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[The Paciflc] "Makomeof ue, my God! Lel me not be torgol; Lel not thy chlld be cail anide, One wliom tliuu needest not!" Little Jenny Bri(ritf sang these worde percued up n Mie kitohen wlndow near her mother's lronin(table. U was alinost duskf and Jenny was darnlng way very busily, liopinfT to have the lust pair ol stockiiiji In the basket flnislied before dayligbt was quite (tone. 'l'he basket had been heiiped with stock ingo of ll sizes, from the father's bi({ blue socks down to Watty's hoUy red ones, as Jeimy CBlled them. Jenny llked to begin upon it when it was illled up so; for slie had lenmed to darn very nicely, and was rather prond of her accomplish ment. Besldes, It was so nice to show mother each pair as she flnlshed it, and her her say,- " Well donejjirlie!" or "You'rearea help, Jenny,- that you are!" "Tbou uet all thy works, Tbe weakest thlngg tbat be; Each bas a ervlce oílU own, Kor all thluii walt on thee." "There, now," interrupted the mother, "you must come down f rom the window, and set the table, linie woman. The clock has struck bx, and fattier and líen will be liere directly. Never mindabotit tliat Uct pair now. 8ee what It Is to be so useful tliat you'ro waiited for two thiuffs at once!" Jeuny luusrhed as she stuck her ncedle Into the cusliinn, and sprang down 1 rom her seut. At the same time, a boy, who liad been slttlnj; nenr, raisod himself on a pnlr of erutchef, and carne up to hls rnother's side. " Can't I help, mother?" Perhaps the mother was too buey to notice the pUintive tone of the question, for alie nnswered rather hnstily ;- " Not now, Huffh. I've nolhing for you to do. And stand aside. my d-nr i'm in a gicat hurry to Inteh these thinits." " We haven't any beef to ihavo tonight, Hu:li,'' 8:1 il Jenny merrlly ; " and - of course I can il v arouud :md ;et tea botter than yon couldl" And the cuild hustled about like a busy bee. HurIi turned, and hopped away on his orutches to the fartherest wintlow; and a few bitter tears coursed down hlscheoks. " Ita all well enough for Jenny to siny tlmt hymn," he mid to bimself; " but there' never any th lag I can do." " Here we re! Blessyour de:ir hearts! How've you all got on to-day ?" At the sound ot hls father's $tep outsidt', Husrli IihU gllpped into a back room. The rest 11 turned engerlv to KTeet him as he entered, followed by Jii-n, ¦ -toni lad of fonrteen. Just aa her husband came in, Mis Briggs bnnir up lier last pieoe, Hiid set aside the trons to eool, sny inr, ' Tliere, U'd done ! " " It's too niuch for you thouh, I'in afraid, tnother," said tbe father willi a half sigh. " You havo hard work enovuta to do for all of us, without takinjj in any." " Never m'nd," was the cheery answer; "we must all help pull over iliis tlgjll place. And, besides you don't know how much Marv and Jenny help me, now that they ai e out of rchool." ' Mother wou't have to do t luwir, will she father? Not if I ;et tliat place, at least," caid Ben ; " for then I can p;iy inj' own way. Ilurrali !" " Ah, there comes my Marj ! Been doing mother's erraiuls, my girl? But where ia Hujih?" asked the father looking about. " Hughie in 'e slnk-room, wiping he eyes!" said little Watty. " WipiiiiC his eyes? What's the matter?" "Not much, I guess,"said the mother, in a low voice, '"or nolhing now, I mean. He gets fretty aud moping some days; and no wonder, I suppose. poor b"!" Hen directly mide au errund luto the sin k-room. Htijrh, here you :in:!" Raid ie cheerily. ' Hohl on a minute till I wa?b iny faands; mi1 tlicn let's have a ook n( "Jiote grape vlues, and see if Ihey are t'oing tó live." ' Niw, Uien, 111 be one erutcli, you know," saidhe; aiu' pawlttK lili trong inn nroiind bis brother, lie ielped Inin luvvn luto the yard. "They're góing to do llrst-rate," . went