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3I.IMO.%1C UIRECTOKY. V Arbor Commandkry, No. 13 meets flrst ïuesilay of each raouth. C. E. Hlscook, K. C; John B. Miuer, Recorder. WASiirKSW Chapter, No. 6, R A. M.- Meets flrst Monday each iinmth. J. L. Sione H P.; Z. Koath, Secretary. BUSINESS CARDS. HENRY BLITON, CONTRACTOR AND BÜILDER Resklence arnl Stiop NO. 85 Hill street, Ann Arbor, Midi. AU work prompt ly exetruted.aml satisfaotlon guaran leed. CHAS. L.ALLEÑ Gontraotop and Builder. Plans umi Speclfleatlona i i-fiilly tlrawn. Kesliience, 46 E. Catherine St., Ann Arbor, Mich. DR. C. HOWELL, PHYSIOIAN Office, Room 4, MASotoc Bi.ook. OH! cc hours : N to 12; 2 to C p. in. DR. H. R. ARNDT, PHYSICIAN Drricl ivh:ii PiRST Nuhimi. Bank. Hodju ai' Omiub: Ui::)()to U a. m ; 4:i!i to S:M) D. ra. Can he reaehecl At restüence ',i lliir.iu atreet, the "Prof. Nlcliol pla'11'") by tetophone, No. ¦;, hikI wlll reply to (Mil in Cbe uvenlng. WlLLlin HEKZ, House, Sign, Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! l'nptirl'it;, (llazlnif, (tlMing, ftnti (.'ntcimliilni, and Wurti of cv ry 'l'-;'ri!!iii'i dolle i II the hi-ijt ftyl.ud WHrraulcd to givc sitiafjctiu". Shop, No, 4 W. Washington St., Ann Arbor. W. W. ác A C. ÏXIXIIOI.S, Kooms Over Ann Arbor Savings Bank, Maonio Tcmilc Itl(M'k. GASorVIÏALIZED AIR AdininÍ!tered for the pAiulese extraction of tt'eth. ÖTIm:. MABTI1T, CLQTH CAÜS, METALÏC And i'diniüon ColBiis. C:i1Ik hUimiUmI to Day or Nlilil. KmbnlmliiK a Hpncialty. 8toreronm on K. Washington street. Ri'sidence Uir. Liberty and Klftli. W. II. J KM, X!l E3!l PtflIT !1I!IS!ITI!. OU1 F'ICK : Oror llach & AbeI's Dry Good Store. Entrance noxt to Natiomil Bank. nTBUTHS FOR THE SICK.f lBllitiuspflls(it'i)tiKl foracase where l"I'' lllonSnLPiiCRUiiTBBS rm-B Bittkhs willll III l 'H1 niri' yon. not asgint orcure. It ?i f.... ..;.¦¦-. .¦,!,!. nevr f.üls. f? illthiittlrcclanaallgoiie Cleantethe vitiHtedin lllfceliiitj; if K, utt liiood when you h'' IISut.i-ni-R ItiTTEüs; ta lmpurltles tmrst III it will cure you. UiKthrougb tho bkiulll Blnot procure suliicit'iit ii Hl Illeierci8c,an(lallwtii lphik lin tkrsI IHireoonanedlndoors, „.,„ ,.ure LivcrCom-lll ¦Ishoilld U86 Sl-LPIIl-R p.ü,,t. Dnn-tlMidiiJI H Bitter, lhcy wil ;.„urllged;ltwmcureU [ZSSS S ''"'"'S"" ?fl llatlsm, une a bottle of "af, Ju strongandl I IIsülpiiur : hcaUhy. 111 Ijlt m'vor falla to cure. -., U.„,K IímtkkhIJ , n K-lllmaki! yourlilciod- j ïjboule. Try lt; vnn niirc.rioliaiHlmnmu.M Ijl wlll uot regret lt. &""1 J'"llr 11""'11 Ijl Hl IáíTíéTTTrnrñotT '] rv Si i.i'lli li HIT-IJ Illbealth, whn are all HM to-niK)it, andMI Illruinlown, r-tinnM ue you wlll sleep wellWI UIti.iiii u I:i ui i:m u,. f. .- 1 l,.-n.r f..r)t. Do you want the best Meillcal Work puhllshed? Rend 3 '2-cnt stampa to A. 1'. oudway & Co, Botton, Mass., umi recelve a copy, free. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! No. i South Main St., Ann Arbor. The oldest agency In the city. E.stabllaheil over a (marter of a centnry ugo. Represen tl ug the followlag tlrst-cla-ss oompau les, wlth over 60,000,000 Capital and AukcU. HOME IN8. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL INS. CO., of New York. NIÁGARA IN9. CO., of New York. (il KAKI) INS. CO., of Phlladelphla. ORIËNT INS. CO., of Hartford. COMMERCIAL UNION, of London. LIVERPOOL, LONDON and GLOBE. WASHINGTON FIRE and MARINE, of Botiton. Rates Low as the Lowest, Losses Liberalljr Adjusted and promptly Paid. C. H. MILLEN. FOK Jams, Confections and Preserves Manufacturad hy the Anti Arbor PrenervlDg Co., go to ""BROWII 9i CADT, MH 8ole AkimiIh for Ann Artior, or to the factory PltUHeld roiul, South. HRRM Ne Wonden extst In thousandH of kkllformi, but are 8urpansed by the mar ¦ ¦¦¦ v'-''s "! Irivfiitlnn. Thoae who uru In need of protltable worlc Unit can be aonewlille living at home nhould at once sendthelr addres to Hallet & (o., Portlaud, Maiue, and recelve free, full Information how elther ei, of all age, can earn from $5 to $ per day and upwurds, wherever they live. You are Btarted free. Capital not reqnlred. Bome have made over $50 lu a single day at tbln work. All succeed.


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