangerously ill on tha 13th. J. Lusk & Co., of San Francisco, operating the largest establishment in the world for canuinf; fruits and vegetables, made an assignment on tho 12th. The ltabilities were estimated at 200,000. Kepüuts of the 12th from Berlin agreed in representing that the general condition of tho Emperor showed some improvement. Carrikh-pioeons are to be usedbythe signal service as a means of bringing weather reiort from the Bahamas to Key West. It wa announced on the 12th that a reign of terror existed in Chambersburg, Ind., on account of the use of dynamito by whisky men against leadlug Prohibitionists. Soveral buildings had boen blown up. Hoie than four thousand immigrants arrived in New York on the 12th. TnERK wa no sossion of the United Btates Senatu on the 12th. In the Houaa the time was occupied in discussing tha Tariff bill, and it was decided to continua the debate until the 19th.


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