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OFFER EXTRA ! ! To all Neiv Subscribers, and to all Old ones, who pay up a year in advance, an article of household use will be given ivhich can not be purchased anywhere in the United States at retail for One Dollar. It is a wonderfully handy thing to have in every home and youget both that and The Courier simply for the vrice of the latter. Coine in and get a bargain. This is a campaign year, when you want a county paper to keep you posted and you can not do better than to subscribe for the best paper in the county. This article will be distributed to all who subscribe and pay a, year in advance upoii the Urst of February, 1889. In the meantime guesses are in order as to what it is. Subscribe and see. Court has not been in session this week but will be convened to morrow. A valuable steer was stolen froni the lower farm of J. F. Luwrence on Saturday night. Golden Rule lodge will confer the third degree upon two candidates morrón evenin. The nortliern end of the T. & A. A. K. R. bbetagstipplied wlth telegraph oantniuniciition, :is fat as Cadillac. The Chequamesion orchestra to furnish the music tor the hijrli school comnieneeinent exerclMl at Saline. Otir IochI, Geo. II. I'ond, has been off iluly tliis week bv reason of the severe lilmen of bis liitle danghter Lilian. . Tlw sulj'Ot of Dr. Rimsay's sermón next Sunday e Ven log is "l'selullnrss and Hnppliiew, Llfe's greal Object." B. F. Bower, of the Detroit Journal, was in the city Saturdav and Monday, lookiiif; lifter the Interetti of hli paper, Ilie Deinocrat. A bout 75 of the l:iw students will Ie itiven an ex iminntion for idfDlMion to the har, by .ludsie Kinne, lo-inorrow evenhtjt. AUliough ('Inirli's M. Jones has only been in WiclrttR, Cansw, n year, he is appreeiated, und last week whs elected the Eminent Cominander of Ml. Olivet Conunandery, K. T. George N. DePuy died Monday at the residence of his mother, on Mivynard st., { jaundice. 'i'he funeral was held llii inorninü. He was formerlv a compositor In the CocaiBR office. The United Line Telegraph coiupany have run a wire to Yale'l and the otfice Ie now opened. This will bj n preat accoinmodation to those wisliing to eend messages lu the eveniiif;. V. M. Luinley, of the law class of '88, had a case In Juttice Fneau(i"'8 conrt last W'eiinesday. While he dld not win liis case, the judgment against bU dient was was much less than was clnimel. A. L. Noble has recently added a blooded irotter to hia stable, and as toon as the horse recoTers from the fatigue of h i journey,a match will lie arranfied betvreen hún and the pony hclonging to Prof. Morris, both being about the same slze. Eliza Bennett, of Ypsilauti, has brought suit in the circuit court tor divorce against her husband, Esek W. Bennett. lier claim isbased on the Lronnds of deseition, he liaving left her in March, 18S0, and has not returned or contributed to her support since that time. TI1Í8 eveninj; at St. Andreu's church Miss Kilte Celle, sister to Mrs. G. 8. Morris, will be married to Dr. ArthurA. Boyer, lit. '83. They will live in New York wliere the Dr. already has a eood practice in treating the eye and ear. They leave on the evening train for 1 wedding trip. A tramp named Peter Miller was struck by a train on the Michigan Central Ht Geddes.Sunday niht,and hts arm broken in three places. He was brought to ihi city Monday, and his arm set by Dr. Darlinjf. He wan then ent to the county poor house wliere he will stay until he recovers. Especial attentlon is Called fo an article on the let pajre entitled " Sprayinj;' To those raising fruit, espeeially apples, the article san invaluable aid. Jlany of our cltizens will remember the fine apples shipped in last fa 1 1 from Xew York. Tbey were raiaed by this procegs of spraying, and we can justt as well have clean, nice fruit in Michigan, If we work tor it. Maranda M. Sperry died at the residence of her son, John Sperry, on the Saline road, on Sunday of pneumonía, aged 76 years and (i months. Mrs. Sperry had resided in this vicinity over forty vears, and was the mother of John and George Sperry, two of our well known farmers. The funeral s to be held Friday at the house. The tax-paying electora of this city voted $5,000 in ald of the M. C. K. 1Í. bridge on Pontiac st., but the council nly ordered one-half, $2,500, levied, the balance being paid out of the liquor tax inoney. Now the council asks the peopie to vote $5,000 to rnet the eurrent exI "n .-f ¦- of the raunicapal govcmment, bcause one-half the liquor tax has been taken away from the city and jriveu to the county. Turn about ii fair play. Dr. T. Y. K.-iyne has orean Ized a New Company called the ' Chicago Trusa Compaiiy," and June lOtli poca to Chicago for headquartcrs, wliere he proposea to manufacture and push bis new trusa. Dr. Kayne was manager of the Egan Imperial Truss Co. of this place for tlio past live years, during which time he did tlie principal part of the adjusting of trusaes Iu the hospital of both n.edical schools of the University of Michigan, and is coüsidered the best practical expert in the treatinent of hernia iu the U. ö. Tlieneighborhood In the vicinity of the lamber yards on Depot street lias been infrated with bnrglarf during the imst week. Wiiinic Bünticld is the loser of a watch and li is best uit of clothes. Lewis Meyer had $15 taken but found $10 of it in the yard wliere tti; burglars liad 'lropped it in their tüglit. At Ed. Perry'a house they secured a ailver watch. The lat vislUtion ra at the house of Kd. Qalnsn on Summit Street, Sunday nijebt, wliere tliey gecured hU lckeUbook which containeil between $0 and $7, and i few papers. Mrs. Ouinan woke In Urne to hesr them walk out. In all these cases entrance lias been galned through raising a Window. The parties in tlint neighhcirliood tliink It II tlie woik of trauips nnd If the county official whose duty it is to proteet tlie citizen of this county, wonld devote hls :ittentionsto the trampa whoiwarin in that vlclnlty every nlght, he woul.l b ioing a liart of bil duty at least.