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Nos. 118 md 119 of CkfbpII' Nti"ti;J Librury. at 10 cenes eaeh Is ' Tlie Sin p heril's Calendar," by Eduiund SpanKir, „ml ' Thf Illsrk Dt-Klli aml DftliClag MUiiIh,'1 tiy .1. ]'. Heekci. "Suiisliine Heriew" is tlie tille of a guríes of hooks oí rhoice tiction lieing isKiN'd weekly by Cassell i Company, ni $25 per ye Til late! issue upon nnr lable is a novel by Sylvaniis Cobh, Jr . ontltted " Orion, the Gold Beater." General Horaoé Pnrtr lia written a paper tor tlie .lime Ontnry on " Tlie Putlosophy of Courage. ' An Illustrated ¦rtiele n liie Plantin Muum at Antwerp, by Mr. Theodoie I, DeVinnc, entiiled "A Printer1 Püradfce," will apl'i'ai n tlie same number. " M:ir.o'. Criicitix," is tho tille pfKf. 1 of MacinillKu's Sumnier Uealiníl Ltjbrary, ol' whicli F. Marión Crawfinl ia tne authnr. Tlils U an entcrtamini; ¦erirl of liglit Hterature, ssued weekly at 50 cents eacli or f G f0 quarterly. It :s a hloe, neat, enU-rtuining serie, on excellent paprr hikI well jiiiiited. Me8r8. CubpoII fe Conipnny will pub ILsli t once :i twenty-five cent edllion of n "A Trajfie, Mystery," limited t one liundred thouiind copies, 'l'hat tbi edition. notwitbstnndlnff lts sizc, will soon be i xIihuiUmI, s a natural suppofition, lien one bookseller alone lias sent in an order fr ten tliousiind copie. " A Tragic Mysteiy" wiu tbc firut ísmic of tbe now tiiinoiiH Byrnes Hawtliorne Ties of ileteciive storieg and one of the vaan popul'ir, and í 1 1 appcarance in new nii cheaper foim will iiifine the snle of every copy. Harper's Magazine for June is nu example of wlmta iHNazlne for early suin mer ought to be. H contaius judlcious tiiixtiii'i' of the best tilintes n Hterature, and is tlius suited to all the monda of a June iTay. Fiction is provided for Iazy boum by W. I). Howells, Henry Junes and Williiitn Black, nil there is mucli cbarmlng poetry. Neither are solid artleles for serlous reatling laeklng. n'rid the artistic fentures ot tbe number ave most dellglitfnl. Riiibart, Abbey, Charles (nilinii, Y. P. aanguinctti, Alfreil Parsons, W. H. Hyde and F. Barnrd, all eontribute specimens of their best work. The frontiípiece Ir an excellent portrait of the hite Mrs. Craik, and belongp to I he article on " London as u L'tei ary Centre," whicb abnunda in good likeneíses of Ens(li.-h novelists. "The Popular Be.lence Montbly" azain offers iu June number a list of subjeets and nicles whicb will command, i s thiy Üeseire, the atteiitiou of intelligent and thounhtful readers. The opening rticle, on "The Surplus Kevenue," is by the eoi n -ut economist, Eiward Atkinson, and sugests nwaj - a very simple way, too- apparently oveilooked byotli. r economists, of solvinj; the trreat problfiu of deallug with the surplus, whieh (loes n t involve any conflict of economie policy between tlie dominant prties Anolher economical article, ou "Tbe Phüosopby o! Commercial Depreseion," by H. ü. S. Noble, indicates, as tbe ultiraate source of all tiuauciiil distu rtiance and mi.-clne!, militant tendencia." which still procloininate in a part of tbe world hikI embarrass llie rest of it. Tile o)enliiK aiticle in tlie Woinan's World for June ia on "The Uses of a Draniíg Boom," whicb uses are iiiterpreti il not to be for the entertainment of tbe neb and grenr. but for tbe occasional ntert;iinnient of tbe working people, wuo are unfamilUr witb tasteful boínes, and to wliom a compliment of this sort is a liever to be forgotten pleasuie. Tlie "Records of a Fallen Dynasly," by Violt-t Fane follows this and gives soine ipterestinjr anecdotes iu connection wilb Prince Charles Edwin Stuart. An article calltd "Sonietliinif About Needlc, Woinen," not tbe necdl woincii who loll back in e:isy cbairs and work conveiitloiiállzed flovyers iu Ki-ninj;tu sketch, but omen who m.ikf chiit", iind otber anieles nf lt!iinr. Ca-scll & Company 86 eiits a niunber, $',i 50 a year.


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