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Judfje Cooley and wife went to Lansing thls a. in. , Sam Lnngsdorf arrived back from Alpena, Monday. J. .1. Goodyear and Evart H. Soott were in Detroit, Monday. Mrs. C. li. Henion is visiting lier luisband at Jackson, for a time. Aids. Herz and Martin wcre iu Detroit on business during the week. .Jas. M. Stafford is moving into hij new home on N. State-st. this weck. Mrs. E. A. Spenoe has returned trom a Irip to Kangas City, and tlie west. Caehier Belser is learninjf the wnys of the Farmer's and Mecbanic's Bank. Jay nd Hnttie Keith, of Dexter, visited rclatives in the city last Sabbath. Royal H. Rumsey. of Detroit ealled upou Ann Arbor friends last Friday. Heiirv aml Chas. Sampson, of Ypsilanti, were in the city the first of the week. Rov. Dr. Eddy expects to reinain with the Presbyteiians here only throngh next June. Mrs. Carrle Norton, of Berlín, Midi., spent Sunday with John Sprague and family. Miss Etntna Cowan, hasgone to Franklinville, N. Y., for nn extended visit with relatives. Miss Enima Whituker, of Chelsea, bas been visiting Miss Kinuia Keiupf during the week. Migs Anna Ladd his gone to Detroit to reinain durint; the summer with her aunt, Mrs. Gulley. Hem y Yan Deventer, of Dundee, is ir. the city, called here by the serious illuess of his sister .Tenuie. J. T. Jacobs was iu Detroit yesterday to meet with the State Centrnl Committee of wliich he is a uitmber. Mrs. Sam Blltz and children expect to leave for Colorndo the last of the wtek to reniain tor the siimmer. Miss Jennie VanDeventer is serionsly ill with inlUmatory rlieumatisni at the residence of John Boylan. Mr. and Mrs. John Carman, of N. Injrallsst., will spend the summer in Brooklyn, X. Y., with tlieir son Oeorge. Mri. Dr. Ü. E. Haven, nee Aliee Suliierland, will reside In Ann Arbor with her raother, Mrs. A. J. Butberland. County Clerk Howlett and family have been visitiu tr relatives and friends In the western puit of the county during the weck. John O'Hearn, of Cabool, Mo., has been In the cily durinfj the week visitinr old friend.-1. He is a former Washtenaw county boy. Miss Alta Wilmot bus been spcnliní a few days In Ann Arbor. She Ieft on Monday to visit her brother in Grand liapids, and sister in Cadillac. Ex-Mayor Smith returncd from his westei n trip last Friday nlght. He reports the Missisgippi river ten nilhs wide t Dubnqup, Iowa, wlien he cama trom there. Aid. Spokes rejoices with exceeding joy because Is a boy. W. K. Childs is putting in a liew steam heatlng apparalui ia bis house. Altend the 8trawberry festival at tlie M. E. churoh to-morrow evening. J. T. Jacobs is nnt quite soextensive a farmer ns lie was, haring sold pari of his farm to Wm. liurke. The dead look in the Ypsilanti city OouDcil dii city clerk has been broken by the tlection of Frank Joslyi.. Oood for Frank. There wlll be a strawberrv and ice creani glven liy the LMÜiel' Aid Society, iu the M. E ehiirch, Tltiireday evening, May 24 Tlios. Kelley who clAimed Detroit ns bis resldence was bfuujrilt up befoie .Instice Pond last Mond ly for foeing drank, and sent to juli for ten days. A tishing party consisting of Jas. L. Stone, Hiirry liawkius, D. J. Loomisaud Fred. Besimer returned Monday froin Strawberry Lake, and report tishing excellent. Emanuel 1 Intcl and MissCarrie Dolde are to be married to-day at the home of the biïcle's parents in Lodi. A large 11 1 1 1 1 1 ii ¦ of friends and relativos will be present. Win. Rosa, nf tlie 3rd w.wtl, dii'd very suddenly lust night of paralysis. He was working in hia garden in the evening, and at 10 o'clock he was dead. Aged about 75 years. The Chatitauqna circle did not go to Dexter last Friday evening but will go this cominir Friday. The regular meeting of the circle will be on Tuesday next at Miss Julia Roy's on 2d st. The tire alarm last Wednesduy p. m. just after tlie Coürieb was issued, was caused by a slight blaze in the barn in the roar of Alvin Wilsey's store, on S Fourth strett, vvliich was extinguished before the lire depnrlment got there. Andrew Rentschk-r, a young lad who is in the employ of Gibson, the photographer, had uü left arm brokeD yesterday while attempting to jump ofl' a cart on which he was ridmg to the flre. The latest deviltry of the little English sparrow is to forage on the growing pea vines. In soiiii; gardens these vines have been literally stripped of laves by the sparrows. The boys should be encouiaged to kill ofl' the pests. Mr. S. B. Thompson goes to T oledo. Ohio, to-day to attend the annuitl conference of the Evangelist Mlssion, now in .sesaion in that city. This is an organIzatiea of colored people for the purpose of carrying forvvard work. Don't forget the exhibltion of the Art Club which opens to-nighl añil continúes through Friday evening. There will be a large eollection of pieces in charcoal, water colors, and oiU, and some speciuiens of wood carvlng and china paintinj;. Don't fail to see tliem. Mrs. Prudence Packard.widow of Alex. Packard, died at the residence of her daughter Mrs. R. M. Farley, iu South Lyon, May 4th, aged 8C years. In 1832, she with her husband, moved to Salem, and remained on the farm where they settled, until hls dealh in 1878. A summer kin-hen attached to the residence of Thos. Flowers, on S. 12th streef, caught ure this moriiing at about 7 o'clock, but was put out witli a few paila of water. The tire bells were mug and the department brought out but the llames liad been extinguished before tlie alarm was given. At the Monday meeting of the Board of Manager it was decided that any one who desires to drive on the track of the fair grounds must lirst procure a ticket of the general superintendent. To those wiabing to use the stalls on the grounds the aonouncement is made that the gates will be open week days trom 7 o'clock a. in. to the same hour p. m. At a meeting of the Board of Managers of the County Agrlciiltural and Horticultural Society Monday, everal features of the coming fair were discussed and decided upon. W'ednesday of fair week was set aside as chlldren's day, and there wlll be pony races for boys as an attraction, together with bicycle trick riding by an expert. All children uniler 12 years of age will be admitted free. Thumday will be the special day for farmer?, and farm liorses will be given an opportunity to show their mettle and speed, for which no entrance fee will be charged. The people of Ypsilantl are at work to secure tlie old rate of $10.00 for a commutation ticket allowing tlie holder one round trip between that place and Detroit each day. A few years slnce the price of these tickets was raised to $15 and then again to $22.50, until now the purchusers are practically frozan out. If the ola rate can be aecured Ypsilantlana promise some 50 customers to the M. C R. R. Now that there are two ways of reaching Detroit from Ann Arbor via railroad, lt would seem as though some 8iich sclieme ought to be made successful here. Ann Arbor is a delightful reaidence city, and many people would reside here aud conduct business in Detroit could they afford to. It Is worth the effort at leart.


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