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niso.xii' iiiiiiiiiiin. kror '"oïmNDSRr, No. IR meels nrxt Tuesday of eaob montli, C. E. lllseock, K. C.; John R. Mlner, Recorder. WA8HTÍÍÍAW OaAPTKR, No. 6, R A. M.- Mei'H ilrsi Monday eaob. montb. J. L. Bvona H P.; .. K.mth. Beoratary, BUSINESS CARDS. HBNRY BLITON, CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER lenee and shnp NO. 85 Hill street, Ann Arbor, Nlich. All work prompt ly execnted,nd satisfanllon guaran toed. CHAS. L. ALLEN, Bontraotop and Builder. Pluns and S]H'c!flcntlons carefully drawn. Keelden oe, 46 E. Catherine St., Ann Arbor, Mich. DR. C. HOWELL, PHYSICIAN Omci Boom i. Mabohic iíi.uck. OIHiv Iiuurs: to IS; iiloCp. m. DR. H. R. ARNDT, PHYSICIAN Oriril ¦ "vi u Fikst National Bank. (focas at OFTil k: lOÖOto 11 h. in ; 2::!) to 8:% i. m. Cad be reaohed :it rasldence -; Uuroii s'wt, Ihe "Prof. Ntohol pla f tiv lelephout, No. UT, and wlll repty ti callsl.i tliB evoulnu. WILLIAtt 1IKRZ, House, Sign, Ornamontal and FRESCO PAINTER! PhixtIjl', UUzlre, Gilding, and l'Klcinilninand w.rk ut i-vitt ili:-cri')tion done ín Ihe bent style. and warranted to gvc eatisfaction. Shop, No. 4 W. Washington St., Ann Arbor. W. W. A. C. MÍIIOI., DENTTSTS. Itoom.s Over Ann Arbor Savings Itunk, Moiiic Temple IJIoch. GASorVITALIZED AIR A'l mini te red fr tli palnlees extraction of leeth. O.hSl. MABTIN", CLOTH CAÜÍ METALIC And Oammoa ('billis. Oalli attented to Hay or Nlifiu. Rmbalmlng ;i spM:ialty. stoierijom on E. WashlngtoiaKlreel. Resklence Oor. Llljerly Rud Klfth. W. II. JACKSOV, ÍÍI ESII 1VIITIIXIISI1TIL OF'F'rCK : Over Itacli & Alx'l's Dry tíood Store. Botrunce next (o ITtIona] Bank. !THE CREAT Germán RemedyJ 1 TRUTHS FORTHESICK.n ) ii-:ulilj f 1 .InKTTmTTTTKin Hl BliionsSpellsdepend foracasewheresi i.- OOM l.l'lil lililí ri:u I'Ill'K BrTTERH willlll It will care yon. wtattorcure. li Pi i.......,, .,;,r..r.,i,l. n.-v.-1-fnils. n Hüut tlrodand allgone Clennse the vltlatedH IBíeelinc; if sn, ase i,i,M,cl w„.n yon seel I lt ¦¦) -ure tdu. intbr..ugh the sklnl II ÜJciosely coDflned )ri :.'"! Nt.-s. i:cly onJ Iiboptiolerki.whodo :""' lie:Ulh wlU ío' m not prooun) infficleni 11 III axerdn,anUUwbo bulphdh i;h ikrsII meonflDadindoon, ,,.-.,, ,.,,r„ ¦ iMrnoin II BrmtM. The will ,' AKei Uwmcurt-lll q not Hu-u be weak u. 1 y , „, g ' SJ !lf vuil ,1o ,:,,! v.i.-h SI LPHÜR lïlTl KIt.s '" 1""1'1 """ "l';"1 I atism, use a bottle of m;lk .TO" ütroiig auil I I sii.iinK bitters ; hp lltllvIII ltli.-v,Tf;.llstn.-.n-e. SOLPHIJB BITTEBSJII Don't wÏÏnout .- wlllnuiki1 yonrlilKOdpj -.bnlile. Trylt; jou piire.ri. -hand strnn.U Hl will not reirrct It. iiDd your flcsli hard. n Hl Laaie! In aeUcate 'lvv si lphüb iüt Illhenlth, who are all ry.KS to-nlght, imll II lllrunilown,Bhouldii8c you will eleep welllll U'M III, ,1 Uil II ,:- ,1,1 f. ¦ 1 I.. ll.-r f-TltHI bost.Mcl!,:,! W„rk published? Snd 3 2-rent stamps to A. 1'. Ordway Jt Co, Boston, Mass., and recelve a copy, free. C. H. M1LLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! Xo. 4 South Main St., Ann Arbor. The oldeat agency In the city. Establlshed over h nuarter of a century ago. Representlng the followlDg flrst-class corapanlös, wlth over 0,000,000 Capital and Aseti. HOME INH. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL INS. CO., of New York. NIAOARA. INS. CO., of New York. GIRAIID INS. CO., of PUIladelpula. ORIËNT INS. CO., of Hartford. COMMERCIAL UNION, of London. LIVERPOOL, LONDON and GLOBE. WASHINGTON FIRE and MARINE, of Boston. Rates Low as tlie Lowest, Losse Liberally Adjiisted and promptly Paid. _ C. H. MILLEN. FOR Jams, Confections and Preserves Manufacturad hy the Ann Arbor PreSfrvinu i.1., , o to W-BHOW Al GADT, Mi sole Agents for Ann Arbor, or lo the factory Plttufleld road. South. Tlflflrl St"a wnlTi eitsiln Uioanandsof Mhrir but Rres""Til'ed by the mar ¦ ¦¦¦ vel of Inventlon. TIiohu who ure In necü ,r pnifliuiile work ihat can t,e (lonewtille llvlu at home stiould ni once send thelr to naliet Co., Portland, "alne, and recelve free, full Inlorinatlon how eilher et. of all ages, can earn from 8S to 5 per Uuy and upwurds, wh.-rever they live. at re sUrted fre. Capital not requlred. aomehavB made over $50 la a single üay at thUwork. Allsucceed.


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