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The democratie state nominaUrig convention will be held in Detroit, July 19. The next Legislatura should gee to it that a constitutional local option bill is pussed next winter, lor the people want to see t tried. The heels of the democratie party are making a llvely eflort to kick out the brains of the organizaron. Tliat Is, Cleveland is trying to kick out Mr. Randnll. The law relative to killing our native birds oujjht to be enforced. There are young men who sboot robins, martens, orioles1, etc., out of pure wantonness. One example would besuflicient. Dr. Hanisay in bis sermón on Hum, Sunday ere. took a good stand for lot-a] uptlon and deplored the failure of it before the courts, na any true friend of temperance should. He does not take any stock in the cry the Prohibitionists raUe that tbc Republican party was insincere in passing it. The U. 8. Suprema Court has decided the wotnan sutlYage law passed by the legislature of Washington Territory unconstitutional. The flaming head of Grand liapids Crozier will now probably bob up and say that it is t republican trick. It would be perfcctly consistent with liis line of argument. Why not charge the Prohibitionists with hypocricy in working and votlnjf for the local option bill in the last legislature whcu they must have known it was uuconstitutlonal if the Republicana did, as they charge ? The charge, If it holds ngainst one party, must hold equally as well for the other. 'l'lie following dispatcii, puhlishcd in the diiily papers of last. Thursday was not tiveu a very promincut position in the democratie journals of the state: Rcad it: " }'rohihitimists of South Carolina have decided to work vrithin the democrat party line.'' In South Carolina 3,315 votes elect a congressman. The next moeting ot the National Educational Association is to be held in San Francisco, on July 17-20 inclusive, 1888. Prof. J. M. B. Sill, Director for Michigan, issues a circular riving a vast deal of desired Information. The entlre trip, railroad fare, boara aiul all eau be made from any point In tbc state for f 126.50, maximum cost. It is wortb looking up. Gen. Alger's boom ssteadily growing aiul it looks as tbough the fight would narrow down between him md Gresham. The PiiciCic coast, niany votes in the South tind West, a strong following in Pennsylvania and scatterinjf ones hcre and there will joiu In rollinjí up a goodly vote. Even iu Xcw York they are beginning to recogni.e that he would be Btronger there than any other man the pai ty could put up, for he bas no enemles there and all could unite on hlm. Ilis able career and clear record would need no defense.


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