on, exnniinintr the vine?. " But 1 y, Humille, what's upï Is the pain ad to-day ?'' Hugh shook his head. " It isn't that," snid he. " What then? You'll tell me, I'm Mire, oíd fellow?" ' Olí, Ben, it's only tluit all the rest of yon ca.n work, and help on and I'in jn-t good for nnUiing! I'm of no une, and 1 levf r can he." " Now, Humille Briggs, you nmsn'tsay hat. Who gets ou taster han you do In pchool. J want to know. Aud dldn't eaclier tell you what lots of things you'd ie Hhle to do one of these ilays. if you gm on well with your Iearniní?" "And then you do help at lióme, I'm snre. l)on"t you amuse Wutty, and keep liiiumt of mischlef, and clean the knives, and black the boots, and what not? Of no use, Indeed !" " Come now, cheer np, like a brave chap! Tliere's inother ealling. Come in to supper, and by hik) by I want to tell pou something!' The Brijis fainily whh in a tight place this Sprinjr, in truth. They liud huil a ;;oiil deal ol sickness through the winter, and then the father had only half work :or tome weeks. But the chüdren lerned from their parents' exiunple to look on the bright side, and work on cbeerfully nd hopeftilly; iml they wen hiippy iiousehold ttill, in spite of tlieir poverty. Even poorlluli wns general I y patiënt and content. Afler suppcr Hen beckoned hls brother aaide. " I s:iy, Ilughie, do you tlilnk, you could ride in the wheelbftirow oui beyond the factory to-morrow mornlng, and get back yourself If you could, L'd take you when I go to work. We mlght start early, you know, and I've a famous plan for you. I was out wandering a round ut noorl) - t was so warm and pleawmt today,- and I diseovered iuch a prime lot of tralling arbutu=. 1 don't believe any oDe knows of it. Xow, Hurli ! " "O, Ben, do you mean for me to piek and sell it, the way the Ityan girls diilv O Ben, do yon thínk I could f" " Of course you can, oíd fellow ! I'll Hxyouup! Thf-re'a that blit itaaUow basket,- it wants a strap to go over your tray. And, If I wheel you out títere, maybe you woii'l get too ti red. But we must ask inother, t yon'll like to try, thatis." . " Ye8, yes, I want to !" r.ssentcd Ilugli, thouyh he troinbled witli exolteinent at the Idea of undertaking the sale. Hls mother demurreil a good deal. 8lie feared Hiigh was too feeble to attempt t; but the falher whispered, " Let liim try, mother; f he succeeds, UMI do kin szood.'' 80, bright mul early the next moriiinji, the boys put fórth. Hugh enjoyed lus whedbarrow rlde, and went into ecstacies, over the arbutus, which was very large and sweet. Ben belpcd him piek until the flangiiiir heil called him lo hiswork, and then lef t mm, saying heartlly,- "Nowseewhal a line salesman you cati make, and keep np " stollt le:irt deitr old tlK)w!" Hngli picked all llie arbntus within bis reach which was open, and tied it, up In Uree bunches. Tlien llnglng liis Imsket aroiind his neck, he made his wayslowly into the town. As hls home was in the ouUkirts, Hugl had but seldoin trone tlinnigh the busier streets where now he ineant to otter DU flower; and his heart beat fast, ns he took his stund on a sunny corner. He held a bunch tlmidly to one aiu aoother of the busy people as they passet by. But, though some looked ut hm curlouMy, and others, pltyin{fly, no out seemed disposed to buy. Hugli wasgrowinífdlsheartened. "No body wants 'em; they're like me," hesak to himself; but, rememberlng Ben's cheery counsel, lie resolyetl to cross into the next street, and try agaln. As lie was hopping ulonfr, a younjr girl ciiine trlppinif by, but stopped at the llght of Hugli's basket. " ()li, how lovely ! Are you sellinfr this ?" she asked. " How mach a buncli?" "Ton cents, miss," siiid Hugh Tery ihyly. "Ten cents! Tliose are ffcnerous bunches for that prlce. I'll take one glmlly." Tlien, notleinfr Hugh moie