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Editor Courier: The demand for expert judjres of live stock clusses at our fairs should not be lirnored. While it adüs additional responstbility and expense to our society, we cannot be excusable for not setting the very best committeemen obtainable. Trying to run a fuir and make it a model in niethods, or prominent by reason of ita irraiid success, and allowing the award of premiums to be made by comniittees not carefully selected, Is as much out of place as It would be to have the exhibitors c:ist lots for the prlzes, or distribute them by any other method by which nierit is ignored. Castinz lots will jrencrnlly be prefcrable to the chances that pxbiblton have for success witli Ignoran! and incompetent oommltteea. Painng .ir:ius or tos9iníí acent fcivi-seaelí iikui r chance. Men wlio deserve a cliance do not jí-'t ít with Míe class of judges that are complained of. Mooey s[ent in obtaining good judges is well spent and will be leoaid inunv fold in result.


Ann Arbor Courier
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