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Noble Deeds

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"Noble Deeds of our Fathers. as Told by Soldiers of the ltevolution, Gathered Around t lie Old Bell of Independeace," is tlie name of an liitcrestnij! book, revised and adapted tor supplemenlary reading in schools, and tor scliool librarles everywhere, soon to be pablilhed by Lee and Shepurd, Boston. The noble purpose of tliix book is to awakeu in the ininds of young people a deep veuurutiou of the patriota and Iieroes of tlie American Kevolution, who grandly achieved the independence of our great Kepublic, and to cultívate that tplrlt of patriotism so ncedlul to cusure tlie permancnce of the form of goveiument under which we now live. The signa of tüe times Ilústrate tlie great Deed of the present generiiiinn in our country tully appreciating the iinmeasurabli; coat in blood and treasure of tho treedom and the institutions with which ourNatlon is now blessed. In the pages of this book,- which are well ilNisirated, - will be found stories of the chief uien of the Uevolulion, so connected by tho manner iu which they ure narrateü, as to give a general interest toall; th "Oldliell of liidt'pendence" being the naüying puint of the veteran story-tellers. Kveiy phaso of the 8trui{gle is presented, and the moral and roligious character of our forefathers, even wht'ii enj,'nf;ed In deudly conflict, ia depicted with great clearness. The younj; reader, - indeed, older readers will üke the stories, - will be deeply interested in the story of Lalayette's return to this country, of rerainlscences of Washington, of the nijilit betere the liuttle of Braiulywine, of ihe lirst prayer la Conffres.s, of the patriotic women of that day, stories of adventure regarding Oen. Wayne, the traitor Arnold, the Massacre of VV'yoraing, the capture of Oen. Piescott, and in other narratives equally interestiug and importaut. Such a book at this time ought to, and will recelve a cordial reception, because of its worth and the principies which IC seeks to incúlcate.


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