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Pui Upsilon has issued a card In Memoriam of the late Dr. E. S. Dunster. In the June Popular Science Monthly Ihere Is an article on "Animáis as modified by Environment," by Prof. J. IJ. Steere. ' The University niM went to Bay City Frlday and played a good game, winning by a score of 1 to 0. Saturday they beat the Athletic In Detroit. They were given a dinner and a time In the new Athletic club house. In the inter-fraternity games of base ball the Beta Thets stand lirst, having won five straight games. The Delta Taus thought it would be no use to play them and have given it up. As the Dekes stand next, great interest is manifested in the Beta Ttwtn-Ueke game wliich is to be played this week. The eighth annuel banquet of the Kent Chapter of Plii Delta Phi was held Friday evening last at Detroit. There were about 25 present, including professors and repreieatatives of the junior and senior law classes. Dr. Bigelow of the Boston Law School, Profs. Levi T. Gritfin, W. P. Wells, C. A. Kent and Messrs. A. C. DennisoD, S. I. Slade and üeo. H. Hopkins responded to toasts. Guests were present trom Detroit, Grand Rapids, Flint, Lansing and Ann Arbor. The University Alumni Association of Central Michigan held lts third annual banquet at Battle Creek last Friday eveniiig In tho Presbyterlan chapel. Alumni were present from Marshall, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Charlotte and Albion, and the attendance was very large. The president of the Association, Dr. Alvord delivered the address of welcome. Edmund E. Hlninan llt. 74, acted as toastmaster, and toasts were responded to by President Angell, Profs. O Ooge, Dewey Walter Miller; Uoss Cole of the Glee Club; Chas. Warner, llt. '91; Miss Jennie Emmerson, of Battle Creek; and W. F. Baxter. President Miller of the Agricultural College, couldn't attend, although he had agreed to. These associations are grand things for the gradúate and keep fresh in their minds the sweet memories of college days. The College Glee Club enlivened the occusion with its excellent melodies. The annual pring field day sports were held at the fair grounds last Saturday afternoon, under the auapices of the base ball association. The day was all that could be Hsked for and the large crowd and spirited contests made the event the most succes8ful ever held. The most interesting contents were the light weight sparring and wrestling contests, both on account of the large number of entrles and the spirit with which the contestants entered into theni. The trial bouts were held in both of these contests, but the linal matches between the winners were postponed. Ij. 1). Mllliinan and Arthur Frantzen won the trial bout in the sparring match, and S. H. Scovel and A. D. Butts won the wrestling. The special feature of the day was the running of J. E l)ull, his time in the 100 and 220 yards daslies being very close to the best college records. The other were well contesto!, the winners being as follows: 100 yards dash, J. E. Duffy, In 10 2 5 secoods; C. M ('rum, second. Throwlug hamnier. F. K. liardlner, 84 feet 1H, lnches; F. M. Mlsson, second. Standing broad Jump, F. T. Ducharme, 12 feet, 8 luches: K.M. Crura, ¦ ond. Mllewalk E. K. Jolinson, 9 minutes, 12 2-5 seconds. Putting hot, K. C. Fair, :ici tent, 7 lnches. 120 yards burdle race, F. T. Ducharme, 20 seconds. Heavy welght wrestÜDg, JU. JackHou, two straight fallx. Kunning high Junip, J. Van Inwagen, 5 teet, 6 luches. 320yardsdash, J. K. Uuöy.üï 3-5 ecnuds. Running long Jump, J. D. Campbell, 18 teet, b', indien. Mlle blcycle race, W. C. Tichenor, 4 minutes 'lsy% sesonds. Throwlng base ball, M. Wade, 3VJ teet. 440 yards dash, W. W. (iriffln, walk over. Clay plgeon snoot, E. Von Suessinllch, out of 10; C. R. I.iwnii, second, 7 out ot 10. The Lacrosse team gave a very pretty exhllñiion oí that game which was much enjoyed by the spectators. COMMENCEMENT MUSIC. That we are surrounded by a great University no one can doubt who was present at the commencement exercises liistyear; and though we eau hardly expect 8Uch a crowd, or such a series of enlertaining services this year as last, yet the greatness of the institution wlll never allow of an Inferior or unimportant commencement occasion. As has been the custom for the past few years, ao miisic this year wlll be one of the features of commencement week, and this time tl e Amphion Club will be prlncipally respon8ible for the commencement concert. They will, however, be asslsted by our Glee Club, and a f uil orchestra of twenty-two pieces. This would alone be enoilírh to assure us of an exceptional entertainment, but the efforts of those earnest workers in music, with which our city is so liighly favored, expect to furnlsh a programme in the main of original work. A cantata, the words and rauslc of which have been composed by two members of the graduating class, will 'umi the principal part of the program.