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Republican National Convention

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To the Iicpubllcan Electora of the Cnitcd States: In accurdance with usage, and obedient to the Instructions of the Hepubllcan National Convent ion ol IS1, a National Conventiou of dolegntes, repre entatlves of the Ki-puhlf-an party, will be hela at the city of CÜcago, III., on Tuesday, the 19!h day ol June, lS8-t,at 12 o'clock. noon, for the purpose of norninstïng candidates for President and iceFroiiluui, to uu supportert at the next National lectlon, and for the trannactlon of such other business a mas be therc presented. Republtcan electora In the several State and Tolere without regard to pa-t poUUcal affiliatlon, illVrencos und aciion, who believe iu the Ameritan principal of a protectirs tariff, for the defense nd develocmPTit ot home industrie and the elevation of home labor, who wonld reduce the national .nd revent the accomulation ol the surplus hi the treasury in barmony with this principie; h are oOied to the attempt now more opcnly Lvi wd th.-inrver before to abolish a policy which d ild strike down American labor to the level of tlie under-pold and oppressed workers of loreign landY; who favor a syatem of naval and coHst defense which wlll enible the United States to conèsot it international negotiation with self-reS[K-cf; ho rau-fully cherish the dcfenders of the conntryv wtïo condemn and resent the continned and uujust exclusión of rnpidly gcowlDg Territorks wnich have an indi!pntai)le litle to admrssion into the piBterhood of States; who are Iu favor of i liool- ind popular education ; a frec and h'meMt ballot, and a falrcount; the protcclion of every citiz;n of the l'nitcd States in his lcal rights at home nnd abroad ; a forein policy tnat shall extend our trade and conimerce to every land and clime and shall properly support the disnlty of the natlon,.and the promotion of friendly and harmonions relations and lntcrcoursc between all the Smiei, are cordially invited to unlte under this cali in the formaüou of a National ticket. Each State shall bc entitled to four delegite-s, atiarce, and for eacïi represcntative-at-lare two deleu'Aies, and each CoDgressional district, each Terriuiry and the District of Columbla to two delegates. The delegatefl-at-large shall be chosen hy popular State conventiono called on not les than twenty days published noticc and not leas than thirty dayu before the meeting of the National Convention. The Congreesional district delegates hall be chopen In the sume manner as the nomlnation of a iiiember of Congreae is made. 'lTie deleatue fruui the district oiColumbia shall be choeen at i t'm.vention constltuted of inembers el-ctcd iu prlmary district assemblles held under the cali and direct ion of the Kepublican Central C'ommittce in said District. An altérnate delégate for cach delégate in the National Conventiou to act in case of mr absence of the delégate, shall be elected in the sime manner and at the same timo as the delegates. All nofices of contest must be flledwtth the National Couimiltee in wrlticg, accompanled by prlnted state menta of the grounds of contests, which shall be made public, i'relerence v the order of hearii and detLiinining contesta wlll be glven by the conveution In accordance with the dates of fiÜDtr of Hiich nutice and statements with the National


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