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Milán aspires to street lamps. The Saüne Observer sighs for open air concerts. Tlie wheat prospecta are far from encouraginc. Several South Lyon citizcns have been using paint. The So. Lyon Furuiture Co. ha? commenced business. Chelsea has enjoyed a boom in sidewalks tliis sprin;;. Tlie Milán Base Bill Associutiou is a boommg organization. Wbitmore Lake buslues-i" men report trade opening up brlsk. Only one gradúate from lúe high school at Milán thig year. Prof. W. A. Heuro will teaell the Milán schools again next year. Fifty nevv books in the Saüne Presbyterian Sund:iy Schoo llibrary. The name of Pittstield is to bechanged, we understand, to Uuioiitown. When Ypsilanti gets water workg the Sentinel man will go crazy, sure. Jas. Crossman of IirÍ!htoii has moved to Fiiidlay, Olilo, to keep a hotel. The Beebe camp Sons of Veterans, at Stockbridge, has received its charter. Whilmore Like people have coinmenced agitating a 4th of July celebra tion. The Dundee Fue) Gas Co. has advertised for bids to borc a well at t li-it place. Alba Haywood writes to to tlie SaKine Observer that lie is not dead yet by a long shot. The county ajrricultural society has resolved not to hold a fair tliis yoar. Mrs. E. VV. Wallace, of Saüne, has arrived home from her visitto Chattanooga, Tenn. Base hall grounds are being íitted up on the grouuls of the Mihiu Driving Park. The roller milis bcing rebuilt at Milford will have a capacity of 100 bbls. of fiour per day. The So. Lyon Picket man values boy babies at $5,000 a piece. Isn't that pretty cheap? The house of Mrs. Lyman Davenport, south of Saline, burned on Wednesday, loss $1,000. The G. A. R. Post ut Hilan will see that Memorial Day U properly observed at that place. D. B. Green, of Ypsilantl, attended the the Presbyteriau conference at Philadelphia last week. Carpenter and Sayer willbulld a roller mili at So. Lyon if the citlzens will buy the site and boiler. Prof. Miller, ot;the State Normal School at Vpsilanti, has been chosen principal of the Mt. Pleasant schools. In the pension list of recent date is one to " Washington (dect-ased) father of George York, Ypsilanti." J. L. Marble, E. O. Leonard and E. A. Kcynolds are the ncw trustees of the Milan Presbyterlun church. Meask-8 scare at Saline depleta the school attendatice. Anything to "break om" of school the children tliink. At So. Lyon, Will Baker's 2-year old ram sheareci a 37 Ib. fleece; and M. .1. Rlchaidson'a stock ram had a :il}. Ib. nVece. At the next state fair$l,000 per day will be given in cpeed premiums tor three days, will be some great speeil next November. A cutter was seen golnjrdowu thestreet one day lust weck. And this is gentle sprlnit.- Saline Observen A daisy cutter, probnbly. The Chelsea Herald says: "A li.-li weighing 1SÓ pounds was taken out of the state ditch the other day." He must have been awful dry. On July the 5th there is to be a grand picnic in Bassett's grove, Saline, held by the Germán Woorkinginen's Society. Prepare to hurrah. The Chelsea council h9 resolved to erect on the rearof the towu hall u building '20x40 ft. in gize and 10 ft. high, to be used for storing fire apparatus. The Seiitinel says that the rumor that the Ypsilami shools had closed on account ot' measles, Bcarlet f ever, etc, was a base fabrication - in other words a lie. Torn Mc. wenttishing last Friday and caught oue lish, killed a woodchuck and bought a horse. Whew! - Chelsea Herald. Alc. must have had a variety ol temptlng balt, eb t The Church and Office Furniture Co. are looking for a man with $3,000 capital to purchase bard wood lumber and tuke charge of that pait ol' the business. - öo. Lyon Picket. The last meeting of the Monroe Co. Teacher's Associalion for the present 8choolyear is to be held at Dundee on the 2üth inst.. for which an iuviting program lias hoen srianged. About 7 out of 10 farmers are obliged to parchase seed potatoes, owing to the fact that they could not raise enough last year lor food and these were not even fit for seed in most cases. - Herald. W. B. Gildart, of the Stockbridge Sun, doesn'C contine bis labors tothat ]aper by any meaus. He Is an attorney and a few days since made one Patrick Heeuey pay his cliënt $50 and $10 cots for clieatmg hïin In a horse trade. The railroad people have moved asmall building here and repaired it for a depot, and promise they will build a better one in the (all. We hope they will keep their pronme better than some they have made before. - Whittaker cor. Milan Leader. Softer than the rustle of an angel's wlng, sweeter than the music of a lo s Inte, more entrancing far than notes trom Orpheiia's lyro, la the voice of him wlio says: "Here's a dollar and a half . for a year's eubscrlptlon.- Saline Observer. A carloard of 23 tong of paper was .hipped from the paper mili, Tuesday, to liiilt'alo, N. Y. In haaling to the depot one wagon load contained GlOOlbs., drawn bv the team of AU'. Hitching - said to be the largest load of paper ever iiauled from the mili.- Dundee Kepoter. Several Milan young ladies are subjectlni tliemselves to early mornincr walks for their liealth; thcy ffet up at live o'clock, and the exercise they get before breakfast gives tliem an excellent appetlte and keeps tliem good natnred all day.- Leader. Whatare the Milin boy dolngabiut that time? One erstwhile member of the Vp-ihinti Light Gu:i'ds bas been dishonorably discharged for drankenaets, Tlie Commercial is glad Capt Hempbil] tías estiiliiiiied this precedent, and sbould occasion require he will surely keep it up. There issmall probability that it will, howcver, as the Llf{bt (iuard is made up of some of the most prominent young men of the city. - Commercial. Jules Ely, who bas been a picturesque object on our streets, more or less for the last 46 years, bas been put on the pension list, as a survivor of the Mexiean war. He il also a survivor of the Canadian rebelllon, and of the late war, and a thirty yi-ars' war and more witli John Barley-corn. Ia fact, he is a sitrvivor from away back, and has been broufrht to lilo several times. Hls usuía salutatton rvcr since we can remember has been, "Bon jour monsieur Woodruff, Nous ne mouion jamais je vous dis." And he neems to beüevo )L- Sentinel. The Ypsilanti Commercial is organizing an expedition of a novel character. In order to get a series of boys letters for the paper, a yachting party of keen ew-d, bri;rht young boys will go to Port Huron by train, there ship on board a yaeht, cruise up into Lake Huron, and then returning, thorouhly "do" and study every feature, nook, bay, town and Island along the water route from Port Huron to Lake Ede. Tents will shelter the lads, o' niglit on shore, boiled shirts are foibiddfii, a fair amount of discipline must be kept up, and a week will be ipentln the outing. Will JIcAndrew and another experienced yaehtaman will have charge of the party.


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