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Dr. P. B. Rose was home Sunday. Judgo Kinne was at Monroe Monday. M. S. Rowley, of Mudison, WU., spent Sunday witli S. S. Blitz. B. S. Waite, of Menoininee, has been spending a few days liere. B. F. Martin, of Bay City, is ia the city visiting his brother, O. M. Martin. H. Kemp Pittman, of Chicago, of class '87, was present at the Field Day contests. W. H. Walker, of Walkerville, Ont. risited bis son at the Zeta Psi house over Sunday. Dr. T. C. Phillips was callad to Calumet last week by the serlous illness of his mother. C. B. Woodward, the genial elerk of the Brunswick Hotel at Detroit, was in the city Saturday. Mrs. Robert Patterson and Nelson Beers of Richland, Kalamazoo are visitiug Mrs. R. A. Beal. Lucius Knight, official stenographer of the Kansas City Court, is visiting his parents in the third ward. County Cleik Ilowlett, was visited by his brother Win. Howlett and wife, of Hunker Hill, Saturday and Sunday. IC. Kittredge, E. B. Pond anli J. E. Beal are nttending the ineetinz of the Michigan Press Association in Detroit. II. M. Slausen, principal of the Houghton schools wlll draw $1,400 next year as superintendent of schools at Coldwater. Plill. St insein, of East Saginaw, was in the city last week. He expects to return to tliis city and make it li is permanent home. Dr. J. N. Martin will spend the summer in Kurope in medical study. He will start as ?oon as University work closes. W. F. Grerory, lit. '80, now in a bank at Arapalioe, Neb., was in town Friday. a guest of F. L. Vork. He is soon to be mude cashier. Edward Buehler, un old Ann Arbor boy who bas been visiting friends here, returned to his home, Portland, Oregou, Monday even ing. Miss Florence E. Whitcomb, of Battle ['reek, a former member of the class of 89, is expected to spend the inonth of June in the city as the guest of Mrs. Prof. Ivnowlton. Julián Milliird, lit. '87, stopped off Sunday and visited the Beta Thetes while on hls way home Irom Boston, where he lias been takinjr a course in the school of l'echnology. W. A. Tolchard, who has been the cashier of the Farmers' and Mechanica' Bank since IU orgauizalion, resigns that pcisiiiou on Friday, and will remove to Detroit soon. His place will be tillel by Mr. I'. H. Belser. Dr. Frel. N. Bonie, of Niles, the famouh sprinter of the l'niverslty in former ycars, spent Saturday and Sunday here. Since graduating he luis licen marrlcd, laviled in Europe and now enjoys a lacrative practice at Niles. Mrs. S. S lilitz enterttüned a nuniber f trie ii'ls at a jirogressive enclire party n Mond iy evening. M ss Fanny (Jahii wiiê suiicsstul in secnrlüK ttie tirst prlze, while V. V. Watts rejoices in a tirst priuici iis n retnimler oi lii.i imibllity to )lay the game. Tlie grand rain of Sunday made all vegetation junip for joy. M. C Sheelian gires liis closing hop at liisduncitig academy, Saturday niglit. The BaptisU of Detroit run an excursión to this cily to-dsy to in.-pect tlie Uniyersity. J)r .1. C, Wood is repairing the house whieli he purchnted rroentiy of A. Steler. Joim Heinmann, Michacl Sluebler and G. F. Allmendlnger were in Detroit yesterdny. J K-c .li Clinton liínl a snit agalnit Duane Forn yesterday, but .lu?tice Frueaiifl' ilismisseu il. Tliere are as mny improvcments in lirogress this yuar io the city as there wen last year. So suid. Ought not the city to be ashamed to ask the men who work tor her to wait several montlis for their pay ? Leonard Gniner has been appolnted administrator, and ü. II. Manly and (iustave Brehin, appraisers, of theestate of tlio late H. E. H. iiower. J. M. Stafford moved last Wednesday inio the residence ou the corner of Utate and Catherine streets, whieli he recently imrcliased of Mrs. A. Kearoev. A number of lots hare already been solu in the addition recently plotted by the Gott estáte, and soon a number of in-w hoiiscs will be erected in tbat section of the city. Miss Katie McGuire has found it necessary to resign her posltion in the telephone exchanjre. Her place wlll be tlMed y Miss Cora Pulcipher who commences work on Fiidiiy. Mr. ('athcrine Bieer, o Oak Harbor, Ohio, died in the Oih ward Sunday, of I loon potoOD, asred 25 years. Her liusliand ttrrived Monday afternoon, and the remains were taken to her former home tbat eveninif"That is a handsomer depot tlian any in New England" said a Boston mer¦timit in surprUe yesterday while passing tlirough our city on tlie Michigan Central. That is a considerable lor a New Englamler to admit. Mrs. Mury Schaiberle and Emanuel Wagner of Ann Arbor, and Allen L. Nowlin and Harry B. Neat, of Ypsilanti, liare paid their liquortax during the past week. The total now collected by the county treasurer is $25,060. Miss Dora Haehnle and Geo. Dengler were married last even ing at the residence of the bride's mother on S. Fifth Street. The ceremony was private, only the relatives and a few intimnte friends being present. Hev. Belser offlciated. There was a goodly attendance in the rauksofCo. A, and in the ranks of the G. A. B., at the Memorial sermón, preached by Rer. S. Earp at SL Andrew's church last Sunday a.m., and tbose present were well pleased with the excellent discourse they listened to. Congressman Allen will doubtless receire a rciiomination to congress this fall by acclamiition. His record in the present congreas bus been credible to hlmself and acceptable to his constituents. Moreover he is entitled to a second term, from party precedent.- Tecumseh News. Married at Hay Spring, Neb., May 20 th, Moses Seabölr, of Ann Arbor to Julia E. Hasbrook, formerly of Marshall, Mich.,diugliter of the late Matthew Hasbrook ; Mr. Seabolt retnrned home last Sunday night. The hosts of friend of Mr. Sabolt tender tlieir good wishes to him and bis bride, and hope he will live to enjoy many happy days vet. About thii ty members of Washtenaw Clmpter. Nu. 0, R. A. M., went to Dundee Ast Friday evening and conferred the Royal Arcli degree upon three candidates for the local chapter tliere. 'i'lie candidatei were two niinisters and a doctor and all were higlily pleased with tbe work. After finishing the degree, they adjourned to a neighboring hotel where a suniptuous banquet wa spread. Short speechen were made by Hev. Dr. Morgan, B. F. Watts, O. H. P., W. G. Doty, B. J. ((irliin and C. K HiFCock. At midnight the Ann Arborites boarded the train and came slowly home by the accoinmodation train wl.ich had been held at Dundee for over thrce boiirs for them. If people would remernber this item and take the trouble to act upon it, they would And it true: "In the ventilation of ((¦ll:ir- tbe mistake is frequently made of Introduclng air, from without, which is considerable warmer than that contained wlthin tliftn. Instead of making tbem rooi and airy, wlilch is the desi red object, they are thereby rendered warm and damp; for the warm air, altumigh raising tlie temperature of that in the cellar, Is itself cool and deposits its moisture, which makcs itself evident as palpable dampnes. Consequently in warm weather the ventilation of cellars should be carried on at night, the cellar belng kept closed between sunrise and sunset."


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