closely, she uked kindly: - "Have you ever sold any bef ore? Wliere did you find this? " Hujili told lier how hia brother had taken 1) im out in a wheelbarrow to }jet It, and tlie wirl 9eemcd gretly Interwrted. " But you have made votir bunclies too large," ghe said. "You mtjftit make tliiee or four out of eMCli of tliese. See here, Mr. Dillon will let you set down In lus shop, f I ask him. I'll show yon how to imike them tip, and liien I know wliere you ean sell them. Come in here." The simpkeeper sniilingly gave the de8ired ))ernii8sion; and Miss Lonlie tied up a few tasteful bunchea of usual size, to show IIuüli bow. " There," said sho, " I must run, or I shall be out too long, Do you know where the young ladies' school is, - up on the hill ? Well, when you have made up your Imnches, just bring them up there aml rit);; the tll, will you?" Loulla boight a paper of candies at the the counter, pourt'd half of tliein into Hugli's basket, and away slie ran. And the boy grently cheered and coniforted, finished liis pretiy work, and tlien followed h'T is she had biilden him. Poor fellow ! He nlmost wisbed he had not ventured, as he hobbled up the broad walk, and timidly pulled the heil at tbc door of the impoMn; bolldtllg, " Sim told me to, " tluiuglit he. " But wlmt will they hay to me ?" Hut IOulie was not a (flri to do things liy IkiIvis. Slie had =ous;ht out Ihc princip il, and co:ilnrlv told bitn of lier protegí, and, when Hiiüh'n rinp was heard, the doof was uïck!y opeuüd, and Loulie Biiilllngly bHde him enter. It waa S.iinniay tnomlDK; i'nd, therefore, Ihe voung ladies were not a little Mtonbhed lo liear the tiinnu'le sounded lonj! befora dinner. " What's the matter?" said one and another, as they gathered from their rooms to obey the summons " Miss Koyce is calling the classes In an absent-minded fit, I suspect," said one merry girl. But down they all fiocked; anc!, when they saw the palé faced oripple stund4ne la the hall with hls basket, tliey took it all in at once. 'Oh, wbat bcauties!" " I must have a liiinch !" "And I!" ' Oh, dinr! I've spftnt my last (Mine. You'll lénd me one till Monday, won'i you, Helen 'i - that's dèar !" And so, in a very fow minutes, tlie bunches were uil solt). Hiifrh's eyes slione witli grateful Uappiness, ns hé glaneed sliyly up at Miss Louiie. " I'm mucli obliged to you all,1' be 8aid gimpiy. " And we :11e much oblijred to you for ringing us the arbutus," said one jjentle ittii' trirl, very kintliy. :il !" exc'iiiiineil several. 'We have! ¦' miy so swot aa tbin." IliiL'li was too KÜpfiJ i' teel tl red, as iis crutchet ttipped. Utppwl ig lh idewalk on the way home. " Mot her, Jenny, oh, see!" he cru ' Tve sold all my iiower?, and liern'it ali bis money, - ;i dollar and a Imlf! O motín-i !" "Mother" understood fully now, fr i Ke tone in whicli tlila was utteied, wlint mil w troul)lc(l her hoy. Slie stroke hls liair very lovingly, ai hlic uild: - " You've dono bruvely, sonny, and the uoney will be a great help. Hut, HuííIi, lear, if you shouldn't have another sucli chance tor a long time, you musn't tret about it ipiin. üive up yoiir lame feet ind yoiir willink hands, and a loviiifí ieart with them, to serve the Lord justas ie wants you to; and he can tnake use of you," Humille, s Jenny's bymn says. lixl be will. Ye;5, and he will make you i help and u comfort to father and mother, too. You are thut uow, dear, most days." "Only wheu I fret, mother," said [lililí, smilinjf t.hrouifli tears. 111 try lot to ïeel bad that way again," he added. Hot nz after, Jenny was heard singhg aj;ain: ' Tbou usest tree and flower, The river, vast and smalt, The engle greut, the llltle blrd ThataiugH upuu tlie wall!" " Yes, and even poor, good-for nothim; me,'1 wliiaperpd Hngh to himself.


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