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Benton Harbor Palladium : Having promi8e(] f rienda to write Hn article on the spraying of apple trees to prevent growing worniy apples, wlll fay that I have sprayed about seven thousand trees with good reBults In almost every instaDce. In gome cases the effect was not what I desired, but this I accounted for by its raining immediately after the trees had been sprayed. I commenced apraying lapt spring as soon as tlie bloom dropped froni tlie apples, and worked steadily for foiir week, spraylng all that I coiild in two weeku and then going back to the startii'g point and rcpeating the work, going over tlie most of the orctiards ajraln. Here are the rcsults of spraying in a few instanees: Mr. Jewett's orcliard, sprayed once about one week after the bloom had tallen, good resulta; Mr. Handy's. twice, good resulta; Mr. George'a part sprayed once and part twice, rained botli times soon after, poor resulta. My own orcliard I sprayed twice and it rained both times before l had finished. My early apples were so free from worina tliat I have put up several barrels without ilndlng a wormy apple, the apples having been all picked from the tree without sortiug. My winter apples were not as free Ir om worms as I expected to tind tbem with tlie exception of one orchaid that I sprayed the third time, after tlie rain were over. In this orcliard the winter apples were almost entirely free from wüims. I sprayed the orchard of A. YVoodiuffof liuinbiidge, wheu the apples were as large is hickory nuts. Mr. Woodiuft'clairued that he was well paiil for having the work done. This orchurd was cmly spray pil once. I will speak of one mere orchard that I sprayed where the wolk was done alter 1 had put inv spraying machine axvay for the neason, fullv tive weeks aller I bad commenced sniving. The uppie were ahmit an Inch in diameter. Samuel Hall bought this orcliard, and he tells me the apples were fine and free from worms, and tbat he has tbem in his cellar yet. The above resulta froin sprayinjr have been given for the benefit of those who have any doubt as to whether it will pay. Mr. Handy thiuks he sayed f 100 from having about Oighty trees sprayed, which cost liim $4, and he attributes the beuetit deriyed to the lirst spraying, as it rained as Mimi as the work was done tho last time. My roetliud for doin the work last spring was as follows: To one potind of paris green or Lonüon purple 1 used 100 gallons of water. 1 mixed the poison into i soft paste, and wlien the tauk was half fnll of water pourcd the poison in and then Ulied up the tank. 1 cinnuicnced spraytng iminediately, and did not :i; tate the water which I consider a mistake. Am also satistied that the mixture waa too strong as great care had to be exerclseJ In applying it for fear of injuring the foliage. 1 shall udopt a different plan ltojtether this year. The tank will IioM 140 gallons of water and I shall use threefourths of n pound of poison to the tmk full of water; and insteadof mixing my DoiMin jnst as I am going to use it I shall mix il a day or two before using, so that it will be thorougbly dissolved when applied, and then I shall spray the trees unlilthey begin to drip with the moisture. If 1 had made the trees dripping wet last spring when I was using one pound of poison to 100 gallons of water '.' would have stripped the trees of their iui.xe auii 'ereby destroyed the erop. My reaaoa for &d -oting this new plan Is tli it I f'll stand a better chance of ]oioninü u.' [be i' e and not to be so iiable to Injuréilie foliage. Twi' tbree nundied tree will lu; a g' vork [or two meu and !¦-¦. ¦ j orchards are email I woulo i'nui ui Uve neighbors to join toget -.¦¦. r and buy a sprayer, and not depend on some one who basa machine and is duing work by tlie job, as it ia not always poscible to have your spraying done ui time to benetit the erop. Be caretul in buying the poison and get that which is groiuul tine, tor the coarse will cloji the 8]rayer and prevent its working. Get your sprayer ready before your apple trees bloom; It is poor policy to be getting rendy to do work after the work should ba dom;. You ciuiiiot be too cireful iu doing this kind of work, for if you put too niuch poison on your trees you will do more dainage llrm good. It is my opinión that the best time to do the work is about live or gix days after the bloom bas tallen on", and again iu twelvo or flfteen days from time of tirst spraying. Should it rain soon after sprayiug l would go over the trees again as soon as it cleared up, in both the lirst aml second spraying. I am satUtied that it will pay to spray hs late as tive or Bix week after the bloom has dropped, but I think it will pay better to do the work sooner. Be sure to get a good sprayer. I use 30 feet of h ose. I tind inany trees so located that it is impossible to drive on al sides of Uu m. By haviug plenty of bose I eau step past the trees and spray the otber side. When lam spraying I wind the hose around the Unk. Be carelul not to kink your hose or you will soon spoil it. 1 sprayed 800 trees and it took me a day and a half, with the aid of two men. Euough bad al ready been said to ponvince any man that it will pay to spray, but I will further state that I have never done any work that has pld oue-üftb as


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