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Circuit Court Proceedings

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Chas. M.Webb n. Qeo. ml tred. Alber. Red Line wheat note. Verdict jyjury no cause of action Chas. Davis vs. Jacob Waguer. Boheuiian out note. Buit discontinued, (said to le because the jurles were so untavorable.) Jerome Germán Jhn W. Clark. Plalntiffsubraitted to noii-aiiU with leave to move to set as-ide on or lefore Wednesday. Geo. Moorman vs. Morris Hale et al. Referred to an arbitrator. _ Abram Gorelin vs. DeWitt Bucklin. Stud horsc case. Bill dismisseil with costs ajrainst complainant. Geo. W Gill vs. Stephen Hntchinson. Conliimcd. Jol A. Marshall vi. Geo. Tbnoipson. Tbh case grew out of a IJohemian oat note. Marshall gave the note, and it pasacd throutth sevcral hands aDd was paid when due. Xow Marshall snes to recover the inoney back, claiming it was obtaincd throu;h fraud. Brouglit up Monday for hearing before a jury, and after plaintlff liad put in his testimony rested his case. Defendant Iso rested, and Tuesday morning plalntiflfs attoruey asked leave to amend declaration, whlch was granted, and the ca9e continued to next term of court for trial. This is the first case of the kind before the courts of this state, and f the plaintlfl' succeeds door will be left open for hundreda of suits of like character. Everybody who has paid üohemian oat notes will watch the outcome with jreat interest. .lennie Westfall vs. M. C. R.U.Co. Au extensión of 20 days' time granted to lepre bill of exceptions. The membe of Braziliatt legisla ture have immortalized thennelves by freeing the slaves of Brazil, thus breaking the shackle from 00,000 human beingg. Three cheers for the land of Dora Pedro. The great bllz.ard that prevadeil the eastern rtates last winter did a great service. It killed off tliousamU upon thouaands ot the Knglish sparrows, and ag a consequence the native song blrds have gone back to their old haunts, and the eastern papers rejolce over the chance which brings back to them the song o the robiu, thrush, wren, etc.


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